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Matoa (Pometia Pinnata)

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A friend of me gave me this fruit,taste like rambutan + longan + lychee and has a hard skin ,after google search then i know its called Matoa  ;D
Its very rare in my place and this is my 1st time saw it. I planted the seeds and hope it will grow soon   ;)

Matoa (from Google)

Matoa tree (from Google)

Finca La Isla:
Very interesting.  Is that fruit sold in the market?

Tropical Farmer:
I actually have seeds from this fruit; planted 4 seeds all in the same pot since the 28th of August 2017 and I have yet for them to actually sprout. I dug up the seeds thinking that they were rotted as the seeds each rested half out of the soil and half in. I found that each seed had a very large tap root (actually broke the seed off of two of the roots in the process but left them planted anyhow thinking that with some miracle they may still grow leaves) and wonder if this is normal for them to take so long to sprout?



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