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Seeds going fast.

Fresh seeds of Giant Yellow Peruvian Dragon Fruit available starting this week. 

$12.00 shipped to lower 48 in U.S. per pack of seeds.

$14.00 shipped for international and Hawaii per pack of seeds. 

just pm as theses tend to go fast.  Thank you.

Orders shipped out.  Few seeds left for the rest of the year. 

Just a couple hundred seeds from this last batch left.

I literally just got a fresh batch of seeds available by pure luck.  Will be processing them all week.  It doesn't get fresher than this.  I was down to less than 75 seeds and came 8nto some gorgeous fruit.  They go very fast especially when they're this fresh. 

This weeks orders shipped out.  Few seeds left.  Get yours now before they're all gone.  Germinating fast  no more after these are gone.

Last batch of fresh seeds going fast...  won't be available till next year around this time.  Get yours now.

All orders will ship out Monday morning, January 1st, 2018.  Thanks to all and Happy New Year!

Fresh seeds still available but not for long.

All orders shipped.  Fresh seeds still available.  Happy Holidays to all.

Fresh seeds still available.

Fresh seeds still available.  No cuttings at this time.  All orders have been mailed out should receive by Monday.

Yes.  The fruit are much larger and sweeter than any other yellow I have tasted.

This weekends orders will be shipped Monday morning, November 27th, 2017.

Seeds still available.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

ALL orders shipped out this morning.

All of today's orders will be shipped out tomorrow morning @ 9am  Thank you.

Hey Mike.  Don't worry I do international shipping.  I have shipped to Africe, Europe, Hawaii, The Carribbean, etc.  So Greece is no problem.

$14.00 for 12 seeds shipped internationally.  Thanks again.

JUST IN  Giant yellow Peruvian Dragon Fruit Seeds.

These seeds were removed from fruit just 48 hrs ago.

This is the rarest df seed available only from Peru.

Not to be confused with the tiny Colombiana.

This fruit is XL and round.  Seeds are the largest df seeds you will ever see.

The fruit is as sweet as agave nectar and very appealing weighing in at 1lb or more.  Pretty impressive for yellow df.

Get yours now as these always sell out when I get them.

Only $12.00 per pack of 12 seeds.  This includes shipping and handling in a yellow 6x8 air bubble padded envelope containg 12 seeds in a mini Ziploc bag for freshness.  shiiping is for continental U.S.  Hawaii and Puerto Rico extra

Paypal accepted

local pick up in Central Florida also available.

My name is Carlos and you can reach me by text @ 407 - 861 - 9440

Thank you in advance.


Please be sure to include shipping address.

Having trouble uploading pics from my phone.

I can text anyone pics of fruit and seeds just let me know.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

Actually.  It is not something else.  The dragon fruit seed itself is not black.  It has a black membrane around the actual seed which loosens up as the seed dries out exposing the actual seed.  Don't worry that is an actual giant yellow megalanthus sprout in your picture.

Nice, great work.  You are 1 of 2 people in Hawaii growing them.

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« on: December 04, 2015, 01:45:46 PM »

@ Palolo.  You're very welcome.  Sorry for any in convenience.   Around this time the post office is nuts and overwhelmed so all orders from this past week went out today and will make their destinations by thurs. at the latest.  Tracking #s have been sent to those whom it applies.  Thanks again everyone .  Seeds still available.

Seeds are viable for up to a year under ideal conditions.  Kept in a dry location out of direct sunlight. 

Thanks Gunnar.  Hope you and everyone else are pleased.  Any issues or questions just pm and I will make sure to take care of you.  The USPS can be a little unreliable this time of year.  But it is the holiday season and they have a lot on their plate.  Thank you everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving with your families. 

Seeds still available. 

New shipment will be there on Friday.  Happy Thanksgiving everybody and let's get those seeds going. 

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