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Sky Valley HEIRLOOM Navel Oranges season is beginning. The limited offering of this premium citrus will begin shipping next week, and is expected to last into March. The older a citrus tree gets, generally the better tasting citrus they produce. The limited crop of this heirloom variety was originally PLANTED IN THE 1930s, (trees are now 85 years old) and is now harvested from a single ranch for the duration of the season, ensuring consistent flavor and quality. Sky Valley Heirloom Navel Oranges TRULY represent quality over quantity and are unmatched in the citrus category as the only citrus grower that supplies heirloom navels from a single ranch, meaning retailers never have to worry about mixed results during the season; Sky Valley Heirloom Navels taste as great at the end of the season as they do at the beginning.

Thanks for the heads up Millet, I believe I saw them on sale last year at Trader Joes. Ill definitely pick up a bag if I see it at the market.


Should be delicious, thank you!

I saw an article on these oranges a while back.  They said the quality was from the fact that the trees were old and grafted onto sour orange rootstock.  Sour orange yields a very high quality fruit.  As you all know very few citrus in California are grafted onto sour orange because of it susceptibility to tristeza virus.  I guess this source of oranges is somewhat unique in that respect.


I bought a bag of these at a Trader Joe's in Pennsylvania the other day.  They're noticeably better than the regular navel oranges I've gotten recently.  Thanks for the tip.


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