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I will have uvaia in 1 month, out of stock now.

First sweet uvaias (Eugenia pyriformis); I will have just a few...

Cedar bay cherries are ripe now:

Cedar Bay cherry (Eugenia reinwardtiana), Australian fruit, that bears in about 2 years from seed. A very tasty berry (similar to plums). Climate: tropical and subtropical. It produces fruits for 5 or 6 months and can be grown very well in pots!

5 seeds --> 8 USD
10 seeds --> 14 USD

i will get home soon and send many packages



*  guabiju (Myrcianthes pungens)

5 seeds USD 16
10 seeds USD 30
20 seeds USD 58
40 seeds USD 110

Nice harvest, Marcos! I received all the seeds in excellent condition and very well packed last week. Thank you very much and good growing!

I am so happy to know it! Very thanks, in any doubt, just tell me.


Today I sent 2 packages; I am still having all the published species and will have guaviyú & uvaia in 1 month or so, Eugenia repanda in 2 months, then Annona parviflora and all the rare tasty Psidiums.

Harvesting Ubajay! Yellow fruits are unripe and unpleasant, but orange fruits are ripe and I like them raw! They do excelent icecreams, mermelades, chutneys, etc.

I will be sending new packages soon, in any doubt, you can ask me, thanks.


3 Jaboticaba de Posadas USD 9
3 Plinia rivularis USD 11
3 Jaboticaba de Campo Ramón USD 12
3 Plinia jaboticaba var. sabará USD 6
3 ORANGE Eugenia aff. involucrata  USD 12
3 Sweet Ubajay USD 9
3 Sweet Ubajaymi USD 10
3 Yellow/Orange Acerola (Malpighia emarginata) USD 8

Total in seeds USD 77 - 20% discount = USD 62
Shipping cost for +20 gr package USD 23
Total USD 85

I still have many Eugenias, Plinias, Campomanesias, Acerola, Psidium, etc.

Adding this tasty surinam cherries:

* Junin black pitanga 2 cm diam. (Eugenia uniflora) ; taste is strong, very sweet and a bit acid, from Junín, Argentina, one of  the best Eugenia uniflora to me. On stock!

5 seeds, 10 USD
10 seeds, 19 USD
20 seeds, 37 USD
40 seeds, 62 USD
50 seeds, 72 USD

* Junin red pitanga 2 cm diam. (Eugenia uniflora) ; taste is very sweet, from Junín, Argentina, one of  the best Eugenia uniflora to me. On stock!

5 seeds, 8 USD
10 seeds, 15 USD
20 seeds, 28 USD
40 seeds, 54 USD
50 seeds, 65 USD

Could you explain the difference between Sweet Ubajay (Eugenia myrcianthes) and the new Sweet Ubajaymi (Eugenia aff myrcianthes)? The only thing I could find was that E. pyriformis is sometimes called Ubajay mi, but I think you use uvaia for that species.

Also I got the tracking number from you, but what company is the carrier?

Hi, it is an international mail, the tracking number should work for any mail service worldwide. I sent them by "Correo Argentino", our official state mail post office.

About Ubajaymi, the collector said it is sweeter  and smaller than sweet Ubajay, it is not uvaia.

Special offer for wet seeds spring collection pack: 32% discount with free shipping!

10 Jaboticaba de Campo Ramón (Plinia sp.), USD 34
10 guabiroba USD 24
10 Guaporeti (Plinia rivularis) , USD 36
10 Sweet Ubajaymi (Eugenia aff myrcianthes), USD 30
10 Sweet Ubajay (Eugenia myrcianthes) USD 30
10 Yellow acerola USD 23
5 Red Acerola USD 12,
5 obera big black pitanga USD 10,
5 jaboticaba de posadas USD 14,
5 jaboticaba sabara USD 8,

Total in seeds USD 221 - 20% discount = USD 177 final with free shipping and tracking number. (In this example you save USD 84 because you dont pay USD 40 shipping cost for +150 gr packages. Normal price would be USD 261. 32% total discount)

In Brazil, I see yields greatest with Jabuticaba Sabará, given that they have about 4 crops a year and are very productive and precocious.  I found agreement with this in the literature as well:
and though I can't find a quantitative yield per hectare.

At Argentina, Misiones, Sabara produce 2 times a year, not 4.

