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Can't express in words how blessed I am of have found you guys in this magnificent group! 😄 has given me the opportunity of making my dreams come true of expanding my fruit collection, and helping to spread endangered species for nature health, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you, and to the first ones who came with the idea of creating this forum (surprising I don't know who were founding members) God and nature bless you! 😄

5 seeds 23 usd including shipping with tracking...

Over 200 seeds 50usd cents each including shipping....

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Top Spondia seeds available
« on: November 14, 2017, 06:46:25 PM »
This has to be the best Spondia type, first because comes in November /December when there's no much fruit available, then because is delicious the skin is orange/red of thin and crunchy type,  flesh orange but instead of been juicy and watery like regular Spondias, flesh is milky, creamy, with a flan, custard consistency, flavor is like a sweet mix of cheese cake, egg nog and flan dessert, absolutely delicious 😋, every body should try it, name is Jocote de Corona, 6 seeds is 19 usd including shipping, Asia or South Pacific add 2 usd, my paypal is please specify what you are ordering and address in the PayPal message window and I'll comeback to you with tracking number

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Mamey Sapote seeds
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:14:48 PM »
3. Fresh seeds of sweet mamey sapote 9usd+9 for shipping with tracking, my paypal is please specify what you are ordering and address in the PayPal message window and I'll comeback to you with tracking number...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / On a unknown fruit pursuit! 😄
« on: November 11, 2017, 02:24:39 PM »
Today I hire a guy for logging a tall Primavera tree that even do has beautiful blooms of yellow flowers in Spring is occupying a place I need for a Durian, he is a man of campo, I mean those guys who had been working in the mountains walking or riding a mula putting lines or fence for the ejidos(forest land association owners)  who was born here in the little town I live just outside of touristy Puerto Vallarta, I asked him about if there's any fruit of good taste or value in the hills, he mentioned that there's some very good sweet figs, but what caught my attention he also mentioned another fruit that grows in a mountain like 2 or 3 mountains back from mine, he said he went there because there's an old rumor that in that mountain there's a mine, so every once in a while people have come and ask him to take them over there, and that is how he saw this tree, he says is a small tree like 2 meters high, who have this fruits hanging down the way bananas do, the tree had the tronk like palms do with marks, the fruit were hanging one from each side, he said about the size of a Pineaple he also mentioned the skin with the same drawing that Pineaples do, yellow in color, he told to the other guy who was walking with him, look that fruit is edible, because one of them has been devoured half by a racoon as the marks were on the fruit, so they cut the other one and brought it back to town were they opened with a knife, to found a orange fleshed inside that according to him is similar to a jackfruit in flavor, there was most people there and most like it, so they wanted to go back for more, this guy said he won't come back walking as is around 4 hours in the hills, so they planned to get some horses and comeback, but unfortunately they never went back! I asked if he remembered the time of year, he said in November, I'm I lucky? 😄 hehehe, he also mentioned have had seen them in another mountain within  one hour driving from here and where we have to drop the car is only one hour walking, I wanted to go tomorrow! 😄 but unfortunately he's busy the hole next week so we settled to go in two weeks, hopefully the raccoons let some for us, I'm kind of exited this description he gave sounds weird for me, hopefully can find some species of good value.. I'll keep you updated.

Got the last 10 scions of the season, this is probably the more intense flavor Mex. Garcinia very sweet and tangy same time oval shape, probably won't be many more again as is a small tree and have been prune severely for scions and needs time to recover, Each scions is 6usd,shipping is 8usd, I would like to do two single  orders of 5 each, paypal is please specify what you are ordering and address in the PayPal message window and I'll comeback to you with tracking number..

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Few Cupuassu seeds for sale
« on: October 15, 2017, 12:12:23 PM »
Fresh seeds, 2.5 each plus 7 usd for shipping,
Paypal is raulglezruiz@gmail.  please specify what you are ordering and address in the PayPal message window and I'll comeback to you with tracking number...

