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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Sugar Cane Juicer
« Last post by LEOOEL on Today at 04:51:33 PM »
After careful consideration, Motorized Sugar Cane Juicer is the best way to go, IMO.

The best location for a Sugar Cane Juicer at Home is in an Outdoors Kitchen in a residential House. Iíve personally never cared much about an Outdoors Kitchen because it would occupy valuable fruit tree space. But, an Outdoors Kitchen that includes a Sugar Cane Juicer, I must concede, is a great reason to have one.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: GMO Papaya/Solo Papayas in Florida
« Last post by IndigoEmu on Today at 04:49:12 PM »
Looks great. Iíll admit to growing all mine out of store bought fruit. The freeze earlier this year killed them all back to the ground without protection. How cold was the freeze(s) for you? Curious if solo types will fruit here 100 miles north of you. I did buy some unspecified ďsoloĒ seeds from eBay.

I also had a lot of issues with papaya fruit flies last year, probably due to a string of warm winters. Havenít seen a single one this year.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / using neem oil for cercospora leaf spot?
« Last post by Daintree on Today at 04:46:54 PM »
I have a couple of plants in my greenhouse that appear to have cercospora leaf spot.
I was going to try neem oil on them, but I worry because they are tropical solanums, and have very large, soft, hairy leaves.
Has anyone has luck with using neem oil on these?
Or any other ideas?


Looking to purchase a  grafted cherimoya plant. The variety doesnít matter much as long as itís a decent cultivar(decent size fruit, low seed and great flavor).

Thank you.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: GMO Papaya/Solo Papayas in Florida
« Last post by Guanabanus on Today at 04:12:09 PM »
I have done a few!  It is never an advantage.  The u-turn usually breaks--- if not right away, later.
Did you gauge out buds on the root-stock, or did you strip leaves off the root-stock?  Leaves on root-stock do not suppress graft growth--- if not shading it.

If the whole plant was largely without leaves during prime growing season, it is in starvation.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: growing Mr. Minh's atemoya in FL
« Last post by Guanabanus on Today at 03:35:20 PM »
The 'Bradley' atemoya fruits that I remember from nearly 20 years ago were smaller, rounder, and smoother-skinned, so I am not at all sure that the claim on this thread about being the same variety is right.  But the appearance of fruits can vary a lot on the same tree....
My P. trifoliata are in a field fully exposed to wind and everything.  They have taken -5 F every winter for 5 winters.  I don't have my calculater along, but that is colder than -10 C.  I don't think cold will be a problem with established plants.
My way has been to buy fruit at Hong's Landscape in Wichita, Kansas.  His 2 trees are over 15 years old, and Mr. Hong doesn't remember where he got them and doesn't have  any information on which variety he has.
So I harvest the seeds and put about 25 in a 1 gallon pot and let them grow inside for their first winter.  By spring, the 4 or 5 month old seedlings are planted where they are to grow and tended like tomato plants until mid August to get as much growth on them as possible.  In mid August, I quit feeding them and reduce water to harden them for winter.  During winter I water a little if it hasn't rained or snowed for a month.  I dought you need to water.
There may be better ways to do it, but this has worked for me.  Once established, they are tough plants.
I grafted on 1 season 4 - 5 feet growth and pruned back to12-18 inch branches.   I also plugged off all new growths before scions forcing energy to scions.
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