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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Want Brazillian Rosewood seeds
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:30:26 PM »
Please contact dreamfrutus

Faldon ,Apple guava

New seeds like Acacia pennata and some others are added.

The box from me to RusTropic reached Russia on 2nd December but it was not received by the member.I did not get my payment also.

New seeds are added

I got payment from my Thailand friend but not from my Russian friend(May be he/she forgot).
I have still a few Cullenia exharillata seeds.

Nina Thank you very much


Usually I send seeds first and then ask for money.Two buyers(one from Russia and another from Thailand) were sent seeds a few days back ,I have given them a few reminders but none of them is  responding.I am worried about them.Thank you

Ensete glaucum added
I have a few wild durian Cullenia exarillata seeds.

Still a few seeds will be available.
If anyone wants rare Cullenia exarillata seeds,please pm me soon.

Cordia dichotoma  Indian cherry/Lasora  added

No order so not collecting this year

Fresh Cauliflorous Cullenia exarillata wild durian seeds are available again
10 big seeds 25 USD plus the expense by India post  as registered air mail with tracking number.
Discount on bulk purchase.
Thank you

Just added  Garcinia gummigutta sour seeds.

Garcinia loniceroides syn Garcinia succifolia(most probably it is  but sold as Garcinia kydia so far )

Sorry members The crop failed.Still searching.I will inform you.

New seeds are added

Amomum maximum Java cardamom (Seeds are eaten)

Ficus auriculata Roxburgh fig
Roxburgh fig fruit  is used as vegetable when green and eaten as fruit when ripe.

Musa balbisiana

Musa ochracea

Musa thomsonii

Sapium baccatum(Sweet fruits are eaten)

Tetrastigma bracteolatum (Sour fruits are eaten)

Thladiantha cordifolia (Tender fruit as vegetable)

What that site says I do not know,but I have seen Flacourtia jangomas grows well in the North East and it is highly cold tolerant .

Acacia pennata 25 seeds 5 USD
Aegle marmelos Bael  200 seeds 5 USD
Amorphophallus bulbifer 100 seeds 10 USD
Arisaema tortuosum 100 seeds 5 USD
Averrhoa carambola sweet 100 seeds 10 USD
Cheilocostus speciosus 200 seeds  5 USD
Cordia dichotoma  Indian cherry/Lasora 50 seeds 5 USD
Ensete glaucum 25 seeds 5 USD
Etlingera elatior Pink 200 seeds 5 USD
Flacourtia jangomas Coffee palm 100 seeds 5 USD
Musa acuminata 100 seeds 5 USD
Musa balbisiana 200 seeds 5 USD
Musa ochracea 100 seeds 5 USD
Musa thomsonii 100 seeds 5 USD
Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger 100 seeds 5 USD
Musa velutina 100 seeds 5 USD
Pandanus furcatus 20 seeds  5 USD
Phyllanthus emblica Indian gooseberry 200 seeds 5 USD
Piper longum 100 seeds  10 USD

Psidium guajava Guava Allahabad safeda 200 seeds 5 USD
Psidium guajava Guava Lucknow 49 pink flesh   200 seeds 5 USD
Sapium baccatum 100 seeds 5 USD
Solanum betaceum Red 100 seeds  5 USD
Solanum betaceum Yellow 100 seeds 5 USD
Tacca chantrieri black bat flower 100 seeds  5 USD
Tacca chantrieri white bat flower 100 seeds  5 USD
Tacca integrifolia white bat flower 50 seeds  5 USD
Tetrastigma bracteolatum 50 seeds 5 USD

plus shipping.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Flacourtia indica or Flacourtia jangomas ?
« on: August 26, 2017, 02:04:50 PM »
Please identify

Is it Garcinia kydia or Garcinia morella ?

I got new photos from Assam

I first sold Garcinia seeds in 2013 and all these are from wild.That is why there is an identification problem when I get new seeds.

Velvet apple /Mabelo Diospyros discolor syn Diospyros blancoi seeds 10 seeds for 8 USD plus 7 USD by regd airmail.

This is not an authentic source .Most probably that person is selling seedlings from seeds supplied by me previously.

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