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Hi, the season is open! I will have several more species in the next months (, but these pitanga varieties are very tasty so I am selling the seeds now.

* red eugenia uniflora, pitanga, no resinous taste at all, taste similar to tangerines, very productive
10  seeds USD 9
25  seeds USD 15
50  seeds USD 25
100 seeds USD 45

* black eugenia uniflora, pitanga negra, no resinous taste at all, acid and sweet similar to a grape
10  seeds USD 20
25  seeds USD 40

Shipping costs:
16 USD 30 days
20 USD 15 days

Hi, I dont know if call them spine or thorn (they dont hurt you), but I dont have another jaboticaba species that has this little spine-like at the tip of the leaves. Similar to guaviyú too, but softer.

It looks like grimal or sabará or coronata, but I dont know what is it in fact... the seller (from Misiones) of these seedlings told me that it bears big fruits, that is the only data I have!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / first psidium guyanense flowers!
« on: October 25, 2017, 12:46:45 PM »
The smell is similar to psidium cattleianum but I like it more (now that I have both, this smells sweeter), the flower is bigger (as the leaves and fruits!)

I call it arazá blanco, or white arazá, but I dont know if there is a popular name for it...

The last year we got just one fruit and I didnt noticed the flowers, now I know how nice they are :D

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tasting more jaboticabas (video)
« on: October 10, 2017, 08:28:03 AM »
The fruits were very tasty, sweet and acid, not too acid, like a mix of grapes, guavas and plums (but they were harvested a bit unripe and they traveled for 4 days so I think they were in the starting stage of a fermentation... they had a "wine" taste too). Soft to the touch.

To me, they dont have the green crown in the apex that should have a myrciaria coronata fruit, maybe they are sabará...

My english is not too good, I never speak english! I sound like an arab (dont have nothing against them).

English video:

Spanish video:

Tropical Fruit Discussion / outstanding eugenia uniflora flowering
« on: October 02, 2017, 12:27:51 PM »
It is full of bees, I hope it will bear thousand of sweet fruits this spring! This is her best year so far.

A nice video, today (idk how to embed it here...):

Photos, yesterday:

Hi dear forum members.

This method would be good for many species, but I am focusing now on jaboticabas, could you help us? There are many forum members that doesnt know what kind of jaboticaba are they growing, but if we could compare leaf venation, size, shape and other details, we should identify them properly!

* How can you help? (and we maybe can help you!)

Could you take some photos of the leaves? If you could take good near photos of leaves we can identify it properly.

It would be cool to have photos of your named m. cauliflora paulista, m. jaboticaba sabará, m. coronata, other species, and photos of unidentified jaboticabas (and or eugenias too!).

Any photo of the leaves would be fine, but it would be better if you can take photos like these:

I did that just with my cell phone using android, but you can do it with a normal camera or an iphone too:


1) take a leaf of your plant and point it directly to the sun to show their veins
2) the camera should be in "flower" or "macro" mode to focus a near object! (in android, go to Auto --> PRO, Settings, Manual Focus, select the Flower icon)
3) focus your camera or cell phone to the leaf: the leaf should be between the sun and the camera
4) be sure to focus right! take a shot (as much shots as you think till it focus right)
5) upload it here!

your photo should look a bit like this:

There you can also see the sun behind, I let it there just for explaining purposes

A good photo should look like this (although the tip is not visible, it should ideally be seen):

Here you can get some clues of myrtaceae leaf taxonomy (spanish doc):

For instance:

We can work together and find what we really have!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First jaboticaba flower buds??????
« on: September 16, 2017, 12:25:25 PM »

This tree is maybe 6 to 8 years old, 2cm thick in the base of the main trunk.

Adam S. identified it as myrciaria cauliflora, jaboticaba paulista...

Do you think It is having its first flower buds right now?

it would be so............... awesome!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / is there a taxonomist here?
« on: September 12, 2017, 03:43:37 PM »

I would like to learn taxonomy in terms of leaf architecture in order to identify the species I am finding... so, could anyone teach, help or give examples? I can take good photos of the venaria of Myrtaceae and other families ...

