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After years of being asked for seedsthis species by several members on this forum I finally got a hold of one fruit thanks to the husband of the lady who helps to clean up the house, he found a tree in the hill outside his work place, and was kind enough to get one for me, I saw the fruits 20 years ago in Colima's Markets by the sidewalk vendors, at the time I wasn't into fruits yet, vendors told me the green fruit was boil or fried with oil and eat as a vegetable on its own or in salads, or mix with scramble eggs, through this year's I have had few encounters with the fruit /tree but not at the right time, last year in the hill looking for Limoncillos (Mexican Garcinia) I found a fruit on the ground but unfortunately it was rotten, I look around for the tree but couldn't find it, 2 months ago again in Limoncillo land I saw a large Bonetes tree with fruit large fruits hanging on it with the pole I was able to get 4 but they never ripe back in my house, so I'm very happy no to have this one, this lady told me they eat them as a vegetable, but they like them better as fruit full ripe just spoon out the pulp, also-ran I read that toasted seeds has a great flavor, when I opened if was very soft, I think either this fruit was pick from the ground or they miss the catch cause it has signs of damage, the inside was very brilliant yellow, orange, when I tried it with spoon it flesh was very soft like custard with a nice tropical sweet flavor, first thing came to my mind was sweet passiflora, apricot and papaya notes, Definitely very pleasant profile, I'm planting a tree in my land, I like the idea it can be either use as fruit or veggies when semi-ripe, also a plus that seeds are from edible and tasty this guy has a better explanation of the flavor saying they taste like Bacon, I'll have yet to try them
Because I only have one fruit and don't know when I'll get more as this is a endangered tree, the seeds will be dispatch first come first serve, price is 2.5 each minimum 8 seeds, shipping certified is 6 usd, the seeds will be sent dry like regular papaya, my paypal is,
Please let me know your username when you make a payment

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mulching with grave rock?
« on: July 18, 2017, 12:06:33 AM »
I recently built a side brick wall along the property, I end up with lots of this little rock used in the mixture with the sand and cement to pour it in the rebar reinforcement of the wall, since I don't have use for it I was considering use it as a mulch for keeping away weeds from the trees, would this be OK or damage the tree, soil, or something else? I'm thinking it could block oxygen into the soil but I'm not sure any guess?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Garcinia ID
« on: June 27, 2017, 09:46:44 PM »
While in Cuba 🇨🇺 along the Varadero Beach besides the weeds of Seagrapes all over I also noticed some of this Garcinia trees they were full of unripe fruits some of same or larger size than regular mangosteen, I picked two and put in my backpack, I thought they were seashore mangosteen but looking at them in the Internet I noticed is something else, now one of them open up to show some red pulp, any idea of what is it?

The title says it, post it here cause there's more visitors on this forum..

This is the top commercial variety in Taiwan where they have been breeding them since early 1900's size is large, has high Brix, uniform shape, and the most important long shelf life,
Price per seed is 2.5 usd,, minimum 8 seeds package, shipping is 9 usd certified mail for USA, Outside add 2 usd, up to 20 seeds for this shipping fees
Wholesale discount applies over 50 seeds
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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Rare fruit options for Cuba?
« on: June 06, 2017, 08:58:36 AM »
Hi I'm spending a week vacations in Cuba between Habana and Varadero, any tips of Market's with rare fruit or Botanical Gardens or anybody knows a collector from those areas? Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

I have found in the jungle another two trees with different characteristics of the conventional ones
1- JUMBO : sets heavy crops of round fruits with a large size, around 25/30 larger than normal,
2- SHARPIE 2 : Sets elongated fruits of regular size, the yellow color is little beat more dark than regular ones, flavors is excellent, being very sweet with tangy flavor at the end, don't know if it's coincidence but the only two trees I have found that sets this oval / elongated forms, Sharpie and Sharpie 2 have sweeter fruit than regular one's
  ILL post pictures later tonight,
    Price 5 usd per scion plus shipping
Left,  two  sweet elongated Sharpie 2, right a single regular one
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Coke with two larger prolific jumbos vs two regular ones

Please let me know If somebody is able to sell them also looking for Guava mango, Thanks

I'm trying to do a group order from a jabuticaba breeders third generation, I'm doing this to reduce shipping costs which for an individual buying few seeds would be 75 regular mail, this is because his farm is 250 hectares and after that is more than hour drive to post office

1-I would coordinate the orders
2 - each individual would pay directly to Brazilian grower paypal and then confirmed with me
3-each  parcel will go to each individual address either certificate or EMS as each choose
This Jabuticaba are very hard to get even in Brazil and they confirmed that they are breeded for precocious, these are part of the conversation with him : These ones are all quite precious. We do not work with average breeding, but normally the higher the price more precious it is.
Even in Brazil it is not easy to find these Jabuticabas, we are collecting them for more than 30 years already. Our grandfather is an agriculture engineer and started it, and we are already the third generation working in the collection.
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The minimum order is 15 seeds, the only one not available is branca de Mel gigante, and Sapucaia is only 15 seeds available, first come first serve
The shipping reflected is for that big order individual shipping will be calculated once ordering

Tropical Fruit Discussion / New jaboticaba hibrids were to get them?
« on: April 11, 2017, 12:41:24 AM »
I would love to have a  lead on this new precocious good flavor varieties like Scarlett, ESALQ, Phitranta , Z4, Paulista, etc, I contacted while very good communication, their shipping fees, can't justify a small amount of seeds I need, any other options?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Nut that taste like pork lard?
« on: April 07, 2017, 11:56:18 AM »
Anybody knows the name, I have seen it discussed here but forgot name I think is a vine?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / What's the best jaboticaba variety?
« on: April 04, 2017, 10:26:49 PM »
I have a single Jaboticaba tree that gives me fruit at least twice a year, but while the flavor is good the skin is very thick, I have had other ones in friends homes with thin skin, I think mine is Sabara but I'm not really sure, I heard alot here about the grimal, peluda de Alagoas, red hibrid, Aureana which of this would be considered as better quality as of flavor and kind of thin edible skin?

