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Citrus General Discussion / Citrus Growers Forum
« on: February 21, 2018, 07:49:39 AM »
After more than three months of work at eight hours a day and 7d / 7 (and many nights too) here is finally the backup of the Citrus Growers Forum. It is far from being completed, but I am going to continue to work above. The function "Search" will be functional only when the site will be indexed, what can take several weeks.
Many of the images hosted on images hosts disappeared as on all forums. >:(
You can indicate me the errors by specifying the address of pages.

Send the news to all your citrus growers friends!

The fan club of the Citrus Growers forum succeeded to gather six static backups of the forum. We intend to publish one on the internet. It is a very hard work and before we start we want the permission from Laaz.
Laaz, please just say yes. We shall take care of everything and not bother you.

All the people who want to save all that accumulated knowledge must say it now and help in our fight!.

Sylvain, for the CG fan club. ;-)

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