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I'm on my way to ilamas, I'm on the plane now.....

Best of luck Raul, another dreadful arthquake hit your beautiful ountry for the second time in less than one month it's unbelievable!
I hope you're safe and sound, please message back!
HI Lory and everyone who ask, I'm fine and my family who lives in Mexico city fine also thanks God, unfortunately there was some human losses, but could have been worse...

I'm going this next Thursday to the Instituto Tecnológico de Cd. Altamirano, Guerrero., where agronomy engineers  in this  university who has been doing selections and crosses of the best types of Annona Diversifolia trying to find the way of commercialization, they have the advantage of being in the middle of tierra caliente, Guerrero,is the place with most ilama diversity on earth, they grow wild all over the region, and there's all kinds, they have been looking /breeding for size, brix, more flesh, less seeds (this is the main problem in regular types were  there is more seeds than flesh) also thin skin,and less prone to crack,  I don't know how many types I'll find, there's documented around 150 differents I'll probably look for the top 10/15 of them, they told me season finish Oct 5, I'm leaving next Thursday to arrive there on Friday, I'm going in Airplane /bus(there's no way I'm driving my car over there with foreign plates, I want to be camuflaje as a local Ranchero, this is the most dangerous area of Mexico, and there has been over 300 homicides in this year, this is the place where they kidnapped you and never give you back even if your family pay the rescue, my plan is to get there early in the morning and leave Cd Altamirano the same day, so I'm flying to Mexico city Thursday night and then taking a bus at 11.59 to Cd Altamirano to arrive there at 6.30,
  This will be the only time I'll do the trip, so anybody interested I'll post availability and prices here the weekend if everything results well...

Very nice Abimael! Looks like you are ahead of everyone in the group order! At least for sure of me, I don't even get them yet! But Jaboticaba Grandiflorum?
I don't even remember being offered that one?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Ilama varieties
« on: September 11, 2017, 07:11:15 PM »
I'm planning a trip to this university to collect material scions and seeds of the beso types out there they have been collecting the best types as for flavor, productivity, size, pulp seeds and skin ratio, Andre less prone to crack, there will be seeds available for anyone interested, I will update with further information....

It is very,very windy out there, but I couldn't resist walking out to take a look at my backyard. My Fernandez custard apple, which is 2 and a half years old and about 8 feet old, is on the ground, uprooted. Two jackfruit trees (Excalibur Red and Mai 1) planted as a 3 gallon last year, look ready to go down. Anything special that I need to do to get them back on their feet?More importantly, will they survive?   
yes they will mine was completely horrible on the ground last year MIA 1,after a windy storm, tall 20 feet was laying on the ground, my neighbor ask me if he can shop it for wood I said it was fine, he only let the main trunk, few days later a friend told me to put it back up, I never thought of that, so between the two raced back, put some stone and dirt on the broken roots and now is beautiful full of foliage and allready flowers back! 😄

The person is Andre Morae en messenger of

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mexico earthquake
« on: September 08, 2017, 06:56:43 PM »
Everything OK here in Puerto Vallarta, earthquake was in the south, Oaxaca - Chiapas, there was some damage but thanks God not representative of the magnitude 8.2, news reports 32 fatalities, my best wishes to all our Florida friends, hope everything goes fine for you, your  families and orchards! 😄

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Amazing Durian Year
« on: September 08, 2017, 06:51:43 PM »
Very nice fruits Oscar, you are so Lucky! 😄 what kind of fertilize you use and how often?

I'm going for the last time this year, there will be available Jumbo and
Sharpie 2, price is 5 usd plus shipping. PM me

Hi, I want apologize for delay in sending scions but in this last 30 we have been hit by the worst storms /rains of the last 20 years, , I have been planning to go since tree weeks ago, I was going today but was raining all night, then I make plan for tomorrow but it was raining all afternoon and now the river outside of my house is about to get out, don't think I'm gonna sleep tonight have to watch the river, it's been raining for the last three weeks! Almost all México is with important flooding, the problem too get scions is that I have to cross several small rivers that regularly are ok to cross with the truck but with all this rain is impossible task, I'm Ashamed for delay as I have several scions orders to fulfill but weather doesn't helps now have to wait 3/4 days for the water levels to go down, hopefully early next week.. Everything goes back to normal, hopefully you understand...

Does anyone who originally bought seeds have pictures especially of the leaves they can post?

nice seedling, thanks for posting! Do the leaves looks velvety underneath or just hairless?

Hi David, nice seedling! Looks very healthy, thanks for posting! 😄

Is this real or BS? Photoshop? Hope its real. Chris
It's real Chris, there's even a video on you tube about Red Longan where a man shows his tree....

Does anyone who originally bought seeds have pictures especially of the leaves they can post?

nice seedling, thanks for posting! Do the leaves looks velvety underneath or just hairless?

