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Hi, yes, I sent to Tulskaya obl.,
 in the past.


It seems that in 1 month or so we will have hundreds of uvaias, this species really needs water to hold its fruits!!!

I can say that the majority huertasurbanas seeds are very good and grow very well for me when I bought last year.

Very thanks! We had some problems with the shipping (too much time and so on) but I will mail again 2 or 3 mails with seeds that didnt reached the destination yet.

I want to report that all the uvaias actually on the trees are sold, but there should be another harvest in 4 to 6 weeks from now.

We will have pisidium guyanense (not p. guineense!), a very rare unknown psidium, tasty and sweet, in some weeks. Fruits are ripening fast.

In one month or so I will have eugenia repanda too:

The first uvaias are ripening, but the other ones will take 2 or 3 weeks, and later there will be even another harvest in 1 month or so

Inside of the fruit

Taste report: similar to plums, I liked it a lot

I should taste more fruits to "understand" it better

I think guabiju is sub tropical is it right sir?

Yes, right, I dont know if it produces in very tropical climates, but there are a lot of trees at Brasil and they bear fruit.

* sweet Uvaia (eugenia pyriformis or hybrid x e. lutescens) [first harvest was sold, we should wait 1 month now]
Big (4cm diameter), rounded shaped fruits (not so pear shaped), juicy and tasty, 12º Brix. It flowers 2 times: spring and summer. The perfume of the flowers is one of the best I know (along with citrus flowers and sete capotes), and it is my favourite.

Photo from 10 jan 2018:

They will ripe like this:

5 seeds --> USD 12
10 seeds --> USD 22
20 seeds --> USD 42
25 seeds --> USD 50

Now I will have something like 50 seeds and then some more in one month or so.

* Cedar Bay cherries (eugenia reinwardtiana), Australian fruit, that bears in about 2 years from seed. A very tasty berry (similar to plums).

5 seeds --> 5 USD

Max order: 10 seeds.

* GUABIJU / GUAVIYU: myrcianthes pungens

5 seeds --> USD 10
10 seeds -->  USD 18  (I have very few this year.)

Fruit is sweet and not acid, very nice. 24º Brix!

Frost resistance of guaviyú: -9 or -10º C (similar to feijoa -acca sellowiana-).  It bears at 4 years old.

More species:

* red eugenia uniflora, pitanga, no resinous taste at all, taste similar to tangerines, very productive
10  seeds USD 7
25  seeds USD 13
50  seeds USD 21
100 seeds USD 39

* black eugenia uniflora, pitanga negra, no resinous taste at all, acid and sweet similar to a grape
10  seeds USD 19
25  seeds USD 35

* Acid Ubajay (hexachlamys edulis), good for mermelades, icecream, all kind of desserts, drinks
5  seeds USD 11
10  seeds USD 19

Updated Shipping costs:
17 USD aprox. 30 days
23 USD aprox. 15 days

For dry seeds it could be cheaper, but wet seeds are just heavier.

Wet seeds: uvaia, guaviyú, cedar bay cherry, eugenia uniflora, ubajay, and more to come
Dry seeds: all psidium, acca sellowiana, aguaymanto and others

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cedar bay cherry fruiting for the first time
« on: January 10, 2018, 06:12:44 AM »
We have two 3 years old plants, one of them 40cm tall, poted, and the other one 60cm tall on the ground. Growing slowly but steady, thanks to Steven from Portugal for the seeds!

Cherry of rio grande, coffee

I have heard of the cherry of the rio grande. Is it tasty? I've planted a surinam cherry and absolutely love the spicy taste.

almost all or all the tropical fruit trees thay I grow will like sun from the morning and shade or semi shade in the afternoon, specially the eugenias and jaboticabas

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Wind-resistant shade house design
« on: December 27, 2017, 08:26:10 AM »
geodesic domes

Mine is about 2 years old now and has barely grown. It looks nice and healthy, just hasn't grown much. I think I might have been over fertilizing it?  Irma didn't do it any favors, that's for sure.

Does it receives too much sun or too much shade? it should be well in the shade when young...

amazing, thanks! I would like to tast a durian one day, but my climate is 9a/9b ...

Brian: that leaves look way more slender/elongated than ours! it should be a different variety

Yeah so young leaves appear to be broader.  If you think it's something else let me know.  Fruit looks the same as yours though when you cut it or break it open.

No no, it should be the same species but different varieties, I am glad you found a sweet one!

I did a mermelade and it is wonderful! Even my brother, that doesnt use to like rare fruit flavors, tasted it and liked it a lot. It should be good added to any dessert, icecreams ar so.

Seeking seeds or seedlings from orange varieties (not red or black) of surinam cherry.

Hi, I have just a few! dark orange ones

Is this species recalcitrant? Can they be dried?

Yes they can

Hello! I've a couple of little seedlings from seeds i bought on internet and coming from argentina.
I thought they were Red Strawberry guava (psidium cattleianum) but now i start to suspect they are actually psidium eugeniaefolia since on the little envelope they were labelled as araza-una.
If i post some pictures could you help me to identify them?
Thank you!

Yes, too late, we identified them in other post: if the leaves have a nice smell, they could be eugeniaefolia. If no smell, no.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: About to get 16 new jaboticabas (ID?)
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:01:37 AM »
So... maybe trunciflora?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / About to get 16 new jaboticabas (ID?)
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:59:24 PM »

I am about to buy these "big" (for Argentina) jaboticabas, 1.3 m tall (4 feet tall) or so.

I think they are myrciaria trunciflora (more likely to me) or myrciaria coronata, what do you think?

The seller wrote that the mother tree is more than 5 meters tall and the fruit is not so acid

the eugeniaefolia leaves are FRAGRANT if crushed?
Mine have NO smell if crushed

Yes, so no eugeniaefolia!

... now I think that yours could be eugeniaefolia...

The shape of the leaves is very much like strawberry guava, I grow 12 psidiums and this should not be eugeniaefolia (its leaves are more like an eugenia... )

if you crush the leaves and it has a very nice strong acid smell, something like citrus or so (I dont know how to describe it but I like it a lot)... but better, it could be eugeniaefolia, but if it is similar to psidium guajava, it is strawberry guava

this is my arazá-una

It could be just the wind. Here in Spain abandoned or ornamental chirimoya trees produce always some chirimoyas without hand pollination, and at least there is some bug that we are missing (which is not impossible) most likely is the wind or some kind of autopollination.

Ok, but it is a mistery to me that aratikú (rollinia sylvatica or emarginata) doesnt set fruits here for now...

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