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Author Topic: Visiting Macon, Asheville, and possibly Kentucky  (Read 353 times)


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Visiting Macon, Asheville, and possibly Kentucky
« on: May 24, 2017, 11:44:59 PM »
Not with the crew yet, but we will be traveling by bus, hope to secure more plants for sharing by these means.
I've got the bag of seeds and we'll see what comes along  way.
So if you'd like to meet up and give time, thy self is always willing to give that time, for growth per se.

Since leaving SWFL, I've share seeds with many strangers, and met quite a few as well. I enjoy all the psychotherapy we indirectly experience  while talking about gardening. Heh heh..
Plus I am introduced with a usual idea in those eyes. I am only saying this because of the remarks or expressions through them. All linen clothing  wrap around skirt, long sleeve button up. Long hair, fuzzy face, slender build. Silent  mute, dumpster diving, money denouncing, seed sharing, flute playing, light emitting man.
It is not any of this. The I is nothing we can identify  or describe with those thought-forms. Anyway I think this helps the visual of the me that you may see.
But there are the people who see through all that, enough anyway, that we relate! I'll keep it relating to gardening, and tell of a few.
Of what I remember such. Picked a bunch of cool plants up, while walking up I10 West attempt of leaving Jacksonville. Maypop, ground cherry, garlic, paper mulberry, a thick grassy plant with a plume 5" wide, 1 m long.. stalk about 1" wide mid torso. Grape, with nice fuzzy leaves... met Arron and his wife they gave me a bag of Lima Bush, I had turmeric, moringa, cowpea, lab lab, okra, mini... later after bouncing around a bit from east to west and then west to east, I ended up in eateries GA. Through offering pizza from top of the Caesars dumpster, at a car show, lol... I met Tyler and his family. Well first maybe his mom's friend. She did not express any sign of judgment on me but instead there was an open void, of curiosity. So I told her about the fasting I do, and practicing eating low carb, especially grains. Btw r2 restaurant starch in green banana flour is a staple, with pigeon pea, there are nutrients available not found when eaten alone. Well she was growing vegetables already, so I set the pizza down and chuckle  a bit to her as we see through that thing. We know seeds are expensive I can't just walk around offering every near person seeds, lol. So I used the pizza..
So Tyler and his mom are talking about the deer eating their vegetables, gave them all moringa, pigeon pea okra, the plants from interstate travels. Some bananas from mom's house I had packed along. I don't understand blue bananas we have 3 and they all seem different. 2 slight resemblance to each other, but 1 is definitely different, but all so blue. Any way this was a Frog banana. The friend said something like mufafo as an alt. name..
Saw Tyler that evening at Wal-Mart as I came in to check the time, it was his mom I first noticed with a timepiece. Lol. We walked  out together.
Gotta say Dicks gave me a great salad wonderful blackening with fennel, of Mahi on citrus salad. Seeds given, and other good experiences manager had much loving kindness, and was sharing experiences of forgiveness, and gratitude  presence, and to trust in the path that is. Jesus. Beautiful boy Trenton was at work with her and silently waiting so he would be available to help when she  needed. Jumping immediate to help when she tipped a shelf knocking glasses and making noise, while nothing broke, and it was a sudden joy. Lol
Slept behind the Sherrif station, and there is a healthy New banana row planted  maybe 8 plants successive. I chop and dropped around them and interplanted pigeon pea, and southern cowpea. Cleaned  up the momma plants stripping carefully with the felco handpruners I carry of their brown, and yellowing leaf parts. Good for them. I hope they receive lots of love and attention.
There were an especially large amount of people  here from Mexico to farm for 10 months, ride in on busses an  parked at Wal-Mart to shop. Lol there were at least 5 busses, and up to 2 or 3 busload coming in at once. I chuckled quite a bit with them while we shared each others attention. I handed out a few handfuls of seeds, an  also to some other people, one stopped and began speaking  and immediately recognized my silence and quit  possible impairment. So he said in sign everything he needed, and explained that he was learning ASK as learning but has not been so recent, hard to learn. I made sure to explain something like I choose to be silent  and I don't know how long I will. Well after all the people from busses returned to the lot  I caught up and made a presence and Gabriel noticed me, an  offered help. But I figure  I was  only going to say I have it if you can use it for advantage.. got rid of the potato chips bought for me. But they know  a lot of traditional uses. Spicy oregano like basil seeds, culantro, moringa, red pigeon pea, clove basil, popcorn, sword bean, monkey penis pepper, Hopi corn, noni, tamarind, horned melon, Tulsi basil, moringa herb, rue herb, and MSM powder were offered, many were gaining I was overjoyed they could use it well. They requested I sing in the flute, so I blew a melody lol it was fun, a  I am still learning. There was a generous offering of 50$ from one  while others shared with me also. They were heading south  an  I am heading north.
