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Haven't heard from Raul yet...  :(
Unfortunatly that institute has to be in the most dangerous region of mexico. The region got hit by earthquakes too, but you still manage to go there, just to get some seeds of those rare ilamas. Stay safe and thank you !
try googling for durian farms in balik pulau.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Star Apple seeds not germinating
« Last post by Domnik on Today at 02:49:34 AM »
Some people set pots with seeds in dark and cool rooms thinking it was enough. I was afraid that such conditions you have in the garage. If you have some underfloor heating (if you need it in your area) and 100W LED backlighting is fine, these conditions are sufficient for germination. This is where other seeds with similar requirements came in. This means that the conditions are good. Probably as the predecessors wrote, the carambola seeds were old and therefore did not rise.
I had Junglesop, rollinia, soursop, mamey, durian, cacao, tamarillo, mangos, garcinias, etc. germinate in that garage. I have some grow lights installed there, and theres some sunlight that come through the window. I set up the lights on a timer from 8pm to 6 pm. Would that give off thermal light pulse? It seems like there is a thermal light pulse there. the light I used was a 100 watt heat lamp amplified LED grow light, with all the spectrums covered. I unfortunately do not have the luxury of a greenhouse, but I am building one soon. I put them under a seedling heating mat for them to see what they will do. I am waiting for pitagatuba(2 months), jaboticaba aureana(less than 1 month), jaboticaba vextator(less than 1 month), Pindaiba, Star apple, duguetia peruviana, and Isan Indigo sugar apple seeds. I'm just confused as I've had things germinate all the time in there, although I do remember it took my Madruno forever to germinate, then suddenly came out of the ground.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Star Apple seeds not germinating
« Last post by Domnik on Today at 01:36:21 AM »
Hi all. The freshness of the seed you wrote is of course the basis, but there is another matter.

AnnonaMangoLord45, another issue is where you wanted to grow the seeds. It is worth doing on the windowsill at home, or in a special greenhouse. The garage is best for repairing or keeping your car and other things, rather than for sowing seeds.

Quite often people cultivate seeds in places that are not as fit as the bathroom, cellar or garage. There, for example, you will not see the thermal light pulse, which is the seeds needed for proper development.

i ve very fresh rolinia seeds..

Well, the future came and with it came Irma and the little fruits got blown away   :-\  - the tree is still standing though  :)
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Looking for rollinia or abiu
« Last post by skhan on September 22, 2017, 11:35:21 PM »
I got a few rollinia trees, and an abiu that I was originally planning on planting then I realized I have no more space.
However you shouldn't have much of a problem getting them closer to where you are.
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