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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mangoes purchased from neighbors
« Last post by Tiberivs on Today at 08:54:39 AM »
Been seeing some mangoes for sale in my neighborhood. I like to drive around and see what I find. Purchased two mangoes of this one variety that Iím not familiar with. Pretty good mango tasted quite peachy nice size too. Does anyone recognize variety I have one left thatís still ripening will get more pics when I cut into that one. House where I bought from no one was there for me to ask. I just left money and took mangoes.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Grafting Cambuca
« Last post by Stevo on Today at 07:51:49 AM »
Thanks Mango that sounds very promising.I might even try Sabara to see how it goes
Hi Mike,
Do you know if your friend has any other Chrysophyllum imperiale plants?
I'm keen on getting one, located down south in Melbourne - they survive here without added heating.

I believe there are many Chrysophyllum imperiale trees at Royal botanic garden in Sydney, so you might be able to get seeds (maybe seedlings?) from them.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Grafting Cambuca
« Last post by Mango Stein on Today at 07:38:51 AM »
Though I am not a fruit tree lover (more of a lustful exploiter) I think I know the answer.
I think intercompatibility exists with Plinia trunciflora as well as Plinia peruviana.
Rock in Taiwan insists that cambuca can also be grafted onto Plinia cauliflora (regular jaboticaba).
Since the taxonomy shake-up, Myrciaria is a separate genus populated only by cambui/tenella, blue jabo/vexator, guaquica, strigipes, yellow jabo...)
Hi, does seeds of this fruit can edible?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Grafting Cambuca
« Last post by Stevo on Today at 07:10:14 AM »
Hi fellow fruit tree lovers I was wondering if anyone could advise a
suitable rootstock for grafting Plinia Edulis on to . Will they graft on to
any of the common Myrciaria  ?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Goodbye Pina Colada Mango Tree
« Last post by PurpleAlligator on Today at 06:25:02 AM »
My four year old tree produced about 10 small fruit this year.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Leonida Mango Variety
« Last post by Temecula415 on Today at 05:22:36 AM »
BTW, itís not purple in color, I got pictures if you need to see some more. If you wanna contact her daughter whoís kinda in charge of the farm now, her name is on the picture I posted. Sorry for the double post. The second post has the picture...
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