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Just got it into the ground.

location is about 12 miles from the coast, so I would consider it solid zone 10 (between 10a and 10b)

That's a lychee and tree fern you see up in the top left in the picture.

This is a bigger specimen than most people have tried, so it already has a well developed root system and may have a better chance of surviving. This guy wasn't cheap. But it's a big beautiful plant. (yes, purple mangosteen)
Are Longan trees also sensitive to wind? As much so as lychee?
I grew those same yellow dragon fruit from Ecuador...

What I did is to sow the seeds directly on the surface and cover the pot with plastic wrap so the humidity would remain high. I kept the pot on a window sill so the seeds were getting diffused light.

How many days did it take you, Mike?  I did the exact same thing as you describe.  Only thing I did extra was I overzealously removed the transparent jelly coating to "help" speed up the germination.
I use the method described by Mike below.  But, it took me anywhere between a week and 10 days during my last attempt a couple of years ago.

I germinated a bunch of the large yellow df a few months ago - not sure if they were hylocereus megalanthus or not, but they all sprouted within 2 or 3 days of planting.  I thoroughly washed all of the seeds before i planted them.  They were not planted deep - only a trace of soil on top.  It was a bit chilly outside when i planted them so i just left the cup sitting on the kitchen counter while they were germinating.  That area has almost no natural sunlight and very diffused light from the bulbs i use.

I also sprouted "regular" white dragon fruit seeds before and they also came up in a few days - so my experience has been that the seedlings show quickly.
Yeah too much cold nights especially.  Its still in the 50s at night here.
Jeff, a little too much if you ask me. My Mangos are still trying to put out blooms after I removed all the blooms two weeks ago.

Longans grow like weeds here, especially vigorous varieties like Kohala. Mine is even growing well in heavy rock and clay soil, heavy compaction and low oxygen. I have my tree on a tiny mound which has helped. A Lychee would not be happy in these conditions.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Looking for Maprang seeds.
« Last post by Nayelie321 on Today at 12:37:53 PM »
Iím looking for around a dozen Maprang seeds preferably of Kai maprang and Mayong chid maprang
Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Paw Paw questions.
« Last post by NewGen on Today at 12:28:25 PM »
Thanks Triloba Tracker,
Much appreciated!
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