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Tropical Fruit Discussion / My plants (New to tropicals)
« Last post by zephian on Today at 05:50:25 PM »
Just wanted to post a few pictures of my newest addiction. Mostly fueled by Mike's low price seeds! (Thanks Mike)
Had a bit of a learning curve with some seeds so far, and not all are doing well, but it's a work in progress.

Zills black suriname in the middle, rest are sapodillas. (Silas, Makok, hasya)

My only avocado tree that bounced back after over watering (Hass)

4-in-1 cherry. struggling a bit. Lost all green foliage on a graft recently.

Dead-ish avocados. some suckers from root ball. Will see how these do before tearing them out. (Lamb-Hass and holiday)

Y. Grumichama, pitomba, pitangatuba and peanut butter fruit (and my last sapodilla still emerging)

Same as last but also some muntingia calabura. I had alot of tip burn and  started using water that's been sitting out for a while instead of straight from the tap, appears to be helping.

Manilla Mango

And pruning advice on this? I lopped about 1 ft off when I got it and it's growing weird now. [Same Manilla]

Baby mangos from seed. Manilla, Nam Dac Mai, tommy atkins? (From the grocery store)

Goji Berry. Not sure I like these too much. Reminds me too much of a tomato.

Passion fruit (Red) Finally taking off and growing. Should be flowering soon but not expecting fruit (first year)

Constructive criticism welcome. Like I said, I'm new to this so will take any advice.
I lost alot of seeds (Including all my cherries of the rio:( ) but I now have them on a heat mat and in upside down plastic totes. Humidity is now kept around 70% and I'm noticing much better growth on some seedlings, though my camera doesn't show alot of it!
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Quickest producers from seed?
« Last post by Stevo on Today at 05:36:38 PM »
Some jaboticaba can fruit in 3 years or less
Citrus General Discussion / Re: HLB Increases In California
« Last post by wslau on Today at 05:24:35 PM »
7/31/18 update...Broken down by city

Guess I will agree to disagree.  Dir those in the US, many have the opportunity to  taste, just takes the want, effort and cost.

As for tge vidoes, since taste is objective and most people's taatebuds seem to interpret differently, it doesnt tell anyone how they will taste for each viewer or if they will like it.

As for Sulcata's videos, those are a downright joke...but then again the world lives off of youtube and FB and is hypnotized by the internet and believes all they see and hear.

Rob...sounds like we need a bsbullie YouTube channel for mango reviews ....with ripe fruit and a "down to earth" assessment.

That would be darn awesome!

Not really top tier, except for how clean it looks and its aroma. Much better than NDM, in my opinion.   

he looks European to me

Should I be offended now?

Just kidding.

Mr Chupa King I have no idea what you are talking about.
Yellow pods with a smooth surface that encapsulate the fruit which is milder in taste than a normal cacao. There is two defining characteristics of this variety: one is that the seeds are white inside, the second is that the trees, and all trees planted from these seeds turn out to be Monilia resistant.

5 seeds for 12 USD

Order in our iOS app:
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Instagram: seedpirates

Possibly the most famous and most liked wild Cacao. The fluffy flesh of the pods are sweet when you put them in your mouth and as you get closer to the seeds they become sour and very intense with a distinct taste I cannot compare to anything else. We love to put them in smoothie with Coconut water and Sugarcane juice, the ultimate refreshment thatís also filling, satisfying and super nutritious. In Brazil the native Americans highly valued this fruit. The juice of the pulp was a traditional drink for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

5 seeds for 15 USD

Order in our iOS app:
Order Online:

Available Seeds:
Instagram: seedpirates

Video of opening the fruit

Be careful. If itís traced back to you you are liable for costs of replacement, which may be in the neighborhood of tens of thousands.

This is Mexico we are talking about. They don't think, act or have laws like Americans.

And regarding coconut beetles, you guys are insane. Eventually it will severely damage the trees not only in the neighborhood, but entire province.

Thank you!  Someone needed to say that!
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Quickest producers from seed?
« Last post by Chupa King on Today at 04:19:09 PM »
Cacao, Malabar Chestnut, Rollinia, most Eugenia.
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