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ST is probably my #1 fav mango at the moment. But, I'm a little surprised that yours had jelly seed. I don't think I've ever seen a ST with jelly seed before.

I have seen more jelly seed than usual this year, and the early LZ and coco cream were indeed bland. LZ normally starts to ripen in July, so a June LZ would be really early and understandably bland.

The vast majority of my coco cream crop, though, has been outstanding. Rob had suggested that coco cream needs a few years before it starts showing what it's capable of, and my trees have finally started strutting their stuff. I had a huge crop of really delicious mangoes. It is certainly not an in-your-face, intense mango flavor like ST or pina colada. However, the flavor is very smooth and pleasing with a complexity of flavors ranging from pina colada to citrus to coconut.

PS -- Carrie is not a shipping mango. For one, it bruises ridiculously easily. Secondly, it is not very good when fully ripe. The carrie should probably never be shipped unless the shipping time can be confined to a day or two and the mango can be wrapped in a way that completely prevents damage to due brute mail workers chucking parcels around.
I dont think this mango season has been that great so far, but the coconut creams I got from the Campbell were good and I've heard good things about the mangoes coming from Squams farm. You might have gotten unlucky or It might be that shipping is effecting the fruit.  Your description of carrie sounds about right.
Small scions and depends on the cultivar. Monoembryonic seedlings are generally sufficiently thick. For polyembryonic seedlings (which are thinner), there is a technique where one tips the scion donor tree before planting the seed to produce thin shoots. I think the trick is to tip just after a flush point / node (vs below it), which produces a large amount of thin shoots.

When I've grafted recently sprouted seedlings like this, I've always favored monoembryonic seedlings. I know nurseries like turpentine (which is polyembryonic), but I've had excellent success with monoembryonic seedlings, such as glenn.

Mango seedling can be grafted 3 weeks after sprouting (while still tender and "red stage") with high rate of success. The seed generally has a store of energy for 2 flushes, so if you can graft on the first flush, there is still enough energy to push the scion to a full flush. That flush is then used to provide energy to the tree.

Just wondering about how low it takes for Turpentine seeds to grow to 3 gallon grafting size?

Single bud or small scions?  It seems like the seedli gs are really small to be grafting to at that point no?  Need steady hands?

Ok, I tried it on a small Haden seedling with winters 20222 scion.  The wonters already was pushing a bunch of small new shoots.

So after tasting a few boxes from Dr. Cambell and Sqaum… I was a bit disappointed, especially after tasting the world renowned Lemon Zest and popular Coco cream.... well those 2 could barely beat a Tommy Atkins in the form I ate them in...Just extremely washed out flavor and bland, most varieties I tried full of jelly seed as well except LZ. Now of course this is most likely to blame because of the early and rainy Mango Season.

Well the box that came in today was from DR. Cambell full of Sweet Tarts and Carries... Unfortunately All 6 carries are extremely over ripe and mushy! however the Sweet Tarts arrived just fine and 2 with ok ripeness. Well decided to cut my first Sweet tart open... literally half of the Mango was jelly seed. right off the bat I thought deja vu all over again with a jelly seed washed out flavor.... Well the first bite around outside of the jelly seed, was a bite that literally punched me in the mouth, stopped chew mid stride, and had me stuck for a moment marveling at this GOD DMAN GREATNESS!!! Ultra level sweetness mixed with sour patch kids candy sour.... literally a Euphoric experience!!!

I can't wait until the day when I retire from the Navy and get back to my Southern Ca home and Plant 2 of these.... JF can I give you a 4 years heads up and deposit to me 2 trees started so I can a 15 gallon ready for the ground? I know my Lemon Zest I tried were washed out, but I just can't see something tasting better than Sweet Tart Mango... That sweetness and acidity is just amazing, also tasted some mild complexity nuances in there somewhere near the skin as well. All in All the Florida Mango hype is real!!!! especially SWEET TART.
Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Wanted: variegated citrus
« Last post by Reafs on Today at 12:55:11 PM »
Greetings to all

I am looking for variegated citrus especially  variegated pink lemon seeds or bus to be shipped to Guadeloupe ?

Temperate Fruit Buy, Sell, & Trade / Wanted: variegated citrus
« Last post by Reafs on Today at 12:52:57 PM »
Greetings to all

I am looking for variegated citrus especially  variegated pink lemon seeds or bus to be shipped to Guadeloupe ?


oops I made an error did not realize I was not on the good part of the forum.
Thank you Druss but no more inquiry this time.
Earlier so many people asked about this.
This is suitable for upland areas and cold tolerant.
Citrus General Discussion / variegated citrus
« Last post by Reafs on Today at 12:51:25 PM »
can variegated citrus be grown from seeds? are they going to keep that variegated dna?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mango Bud Grafting T-Bud Graft Method
« Last post by MANGOJOY on Today at 12:13:17 PM »
Can we do this method of grafting for top working multiple varieties into one tree?
Does anyone know if Siamese is compatible with mangifera indica for grafting?
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