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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Oro Negro Vigor and cold hardiness
« on: January 10, 2018, 01:34:58 PM »
I have yet to find anything bad about this variety. I posted previously about the Texas-cado varieties but the consensus seems to be that they are highly over-rated. Living in Central FL we can get a good blast of upper 20s every winter with mid-20s typically likely on a yearly basis. low 20s I would say is a once in a decade occurrence. I have read ON might be able to take down to 17 degrees. I imagine at that temp it would freeze to the ground but atleast you would probably be able to get fruit after an entire year of recovering post freeze (for a well established tree of course)

So what is the experience with cold tolerance here on the board. As a likely Monroe x Mexican variety I would suspect it would be 22 degrees (as a monroe) at the very least.

Monroe seems to be a very vigorous tree whereas mexican varieties seem to be a bit more weeping. Is the ON something I could keep around 10-12 feet tall with yearly pruning? (or even 2-3 times a year) I know some very vigorous cados you can cut back to 8 ft and they will send a shoot to 20 ft in the course of a few months. Is this something the ON will do? I imagine most FL cados exibit this behavior.

I did a search for ON and didnt see much on these two particular questions. I have yet to try an ON but it sure looks delicious. FL (WI) size with M creaminess color.

I've tried WI store bought and I am not very happy with them. I find hass to be pretty good so somewhere in between would likely fit my needs. I just can't afford to have a 30 ft high tree in my backyard that I can't keep under control.

Many google searches continue to point me here to this forum to older threads. I see a few members have planted these varieties a few years ago and I'm thinking at this point many of these trees have produced fruit by now. I am leaning towards a Lila (Opal?) due to reports that they are 10-15ft tall and seem like they can be managed at a reasonable height. Do most of these varieties have a dwarfing tendency? I worry that the so called TX varieties won't do well here because we have drastically different summers (very humid) and this seems to also be the time these tend to fruit.

I see Carlos ( hasn't had much luck with these in South Florida, but north and inland we do get a bit more of a break in the summer time at night from the humidity. I did see he appeared to have a bit of luck with the Joey... very small fruit, however it did not appear to be damaged in any way. The biggest complaint I see from these mexican cold hardy varieties is small fruit. If I can find a tree that I can keep at a reasonable height that survives our once every so often cold blasts here I would be happy. Obviously the taste is a big factor as well.

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