I hope so...

I simply want to share my amazement at this jaboticaba that produces pure reddish leaves a few days before spring, and has never given me problems at direct sun or water from the city (very easy to grow, unlike any other). Now it must be something like 6 years old and I hope it will fructify soon, although I know it could take 3 or 4 years more ... it measures 70cm in height and the thickness of the trunk is 2cm (a little less than 2 inches)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID: myrciaria delicatula or what?
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:21:48 PM »
In this photo from sou can see A and B, are myrciaria delicatula:

And this is from my plant:

Hi, I think that these are the first photos of psidium guyanense (not guineense!) flower buds on the net!

It flowers along with psidium cattleianum, so we now know how is its season. The fruit is very tasty, sweet and juicy, similar to p. cattleianum but bigger and with bigger seeds.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / psidium to ID
« on: August 13, 2017, 04:20:48 PM »
Hi, I got this psidium from a collector and he think it is very rare and unknow... but, would you know what is it?

When I broke a leaf, I smelled it and chewed it, it had a pleasant aroma and taste, unlike all the other 10 psidium I have ... more like p. Eugeniaefolia than the rest, and less bitter than the rest ... The aroma was interesting, similar to that of psidium longipetiulatum, but less strong, and stronger than psidium cattleianum. Definitely not any of the ones I had:
It is not:

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID: jaboticaba oblongata or aureana?
« on: August 13, 2017, 03:17:16 PM »
Hi, I got this jaboticaba from a collector that thinks that it could be aureana or oblongata, what do u think?

Hi, this is good news: I just ate one fruit that fall from the tree 1 week or more days ago, maybe 10 days ago, I cant remember. It was getting too hard/yellowish and I thought it was unedible, but I peeled it with a knife and inside it was dark yellow, with a "firm" soft, not juicy pulp and it was nice (very similar to jaboticabas in this overripe stage!).  I wrote "amazing" because most of the myrtaceae I know cant last more than 2 or 3 days being edible.

Normally, when you eat them just ripe, out of the tree or fallen, they have a green gelatinous and juicy pulp, acid and sweet, but this was not gelatinous and no green.

To me this is very interesting because maybe another campomanesia species could be of comercial use if they can last more than 1 week being edible!

We are in the middle of the winter, it produced just a few now.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / new jaboticaba to ID
« on: May 12, 2017, 09:52:36 PM »
Being that Adam is not checking the forum, it would be difficult to ID this jaboticaba, but I will post it anyway... there are a lot of forum members that grow jaboticabas and there are some "maniacs" and jaboticabaholics here so I have some hope...

The leaves remember me the red jaboticaba (myrciaria aureana x myrciaria cauliflora), but this is not possible as the source is from Misiones and almost nobody grows red jaboticaba here at Argentina. So I am thinking it could be myrciaria cauliflora or something similar... but I am not good identifying plants.

Hi, I am still harvesting some fruits (myrcia selloi, eugenia repanda, arazá-una, sete capotes, psidium australe) and have many fresh seeds of them and other species to sell.

So I'm dropping prices, 50% off

* Angola guava (psidium guajava) (New, march 2017)
20 seeds (USD 4  )
40 seeds (USD 7)

* Psidium guyanense (or psidium spp.) (NEW 24 march 2017) VERY RARE
5 seeds, 7 USD

NOTE: it is not psidium guineense! they are more rare, psidium guyanense, the fruit is bigger, leaves are much different -shiny, brilliant- and to me it is easier to grow / more hardy! The flavour to me is really better than guineense (more complex and similar to strawberry guava).