I sent many packages yesterday and today

About growing Plinias, Campomanesias, Eugenias and Myrciarias from Misiones (Atlantic Forest):

I would just sow them in a good moist soil and wait 20 to 90 days for them to sprout (64ºF to 86ºF, 18ºC to 30ºC), in the shade; no summer sun when small, good water if possible (rain, acid), or without chlorine; use acid soil with sphagnum moss or river peat with nice forest leaves or so, garden soil, something that drains well like perlite or vermiculite, some organic matter ... I would later add manure, not when I sow. Be very careful with the direct sun in summer or when it is very hot, get accustomed to the shade and never lack water. They could take full sun when taller than 2 feet or 60cm or so, before that, use morning sun or half shade (not too hot from the afternoon heat). Campomanesias and Psidium would support more sun, but take care.

I hope you can grow them well.


I am preparing many packages today and will be sending many this week

Is the Orange Eugenia identified already? Is it Eugenia Luschnathiana?

Hi, no, we just dont know what it is but it is aff. involucrata.

Adding new species or variety:

* On stock! Sweet "Ubajaymi" (Eugenia myrcianthes) Very Rare species! The common ubajay is bigger and more acid. Frost resistance: -9º C or so. Wet seeds in vermiculite. Fruits 3cm diameter. Total stock: 87 seeds (26 Nov.)

5 seeds USD 16
10 seeds USD 30
20 seeds USD 58
40 seeds USD 110

Got the seeds very shortly after shipping.  Marcos is the man!

Thanks for reporting and good luck with them!


I had the opportunity to taste guabiroba in a good state of maturation and I loved its flavor: sweet, almost no acid, particular (when they are overripe they remind me a bit of tropical guava), with a pleasant perfume that reminded uvaia (when there are many fruits together); I recommend avoiding chewing the seeds because they are VERY spicy. I think we'll make delicious ice cream with its pulp!

Selling seeds now.

Sweet Ubajay by Friday 23

New species: yellow/orange acerola!

* Yellow/Orange Acerola (Malpighia emarginata)  Sweet & acid taste, tropical, frost resistance -2ºC. Very high vitamin C!  Wet seeds in vermiculite.

5 seeds, 14 USD
10 seeds, 23 USD
20 seeds, 42 USD
40 seeds, 78 USD

NOTE: the collector sent me these seeds telling me that they were from the ultra rare Myrciaria sp. from Paraguay (I have some trees from that species but not fruiting yet!), but in fact the seeds are from Plinia rivularis, a rare but known species.

* Guaporetí (Plinia rivularis) Fruit is sweet and not acid, similar to guabiju in that regard, the dark brown skin is tasty similar to jaboticaba but not acid, and the pulp taste like guabiju and multifruit juice (banana, orange, apple, peach, jaboticaba), it has a personal taste, very good. One seed per fruit, rarely two. Frost resistance: -6º C, very hardy species.

On stock

2 seeds USD 9
5 seeds USD 18
10  seeds USD 32
25  seeds USD 76
50  seeds USD 150
100 seeds USD 280

I am accepting payments now.


I recently received some of your seeds in excellent condition.  The only problem is they are much larger than the Plinia rivularis seeds I've planted in the past (almost 3-4 times as large), and the seeds I planted before are confirmed to be the correct species.

Also, Plinia rivularis is a small fruit, so I'm wondering if you have a picture of the mother tree, or a picture of some fruits to confirm this tree's identity?


Hello Adam,

I am happy the seeds arrived in excellent condition.
Yes, I can send a picture of the tree, the fruit is not season now, I will take the picture of the mothers trees and send to you
This seeds was collected of  6 different mother tree in the shore forest  of the sea of the state of Sao Paulo,
Probably you received two size of seeds, one small other bigger, the fruit are the same, but some mother tree have big fruit , and other mother tree have small fruit
The main feature of the Plinia rivularis seeds is inside the seed the color is pink.



Hi, I am in shok now:

"The main feature of the Plinia rivularis seeds is inside the seed the color is pink. "

so I have Plinia rivularis :-)

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Seeds, difficult to find
« on: November 15, 2018, 06:47:21 AM »
To all Brazilian friends.
Who can procure these seeds.
Agonandra sylvatica,
Campomania lineatifolia
Eugenia beaureparirana,
Eugenia lutescens,
Peritassa laevicata,
Plinia rivularis.
If you have the chance to have these seeds,
Send me an email

Best regards, Vittorio

I have Plinia rivularis

2 seeds USD 10
5 seeds USD 20
10  seeds USD 36
25  seeds USD 85
50  seeds USD 156
100 seeds USD 290

I have now

2 seeds USD 10
5 seeds USD 20
10  seeds USD 36
25  seeds USD 85
50  seeds USD 156
100 seeds USD 290

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