Thanks Óscar for correct me about the Spectabilis, I just thought of Inga Laurina, about Inga Xalapensis I saw is also call Inga Spuria, however the ones in the pic above in the pod doesn't show the mark of the seeds, you need to open it to see them, what I mean is that is flat by the outside as opposed to others where you can see the marks of inside seeds, about seeds edibility you may be right about most not being edible, but this one species the indigenous people from here has been eating them for long time, looking is Spanish in the web by the local name "jinicuil" or "juaquinicuil" semillas (seeds) mention several ways they prepare them,

Raul it's an atemoya
Hi Frank, what makes you think it is?

Does anyone who originally bought seeds have pictures especially of the leaves they can post?
I Had one seedling from last year, unfortunately looking for it last week, I lost track, is now a unidentified seedling among mine, what I remember is that being curious if this was an Atemoya or Cherimoya because is really different to the regular chirimoya sold here, I was paying attention to structure of leaves, and when was like 20cm high leaves weren't hairy velvety  and thick like Chirimoya, were more like thin kind if Sugar Apple but more round at the end, maybe some one can chime in...

Looks great!  Two quick questions:

1. How does it compare to Inga spectabilis in size and in amount of pulp (if you have that species as well)?

2. Are the seeds of all Inga species edible when cooked, and do they all taste about the same?  Or is this one particularly good?
Hi Barath, I think Spectabilis is a quarter the size of this one, and about half thick, flavor about the same but these pods are really fleshy, about the seeds
People here thinks that the only Inga seeds edible are the green ones(not sure the color of Spectabilis) , as there is some Inga seeds black color, as for flavor I haven't try them as this fruit I bought in Mexico City last week when I traveled to visit family,

Seeds available again, 8 for 15 including shipping, paypal is

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Nice size sweet flesh (Inga Xalapensis)
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:04:02 PM »
This Inga pods have abundant sweet cottony flesh, the seeds boiled in salt water are a great addition to salads, fruits in 3 to 4 years, 8 seeds for 18, with trackingfor USA, Asia Caribbean add 2 usd, my paypal is

Just wanted to chime in that I collected my resent package today (it actually came in on the 18th of August). It left Brazil on the 10th. I honestly forgot about it and the USPS notice to "pick up at the post office" didn't state where it was from. In any event, I was pleasantly surprised to see the post-officer come walking out with the yellow and white Correios box and suspected it was the seeds. 38 of 40 seeds were already sprouted with dense root structure (given the size) formed. Even fewer seedling roots had white delicate tips, but time will tell who survived. The packaging was excellent, neat and labelled. Real professional. A++

Its been 2 weeks now since I planted them in vermiculite and at least 1 of each of the 5 types I purchased sprouted. Escalarte has the max at 3 sprouts. Hopefully more will push out in the next few weeks.
Hi Robbie! I'm glad they arrive. And sprout for you! Mine were sent back by Mexican customs, he, he, he, they will send them back again when trees fruit set again,

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: longan
« on: August 22, 2017, 10:15:05 PM »
Yeaa! Very different Rollinia?.....

Hello Raul
The quote for the US is photo 4, they got puzzled, I do not know how to organize photos in this forum system.

Yes the value from 0 to 999 g is the same, it is indifferent, last week I sent an EMS of 40 g and the price was the same.

For 10 seeds EMS R $ 132,00 / 3 = 44 USD.

In the last two years postal services have risen almost 100 percent in Brazil, in 2014 an EMS in these same conditions would cost R $ 60.00, and one dollar would be worth 2.3 Reais.

I'm glad that my explanation was well understood by the people of the forum, and I'm sorry for some who were clumsy with me, thinking that I was wanting to get money wrong.


Hi Neles, thank you for the info, do you mean they charge the same fee for a 20 grams parcel than a 999 grams parcel? Also I could not find the price for USA as in the picture were says the EMS price shows a fee for 20 kg or more? Please let me know price of a parcel with EMS With 10 jaboticaba seeds, thanks!
thanks for the explanation Neles! 😄

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Luc's Mexican Garcinia
« on: August 21, 2017, 10:42:09 PM »
I have tried both side by side several times, sometimes I prefer one over the other, I remember after the second harvest of my Achachairu I thought of getting rid of if because fruit was too acid, for some reason reasons I didn't do it and next year wow! Fruit was sweet! Achachairu is sweet /tart as Mexican Garcinia, the flavor and texture are different, Achachairu is like Spicy while MG has more of a lemony citrus flavor maybe is the reason that locals call it "limoncillo" about texture Achachairu is kind of cottony flesh like the mangosteen while MG is more like soft and creamy like an Ice cream,
I would say the balance between sweet /tart would be the same, Achachairu rind is thick and not edible out of hand while MG is thin like tomato, as far as size you can see the picture,
I would plant both if I were you..

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: seeds
« on: August 18, 2017, 11:00:28 PM »
Do you know if Na Dai is true from seed? I mean the chewy type... If that's the case I'll love to get 8 of them please

Hi Neles, thank you for the info, do you mean they charge the same fee for a 20 grams parcel than a 999 grams parcel? Also I could not find the price for USA as in the picture were says the EMS price shows a fee for 20 kg or more? Please let me know price of a parcel with EMS With 10 jaboticaba seeds, thanks!

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