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Ichang lemon pie; fruit from SE citrus expo!


One Ichang lemon produced 1/4 cup of juice which was enough for pie recipe, was acquired from citrus expo in Savannah this year, from Dr.  Hanna's seedless ichang project.  They were giving fruit away there. There were 10 seeds in the large "seedless " lemon. I love Ichang lemons; strong lemon smell from whole fruit, and juice from fruit made excellent lemon pie. Not bitter at all. Yes, I planted the seeds!


I got two at expo; should have got more!

Citradia, good job. Can't wait to get fruit from mine. 10 seeds sounds like a lot for a seedless fruit.

I had some of their seedless Changsha too, but they had a few seeds in them, maybe three or four. A lot less seeds than what the regular ones have.


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