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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Define "dappled shade"...
« Last post by Solko on Today at 04:28:56 AM »
That is a good question.

I wouldn't know anything about an official interpretation of the terms, but I myself do intuitively distinguish between the two. I have lost some Salvia species when i planted them in part shade, while another patch in dappled shade thrived. The way I see it is that it has to do with the plants capacity to pump up water in dry air conditions. The salvia's that were in three hours of continuous sun, either morning sun or midday sun just got wilted leaves the moment the sun hit, and that progressed to dead leaf edges and finally the plants dying. The ones in dappled shade also had wilted leaves sometimes, when patches of sunlight hit, but because sun and shade alternate throughout the day, the evaporation never truly outpaced the water their roots could pump up. They did better than the ones in full shade, which also survived, but never really grew much.
Tried MANY fruits for fermenting
So far best results are
- roselle for a red wine   (best with fresh fruit)  ferments quickly and produces decent wine in short time
-passionfruit    (prefer the red and yellow )   ages very well and improves with age
-watermellon   (include rind but NOT skin)   had mixed success,seems to depend greatly on temperature fermenting-cooler is better

Tried  many other tropical fruits -but those were the best so far
bbud do  you have a recipe for the passion fruit wine and how about the watermelon?  Thanks
Mulberry mead is as close as I have come so far although that was half the reason I started doing this in the first place. Once I swap out some trees I will have better fruit for this. I currently have 5gal chocolate mead and a 1gal Polish Great mead working on their 4th year of aging :)
Friend how did you make the chocolate mead? Thanks
Thanks for the input there are some interesting ideas in these posts. The mombin wine sounds great they are fruiting here at the moment so now I have something to do! I have never made a mead but the lychee and mulberry ones sound great.

The thing I have realized is how easy it is to ferment fruit and fruit juice. I have been buying bottled fruit juice fresh and reconstituted unscrewing the lids drinking a sip and adding a pinch of wine or ale yeast and re screwing the lids back on 90% tight so the gas can escape and then leaving them for 5 days to ferment then re screwing the lids putting them in the fridge and drinking them fresh like that as palmcity mentioned they are still "live" like a kombucha.   As they have vitamin C and B vitamins from the yeast there is not much of a hangover. I sometimes put airlocks on the bottles but have not lost any that have not had airlocks.

Now with the tropical fruit brews I have done all I do is get excess fruit (seconds and very ripe fruit is fine) boil them up in a big pot sometimes adding sugar ( to bump up the ABV) if there is not enough fruit. 

Next  strain the fruit mix  wait for the liquid  to cool then put the mix into a 30L fermenting container and adding water to 23L ( I normally have about 8L of fruit mash) and add  the yeast.

I sometimes don't even bottle it just drink it fresh from the keg (what a sad boozer I am!) other wise bottle it  and age it.

Sometimes I add carbonation drops to the bottles for a carbonated brew other times no carbonation drops  for a still drink. It is easy to scale it down if there is not enough fruit for a 23 l batch sometimes I just boil up a few pineapple or what is in season  add a bit of sugar and put the cooled strained mix into a 2 l juice bottle fill the empty spacein the bottle with water  and add the yeast to the 2 l bottle with an air lock on or the lid unscrewed a bit.

My next batch is going to be a ripe bread fruit brew (anyone done a bread fruit wine?) unless I get to those mombins first!

I have  fermented vegetables as well but hay this is not the tropical vegetable forum...

I will try to get around to posting some pictures soon if anyone is interested.


David, is that seedling from Raul's fruit? If it is then it's an atemoya  ...... never seen a ripe cherimoya with that chewy texture
Do you know how long does it takes to fruit from seed?
From what I gather from friends, a similar mystery exists for Florida's Son Pari and Langra Benarsi too.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Zill's Ambrosia Mango
« Last post by wslau on Today at 12:48:51 AM »
Ambrosia seems to be a vigorous grower in California...on turpentine rootstock.   So, I'd imagine that it is very vigorous in Florida.
I made 3 scions from the top terminal that grew 1.5 feet in a 1 month timeframe and then it grew 4 more branches before going dormant for winter....and this was a 3 gallon tree.

The leaves smell an indication that it will have piney fruit.

Thanks for the replies, resources, and recommendations everyone! Iíve been sifting through your suggestions the past couple of days. Iíd already looked up some info prior to asking on the forum, but I just got a bit overwhelmed by so many product choices as well as the several factors that play into plant growth . Iím currently grouping plants by their age, cost, area occupied, and photoperiod requirements. Iím really just curious to how Iíll set them up. I definitely donít want spend less on something inadequate only to pay more in the long run.

Lastly, what about for cacti; particularly dragon fruit? They just donít grow much for me (at all) in the cooler months. Iíd really like to sustain their growth over winter. But they are CAM plants, there they respire differently. Will they grow still as long as adequate lighting is present?
I got mine today. after 13days in shipping . It was sent on the 4th. 

Thanks Raul for the soncoya freebies!!!  Can't wait to plant these in a few weeks.
I'm glad they arrive kim! 😄
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2018 Mango Festival
« Last post by roblack on January 17, 2018, 11:03:47 PM »
We always have a good time at Mango Fest, have been going for years. An interesting mix of people, something good to eat, and lots of beautiful plants. Any excuse to goto Fairchild is good for me. Plan on volunteering there when I am an old man.

The hybrids mentioned are likely the casturi and kuini grafted plants they started selling last year. Not sure if any of the newer hybrids Dr. Ledesma is working on would be available or not, but that would be a nice bonus.
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