Hi I'm very interested in buying a few scions of this lovely mangos please let me know I will pay through PayPal, thanks.........!

Annona Reticulata "Corazón"  sweet, creamy, no sand close to skin, 10 seeds for 13 usd including regular mail to USA, Europe add 2 usd, Asia add 4 USD

Low price 2.5 usd each plus shipping.....

Interested in trading or buying Bangkok Lemon, Amber, berry, Mía 2,Excalibur red, Harris hybrid or any other good quality crunchy firm type, thanks

Finally ate the two  big fruits I bought in Mexico city "La Merced" market, I can say I'm regretful I didn't got more, my wife keeps telling me that, and is all the time figuring who of my family who lives there can go to the market and get them for us, But I told her is not easy people is busy it's own things, I should bought more but I was by myself, got there in city subway and they are heavy! The big one 3.1 kilos and the average at 2.5 kilos that's unique for the annona easy I have seen here (besides guanabana) but the most important was the flavor firm superb very sweet flesh, hardly remember trying any kind of fruit that sweet, it had a very small amount of bitterness almost imperceptible delicious just the necessary to overcome the intense sweetness, I didn't find any acid element on these fruits types, the inside of the fruit makes me think that in reality is an Atemoya, it had lots of firm flesh with a very low seeds only around 25 in the huge fruit, Im going to put seeds in the ground, it's probably the best fruit I have ever tried, for the one's who asked me for seeds in order to spread this seeds with more people, I'm doing 5 seeds package for 15 plus 6 usd for shipping USA, everywhere else 2 usd more, my paypal is
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With a regular Chirimoya in the middle, what a difference size!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Big Chirimoya?
« on: December 15, 2016, 12:15:40 PM »
Im in Mexico city for a few days, I visit El mercado (the market) de las merced, I Was lucky to get one of my favorite fruits "fuyu"  persimmon which is very rare to get here, usually there's hashiya every where, also got some delicious red "jocote de corona" spondias they are Delicious sweet & creamy, but I was shocked 😲 when I saw what I thought to be big weird kind of soursop, but when I got closer I notice it wasn't guanabana, it was a Chirimoya! They all were huge sizes looking almost like fake plastic fruit, I pick the  largest one and on the lady put it on scale, it weight 3.1 kilos! I guess the other ones should be around 2.5 kilos, but then I asked the lady where it comes from, to my surprise 😲 she said the men who brought them over said from Nayarit! Which is a state next to me in Puerto Vallarta, and is warm for Chirimoya fruits, then I started thinking could this be an Atemoya? I now there's few chances of that but once it ripe and open if is very good I'm going to give it a shoot trying to grow in my climate, anybody recognize it?
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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Zapote negro "coco" Big size and juicy
« on: November 24, 2016, 11:28:18 AM »
I Was able to get a few big black sapotes from the Orchard of my friend Lalo which is on the pic with one of his workers, they are uniform big almost size of a coconut, interested can get 8 seeds package for 16 plus 5 for shipping, through PM
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My wife came across this different shape papaya from a street vendor, it is almost round / square shapemore like a pumpkin,  instead of the regular oval shape ones, the skin color also is more of the pumpkins we have here in Mexico, but the more important is that the flesh is bright orange, sweet with no musky aftertaste and flesh is thick and abundant, size is large weight about 2 kilos, my wife ask where comes from and they say from a Fisherman Village call May to, couple hours from here, I'm going to plant some seeds, I considered a winner in this days when is hard to get other than the commercial varieties, if any one needs or want seed. I'll make it available 12 for only 9 usd including shipping Regular mail to USA  or
2 usd more for other countries... Interested pm me
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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Sweet Kwai Muck seeds available
« on: October 13, 2016, 01:10:50 PM »
This time they really ripe to a full very pleasant dry apricot flavor, I'm thinking of dehydrating them as a snack, 8 seeds 12 plus 5 shipping Regular mail

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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Eugenia Candolleana seeds for sale
« on: September 26, 2016, 12:35:48 PM »
One of the best Eugenias with a delicious flavor, easy to grow, bears at 2 feet or 2 year's old, in my garden sets two or three crops a year, 8 seeds package is 12
Usd plus shipping 6 to USA and 8 elsewhere..

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Chirimango?
« on: August 20, 2016, 10:53:42 AM »
I came across this, in Cuba in a backyard somebody who plant a mango and chirimoya tree close enough pick this odd fruit from the ground!

I have come across a street vendors who brought from Chiapas some tasty Rambs, with sweet flavor, fleshy and free stone, 8 seeds 11 usd shipping 6 USA 8 Europe, 9 elsewhere, also have Candolleana and Longan same price
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8 seeds for 16+shipping, int. Please PM me..
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It's from a early season variety (others usually ripe inSept/Oct) and prolific tree originally from Chiapas Mexico, by the way once they Crack is time to pick and they go ripe/soft in couple days..

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