Doing a trip South an endemic area where they grow wild  to try to select superior types

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Kratum WTB or trade
« on: October 09, 2017, 08:27:56 AM »
Looking for Kratum cuttings can buy or trade for ilama seeds or Mex. Garcinia scions

This hibrid Guavas were created using a ultra dwarf Guava from el corrido, Jalisco. They grow in the hills wild the height is around 1 meter, this Guava was mix with a variety of de city of Calvillo, Zacatecas. Of nice size and an excellent flavor, the result is a Dwarf hibrid the 12 years old trees are around 2 meters high never been prune, the skin is crunchy and flesh is smoothly, creamy with sweet and tangy red fruit notes on the red one and sweet fresh on the white one, they are good also as an ornamental plants in small spaces or pots as the tree is very nice, price is 9 for 15 seeds including shipping each type, my paypal is

I'll go again this Tuesday, any interested please contact me...

Basically I said everything up there, only need 2/3 each variety could Buy or trade for premium ilama seeds or Mex. Garcinia scions..

In my recent trip to look for ilamas while in the market a unknown fruit caught my attention is call Chucumpun, is in the family of the Anacardiaceas, like the mango and spondias and has a little beat of both but also looks the fruit like a Eugenia sp. They are like 3 cm orange color edible skin with a soft sweet flesh
With a nice flavor that I can't describe as is different profile from other fruits,
I only have a few seeds the 8 seeds package is 19 usd including. Shipping
Paypal is please order by mail

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Stenocereus red seeds for sale
« on: September 26, 2017, 09:44:34 PM »
Stenocereus for semi/tropical weather suited for 6/7 months dry season,
16 seeds 11usd including shipping with tracking
Paypal please order through mail..

I'm going this next Thursday to the Instituto Tecnológico de Cd. Altamirano, Guerrero., where agronomy engineers  in this  university who has been doing selections and crosses of the best types of Annona Diversifolia trying to find the way of commercialization, they have the advantage of being in the middle of tierra caliente, Guerrero,is the place with most ilama diversity on earth, they grow wild all over the region, and there's all kinds, they have been looking /breeding for size, brix, more flesh, less seeds (this is the main problem in regular types were  there is more seeds than flesh) also thin skin,and less prone to crack,  I don't know how many types I'll find, there's documented around 150 differents I'll probably look for the top 10/15 of them, they told me season finish Oct 5, I'm leaving next Thursday to arrive there on Friday, I'm going in Airplane /bus(there's no way I'm driving my car over there with foreign plates, I want to be camuflaje as a local Ranchero, this is the most dangerous area of Mexico, and there has been over 300 homicides in this year, this is the place where they kidnapped you and never give you back even if your family pay the rescue, my plan is to get there early in the morning and leave Cd Altamirano the same day, so I'm flying to Mexico city Thursday night and then taking a bus at 11.59 to Cd Altamirano to arrive there at 6.30,
  This will be the only time I'll do the trip, so anybody interested I'll post availability and prices here the weekend if everything results well...

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Nice size sweet flesh (Inga Xalapensis)
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:04:02 PM »
This Inga pods have abundant sweet cottony flesh, the seeds boiled in salt water are a great addition to salads, fruits in 3 to 4 years, 8 seeds for 18, with trackingfor USA, Asia Caribbean add 2 usd, my paypal is

I'm going for the last time this year, there will be available Jumbo and
Sharpie 2, price is 5 usd plus shipping. PM me

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Dorgian in a pot?
« on: July 30, 2017, 06:21:42 PM »

Yes that's the variety name!😂 Lol
Ok seriously talking I have been messenger with a guy from Sabah, Borneo. He is sending me seeds of longan lada, and some Durian seeds, he told me that the tree in the picture is from a new variety call Monthong (I know is not new) that those grafted trees can bear in tree years and in a pot, would that be possible? I want to express he is not selling me anything so he doesn't have reason to misslead me he said the grafted tree costs 50usd..