On my long day out of town, being given free food I specifically said I don't eat, I was able to enjoy parts, and give the rest to a trucker! Microwaved refried beans, takes much mindfulness to enjoy. Heh heh..
Filled up with water at a few place  and  threw dollars to them, leaving money where others servantly set it on tables or whatnot. I received a greeting after walking out of firehouse subs, "hi there, you know you greatly resemble Jesus?" .. "I might know somebody, if I see them, I will send them your way." ... "can have a picture taken with you?"
Glad the guys at balls like kind and nice cliff bars, cause those CVS dumpster scores are heavy. Met a man telling me they give probation for spitting on the sidewalk, and they basically do like other cities tricking people.. while getting avocados the manager offered to buy them for me an  I just couldn't accept that. Why would she not give her store profits, but willing to give her cash? As a store manager, I won't accept it, but graciously any way. Starbucks in Kroger like  the snack bars too, And I did get to give  a handful of those essential seeds I carry, and some snacks, plus a note to say that there is always love an support for the family  of a special boy. They wanted to buy me dinner, but I apologized that "I don't eat burger king". Hehe. You know by now, I'd rather them give me a salad than you buy it too, I don't use money I give it. I see someone coming from the north and they were like hey be alert, by sticking a finger up. They're artists, one's mom just started really growing on the farm that's like 20 something acres, with plenty of contour for water flow and catch areas, a few small ponds, and they really wanted to help but had a great amount of suffering because of lack of some kind of finances... I love them, they 're 20 yrs old and so understanding. But we get caught up in the game.... so I threw the 50$ up front, grabbing for the first "Bill" not singles 5s 10s.. and when it slipped from my fingers I saw the beautiful thing light up in they eyes, an  was happy that Gabriel was able to get it to her. I went to the farm and planted a bit around the cherry trees, vegetables  all over where it was a bit moist from past rain.. chicory, melons, pigeon peas, all the basils, turmeric, scattered a lot of seeds quite randomly. Heh heh  and collected some salsify seed, why not.. they had queen Anne's lace, wild and cultivated grapes, cherry, pear, persimmon, many tomato and melon, more seedlings. Mom is doing work! I gave them some assorted seeds also, and they brought me to where I am now, after we all decompressed. Hope all the people can email me an  we stay in touch.
I have been at dad's house jus  outside of Macon, in Gray Georgia. An  they have turned the yard into raised beds, and munched paths, chop and drop, an  learning a myriad of techniques to easier gardening. Growing 3 kiwi, about 2' tall and from seed, we hope they are female, any way to tell?? Are kiwi dioecious? They want banana but my trip hasn't included it yet. Unfortunately.... there are 25 varieties, 7 hours away by interstate vehicular travel.. so it's gonna be a thing.. but they also have, pomegranate, from seed, a low and high Bush blueberry, a lemon died so we have its rootstock, trifoliate Orange? Avocado came back after only minor winter, it looked dead, but it's fine.. lost the jackfruit, Apple is growing  many many zucchini, beans, tomatoes, and greens she's got a back for gardening, that's for sure. 3 pigeon peas about 6" tall, we hope they will make it through winter! Will papaya grow in Macon Georgia? Fig made fruit and has more... asparagus is loaded with seed, an  she's ready to do a 16' long bed of that stuff! Yeah buddy, my favorite form of resistant starch, heh heh, since its a vegetable available raw, it amaze me that is in it. She wants the entire property food plants. We will not have a problem there! Really craving those paw paw trees, persimmon, cherries, and such you find elsewhere in southern   states we haven't any old native trees but pecan and cedar, pine, oak..
That's great if you enjoyed this, I hope it can bring joy to somebody, and am willing to deal with correcting, or typing very slow to correct the horrible ability of this devise to register my finger placement... Lol
I may be able to do this more often. Is there a place appropriate on this forum for it to be posted?
Going to decompress once again and have some warm golden milk, and possibly do another coffee enema.
Hope the stars are out in your yard, enjoy the beautiful sky with your mosquito net or not, I prefer to sleep without the distraction of them.



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