* Araçá do folha marrom (psidium australe)  VERY RARE
10 seeds: 8 USD

* Black Eugenia Repanda,  VERY RARE, justr a few left
5 seeds (USD 7)
10 seeds (USD 13)

* myrcia selloi,  VERY RARE, out of stock
5 seeds (USD 5)
10 seeds (USD 9)

* Araçá-una / black strawberry guava or purple forest guava (psidium eugeniaefolia),  VERY RARE
10 seeds: 7 USD
20 seeds: 12 USD

* Red Strawberry guava (psidium cattleianum var sabine)
20 seeds (USD 2)
40 seeds (USD 3)
80 seeds (USD 6)

* Yellow lemon guava (psidium cattleianum var lucidum) (New, march 2017), 2 varieties
20 seeds (USD 3)

* Organge tamarillo (solanum betaceum) (New, may 2017),
20 seeds (USD 3)

* Sete capotes (campomanesia guazumifolia) out of stock
5 seeds (USD 5)
10 seeds (USD 9)

* Jiló (solanum gilo)
20 seeds (USD 3)
40 seeds (USD 4)

* Aguaymanto (physalis peruviana)
20 seeds (USD 3)

I accept paypal, WU, bitcoins, etc.

Shipping cost is aprox. 10 USD for light mails (dry seeds) 30 days service, and 16 (less than 20gr) or 20 USD (up to 150 gr) for 15 days service.

Hi, today is an exiting day for me!

This is NOT psidium guineense, nor psidium cattleianum,it is rare.

I went to my backyard to watch the trees and walked directly to my unknow psidium spp. (maybe p. guyanense), touch the fruit, saw it was getting yellow but it was soft to the touch (maybe just ripe or maybe the worms were doing their job...), so I moved it a bit and it fell down.

Sweet and acid, 12º Brix, the gelatinous pulp sticks to the seeds just as strawberry guava, similar taste to this one, and the leaves of the plant are similar too.

If you never tasted strawberry guava and you cant compare/imagine the flavour, I would say it tastes like guava+tomato or you can compare it to a pear, very similar experience.

It reminded me the white asian guava I tasted one year ago, it was the best I had, but this one is more acid, making it very good for juices, icecreams and mermelades.

It had just 2 fruit fly worms inside, but that means that the fruit would be tastier and sweeter without worms that dont allow it to ripe just fine. It was not too much damaged. Seeds are bigger than tropical guavas and strawberry guavas I know, 4mm to 5mm diameter.

So, I think this is a very good species, it grows very fast and bears in 3 years, 1m tall. I really dont know about its frost resistance, but here at my backyard It had no problems at -1ºC.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / mistery tree to ID
« on: March 10, 2017, 10:04:44 AM »
Hi, this tropical mistery is from a friend that grows a lot of rare tropical fruit trees, but we really dont know what could it be... maybe an hybrid?

When it didnt had fruits, I tought of LULO, the leaves are very similar to lulo (solanum quitoense), but its elongated fruits now seem to be a tamarillo...

what do you think?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / jaboticaba ID, from Paraguay
« on: February 27, 2017, 12:54:20 PM »
Hi, I think I posted this species before: we cant identify them. If some of you knows what could it be, please tell me.

8 years old, no fruits yet, we have 10 of them

Tropical Fruit Discussion / rare myrtaceae to ID
« on: February 14, 2017, 05:45:54 PM »
Hi, this rare myrtaceae seems to be an eugenia, we believed it was eugenia involucrata, but the fruits are smaller en with not much pulp

and taste was bitter...

what do you think it could be?

My friend bought it at Misiones, this is not a tree of mine

Thanks in advance

Hi, I am amazed...

5 months in a mail... from USA... the customs at my country are very bad...

but they are alive, at least one of the 4 seeds sprouted roots and also had (white) leaves, 2 others seem to be alive and the other left was just empty.

I hope I can grow it in a good way, I will put it in the shade and water with rain water.


Hi, I have the pleasure to tell you that one of our 3 plants (3 years old) beared the first fruits this season.

So I will have some seeds for selling now (about 100 or more), the flavour is similar to strawberry guava but I find some tropical guava taste (and psidium australe too) that I dont find into my strawberry guavas. Brasilians use to do an icecream with it, many people on the net wrote that it is the best icecream they ever tasted.

17 feb update: 50 seeds on stock today.

