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tropical or sub tropical sir, thanks
Tropical, Posci

Some have been asking through the year, they are available now, it's a fruit with great flavor 90 % sweet with a mix of melon and tangerine notes, price 2.5 per seed plus shipping depending on quantity, minimum order 8 seeds, wholesale price available...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Bruno is a good Canistel
« on: June 15, 2018, 11:10:36 PM »
Nice picture Mike, how do you compare with Ross Sapote..

Hey Mike congrats on your new cell phone! Now you can take instant pics, the only other guy I know with out it, is Luc...

2usd each + shipping minimum 10 seeds shipping for 10 seeds = 8 usd
Wholesale price above 100 seeds
My paypal is please SPECIFY WHAT YOU ARE ORDERING AND ADDRESS IN the PayPal message window and I'll comeback to you with tracking number

Don't look like my Maha Chanok...

That looks very similar to what is known here simply as Jumbo AP which is very much bigger than normal AP as seen on the photos below and its flesh is also much chewier than that of AP or Gefner.

Quite frankly, I see them different if you look carefully at structure of scales and form of the rows and the hole shape of the fruit there is not much similarities...

I'll ask him, anyone remember his user NAME? Coconut... Something else

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Wax Jambu anyone?
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:55:08 PM »
I love mine! It was advertised as a "Black Pearl", but all the fruits I've gotten are white/green/pink, Lol! Wax jambus are never gonna be as sweet as mangos, but the flavor is still excellent. My tree only produces in alternate years, I've no idea why or if I can do anything to make it produce annually.  There are tons of flower buds on my tree at this time, whereas last year I was praying for some.
Hoo well, at least you like it, and should be a nice color combination instead of the hole red Black Pearl, when is yours fruiting season?

Nice pics! Great that you finally tasted them, they're quite tasty, in Milk shake are awesome, they are Stenocereus Queretaroensis, they grow in Queretaro and all the other surrounding states like Jalisco, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Durango, etc

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Wax Jambu anyone?
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:33:46 PM »
I have been doing a research since I want to start a Wax Jambu (apple) collection, one of the things that caught my attention is that is not very popular in this forum, the few comments just talk about how bland and flavorless they are, however I have read there are some cultivars with decent sweet flavor brix12-15
Beautiful colors and starting bearing fast grafted, why is it this fruit is not popular in the forum?
(not talking about Malay Apple)

Yes I miss  Coconut, even if I could only understand half of what he posted, I think due to my language barrier, the Whitman fiberless seeds I got from him now have three small fruits for the first time, can't wait to try them out.. M

Ask Abimael777 he is in this forum and in Puerto Rico as you can see and from time to time he has very nice plants, is a great person

Awesome! Any comments on characteristics?

Congrats Mike! Hopefully they take, aI also have a new Garcinia that Luc brought from Brasil but he mixed up the seeds, so is unidentified, it flowered by first time two months ago and drop flowers, now is starting to flowering again let's see... My Russell's are on the ground now the largest at one feet but growing steady, new shots every month, how tall were yours when flowered first time?

Hopefully ants are a suitable pollinator for  Luc's Garcinia
Provable they are as the trees are always loaded with them here in Vallarta..

What an amazing story Mike! 😄 Grandpa's receive the seeds as wedding present! The bright green colors are out of this world, indeed look kind of prehistoric, I wonder how the nut tastes. M

what is difference with normal cherry?
They are same family, but Capulin is not as hardy as regular cherry, it's a nice fruit who sets loads of cherries, flavor is similar but little different, Capulin flesh is yellow /green, seeds roasted are also very tasty, is subtropical

Hi Raul

What climate is this from? I am 9b in Florida and I have never seen
them offered here.  I see them in CA and wondered why no one grows them

Hi they grow all around the center of Mexico which is tropical, but from 400-1200 másl. The which means they need some chilling hours the lowest there in winter is around 5/10 celsius in the cooler nights, I think it would be fine in Florida, I'm just too warm for them here in Vallarta with no chilling hours,

Yesterday while in Mexico city I took the morning to go to the Central de Abasto, which is the receiving market for the large Megalopoly,this market is like a city with hundreds of long halls to walk where you can find everything for eating either raw or cooked, I would loved to take pictures but it would be dummy from me to take out my expensive phone there, I guess only one of us will get out....
Anyway I was walking through huge piles of Ataulfo and Manila mangos, pineapples, strawberry, etc. While I saw some round black balls that caught my attention, they looked like Capulin Cherry but they were larger than the regular ones, oddly this stand was the only one who have them in the whole market, also weird because Capulin Cherry usually comes in Summer,
I got some to take home, later when I tried them found them very tasty, thin skin, firm sweet yellow /green
 flesh, and good flesh / seed ratio, the closest I have tried to a regular Cherry,
If anyone interested I'll ship 8 seeds for 16usd including shipping

The seeds are also a tasty snack as is described here

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Cassabanana seeds for sale
« on: May 03, 2018, 04:12:06 PM »
12 fresh seeds 16usd including shipping worldwide....

I had a plant before it was growing very well and fast but then suddenly die, it was many years ago when it just started to grow plants, looking back I think was the roots of the the guamuchil tree that Cassabanana was climbing, they also killed a Durian tree that it was under the shade, anyway this week I drove 15 hours with a two days stop in Mexico city, to the Gulf of Mexico (Tuxpan, Veracruz) to visit my in laws, I alway like to go to the market to check out for rare findings, and this time I was lucky to see this large red sausage hanging from a rope, I ask how much for a Cassabanana but they reply it was Calabaza Melon (Squash Cantaloupe) that is the way its known in most Central America, when back at the house I could perceive a nice smell kind of passion fruit like, when I opened the aroma was deliciously more intense, I cut in half and spoon out the flesh, it was supper juicy, the firs flavor I noticed it was Honey bee combined with cantaloupe, then at the back Squash, Mango and Passiflora, I really like it, I finish the half even do was kind of big, my in laws did the same, he was kind of surprised as he never so this fruit in that region where he grew, the seeds even do there are plenty doesn't botter as are easy to spit out, they can be roasted and are edible too, very nice fruit weighing 2/3 kilos each, I'm planting some in my garden

If you don't use GA and they went dormant they should start to sprout around May, June that is what happens in the wild, so be patient..

btw Raul, where did you get this tree from originally?
From a friend in Bolivia, he said he visit Santa Cruz and tried different types so he sent over this type as he liked the best for size.

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