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Durian seeds ID
« on: July 28, 2017, 03:24:14 PM »
Teo my 13 years old song when to Thailand with his Mom and step dad, I asked him to bring me if he can some Durian seeds, he first told me that bought a plate of Durian flesh but inside there was only one seed, I gave him instructions of how to take care of it, put it in a damp napkin insight and plastic bag, a day before he left while on a tour he saw a durian stand, he stop the hole tour and got a Durian that was open and set up in a Styrofoam plate, some tourists were complaining when he went back to the bus with the Durian flesh! 😂 Lol. Those seeds came back and now are germinating, my wife just told me with how many times and money you have spent in ordering Durian seeds that never made it alive you never figured your soon was going to go there and bring them for you, I had to admit that I felt great for the effort of my young kid! Well I think I was carried away from the hole point, this Durian seeds have different shape than most of the ones I have seen before, usually being more egg shaped, this ones are kind of flat in one side, anybody will like to guess what kind of variety could be? All I know it was from Thailand, any input will be appreciated!

After years of being asked for seedsthis species by several members on this forum I finally got a hold of one fruit thanks to the husband of the lady who helps to clean up the house, he found a tree in the hill outside his work place, and was kind enough to get one for me, I saw the fruits 20 years ago in Colima's Markets by the sidewalk vendors, at the time I wasn't into fruits yet, vendors told me the green fruit was boil or fried with oil and eat as a vegetable on its own or in salads, or mix with scramble eggs, through this year's I have had few encounters with the fruit /tree but not at the right time, last year in the hill looking for Limoncillos (Mexican Garcinia) I found a fruit on the ground but unfortunately it was rotten, I look around for the tree but couldn't find it, 2 months ago again in Limoncillo land I saw a large Bonetes tree with fruit large fruits hanging on it with the pole I was able to get 4 but they never ripe back in my house, so I'm very happy no to have this one, this lady told me they eat them as a vegetable, but they like them better as fruit full ripe just spoon out the pulp, also-ran I read that toasted seeds has a great flavor, when I opened if was very soft, I think either this fruit was pick from the ground or they miss the catch cause it has signs of damage, the inside was very brilliant yellow, orange, when I tried it with spoon it flesh was very soft like custard with a nice tropical sweet flavor, first thing came to my mind was sweet passiflora, apricot and papaya notes, Definitely very pleasant profile, I'm planting a tree in my land, I like the idea it can be either use as fruit or veggies when semi-ripe, also a plus that seeds are from edible and tasty this guy has a better explanation of the flavor saying they taste like Bacon, I'll have yet to try them
Because I only have one fruit and don't know when I'll get more as this is a endangered tree, the seeds will be dispatch first come first serve, price is 2.5 each minimum 8 seeds, shipping certified is 6 usd, the seeds will be sent dry like regular papaya, my paypal is,
Please let me know your username when you make a payment

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mulching with grave rock?
« on: July 18, 2017, 12:06:33 AM »
I recently built a side brick wall along the property, I end up with lots of this little rock used in the mixture with the sand and cement to pour it in the rebar reinforcement of the wall, since I don't have use for it I was considering use it as a mulch for keeping away weeds from the trees, would this be OK or damage the tree, soil, or something else? I'm thinking it could block oxygen into the soil but I'm not sure any guess?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Garcinia ID
« on: June 27, 2017, 09:46:44 PM »
While in Cuba 🇨🇺 along the Varadero Beach besides the weeds of Seagrapes all over I also noticed some of this Garcinia trees they were full of unripe fruits some of same or larger size than regular mangosteen, I picked two and put in my backpack, I thought they were seashore mangosteen but looking at them in the Internet I noticed is something else, now one of them open up to show some red pulp, any idea of what is it?

The title says it, post it here cause there's more visitors on this forum..

This is the top commercial variety in Taiwan where they have been breeding them since early 1900's size is large, has high Brix, uniform shape, and the most important long shelf life,
Price per seed is 2.5 usd,, minimum 8 seeds package, shipping is 9 usd certified mail for USA, Outside add 2 usd, up to 20 seeds for this shipping fees
Wholesale discount applies over 50 seeds
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