Interesting features: they smell strong like tropical guavas (but it reminds me a pomelo perfume), not like strawberry guavas, 14º to 16º Brix (sweet), what is quite remarkable for such an acid fruit.

Araçá-una / black strawberry guava or purple forest guava (psidium eugeniaefolia)

10 seeds: 14 USD
20 seeds: 25 USD

Shipping cost:
New shipping costs (15 feb) are:

Under 150 gr weight:

16 USD 30 days
20 USD 15 days
43 USD (EMS) a few days, USA
52 USD (EMS) a few days, Europe
62 USD (EMS) a few days, Asia, Oceania

The 30 days service is ok, seeds will not rotten nor die in 30 days. If an order has just 5 to 10 seeds and the mail weights 20 gr or less, we can send it by the 15 days service at a low cost of 16 USD, but we can know that when I go to the post office.

(I accept bitcoins or paypal, thanks.)

Photos of our plant and fruits ripening:

The next photos are not from my plants, I will take photos later.

It is a very pretty plant, bushy, shiny leaves, and you even can do a nice tea out of its leaves, that smell super nice.

I am happy to tell you that many seeds from Misiones are sprouting by now:

black cerella (eugenia involucrata)
red cerella (eugenia involucrata)
big red super sweet pitanga (eugenia uniflora)
guaporetí (plinia rivularis)

Some of this species were sold by me at this forum the last month, so I hope the people that received them are growing them right now. I use only rain water and a regular poting mix. They took about 1 to 2 months to sprout.

red cerella


black cerella:

red cerella:

red pitanga: note the big leaves


imagenes gratis


As soon as I get more seeds/species I will post in the forum, but this will be most likely by next spring, we are on autumn now; I am still eating some myrcia selloi, eugenia repanda, there is 1 psidium australe in the bush and sete capotes is still flowering and bearing just a few.

Originally, I had:
guaviyú (24º Brix), arazá-una (16º Brix), natal plum (19º Brix), myrcia selloi (19º Brix or more), strawberry guava (20º Brix), lemon guava (18º Brix, NEW), rollinia emarginata, sete capotes (19.5º Brix), anacahuita (19º Brix, NEW), psidium australe (19º Brix, NEW), psidium guyanense _not guineense_ (12º Brix, NEW), angola guava (13º Brix NEW)  and eugenia repanda (12º Brix) too.

Angola guava (psidium guajava) (New, march 2017)
20 seeds (USD 8  )
40 seeds (USD 15)
80 seeds (USD 28)

Psidium guyanense (or psidium spp.) (NEW 24 march 2017) NOT guineense!
5 seeds, 15 USD (stock, 25 seeds)

Lemon guava (psidium cattleianum var lucidum) (New, march 2017)
20 seeds (USD 4)
40 seeds (USD 7)
80 seeds (USD 12)
160 seeds (USD 22)

black Eugenia Repanda (harvesting now, late feb, then later on march and april):
5 seeds (USD 14), 10 seeds (USD 26), 20 seeds (USD 48)

This small and hardy bush likes shade and bears small cherry like (acid and sweet) fruits, it could be in full sun, semi shaded spot or full shade: it will fruit anywhere. Frost resistance: -6ºC

I have a very rare variety: ripe fruits are almost black! Normally, eugenia repanda use to be red.

Anacahuita (blepharocalyx salicifolius)

NEW, march 2017, the taste remind me of bitter oranges, but it is sweet, 19º Brix, small fruit (0.7mm)

5 seeds (USD 10), 10 seeds (USD 18), 20 seeds (USD 34)

aguaymanto (physalis peruviana)

20 seeds (USD 5)
40 seeds (USD 8 )
60 seeds (USD 11)

Jiló (solanum gilo)
20 seeds (USD 5)
40 seeds (USD 8 )
60 seeds (USD 11)

Myrcia selloi:

5 seeds (USD 10), 10 seeds (USD 18), 20 seeds (USD 34)

UVAIA (out of stock):          

(***) uvaia rugosa, red new leaves, e. lutescens or hybrid. USD 16 (5 seeds), USD 28 (10 seeds)
(*) sold out: uvaia pear shaped, eugenia lutescens  or hybrid    USD 12 (5 seeds), USD 22 (10 seeds), USD 42 (20 seeds)
 (**)  sold out: uvaia flattened shaped, eugenia pyriformis  or hybrid USD 12 (5 seeds), USD 22 (10 seeds)

The sweetness of all of them is 12 º Brix or so, well balanced acidity/sweetness

(*** rough skined fruits, less pulp and less juicy than the other uvaias but it seems to be inmune to fruit fly!, strong acid favour, very rare variety, new and old red leaves. Fruits and seeds from 2 poted trees, 4 years old. Only 10 left!

(* e. lutescens or an hybrid, fruit is sweet and acid (more pear shaped than the other), from one planted tree at my backyard, growing habit: bush, 9 years old, 3m tall), max order 20 seeds.

(** maybe e. lutescens x pyriformis or just e. pyriformis, fruit is acid and sweet (more flattened and darker orange), from 3 poted trees, growing habit: tree), max order 20 seeds

Frost resistance of uvaias: -6º C when adult, not damaged at all by our freezes (9b zone, Argentina)


myrcianthes pungens USD 10 (5 seeds), USD 18 (10 seeds), USD 34 (20 seeds), USD 66 (40 seeds), USD 120 (80 seeds)

Fruit is sweet and not acid, very nice. 24º Brix!

Frost resistance of guaviyú: -9 or -10º C (similar to feijoa -acca sellowiana-). We have 2 planted trees, 10 years old, 3 to 4 m tall.

Arazá-una (black strawberry guava)

Please see this post:

14 to 16º Brix fruit, very remarkable!

Arazá-rojo (red strawberry guava), psidium cattleianum

20 seeds per pack. Related to the tropical guava, produces small dark red skinned fruits to 1.5". Flesh is translucent, juicy, and not mealy like the tropical guava, with a tasty acidic-strawberry flavor. Very easy to grow. Frost resistance: -6ºC. Our variety bears sweet fruits on summer, 14º Brix, sometimes it produces some more during the winter.

20 seeds (USD 4), 40 seeds (USD 7), 80 seeds (USD 12), 160 seeds (USD 22), 320 seeds (USD 40)

Natal Plum:

10 seeds USD 5,
20 seeds USD 9

Small shrub or bush, south african origin. Produces medium sized, fleshy red fruits that can be eaten fresh or used in preserves. Beautiful white fragrant flowers are showy and ornamental. Commonly used as a hedge plant. Tolerant to salt, frost resistance -5ºC or -6ºC.

More info:

Sete capotes (campomanesia guazumifolia), frost resistance -6º C or so.

5 seeds (USD 10), 10 seeds (USD 18), 20 seeds (USD 34), 40 seeds (USD 60)

Araticú or "arachichu" (Rollinia emarginata or sylvatica, dont know):
10 seeds (USD 20),   25 seeds (USD 40),   50 seeds (USD 70)

Photos from the net:

Shipping cost

New shipping costs (15 feb / 8 march) are:

Under 150 gr weight:

16 USD 30 days
20 USD 15 days
43 USD (EMS) a few days, USA
52 USD (EMS) a few days, Europe
62 USD (EMS) a few days, Asia, Oceania

Under 20 gr weight

10 USD if the mail weights less than 20gr and you have to wait 30 days. Dry seeds: sete capotes, araticú, strawberry guava, arazá una

The 30 days service is ok, seeds will not rotten nor die in 30 days. If an order has just 5 to 10 seeds and the mail weights 20 gr or less, we can send it by the 15 days service at a low cost of 16 USD, but we can know that when I go to the post office.

I accept bitcoins (15% discount), Western Union or paypal, thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / eugenia to ID: maybe involucrata
« on: December 23, 2016, 09:28:46 PM »

Hi, the tree IS NOT MINE, the man sent me these photos, and he doesnt know what species is it... I think it should be myrtaceae, eugenia, and maybe involucrata...

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