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Author Topic: Oxleyanus&zibethinus (Durio oxleyanus/zibethinus hybrid) 3 seeds for 12 USD  (Read 224 times)


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Retained the fresh sweetness overload of an oxleyanus, while inheriting the creaminess and fleshiness of a zibethinus. Being very sweet and very creamy soft this is a very special hybrid durian that may win the hearts of those who are not yet into durian, and still amazes those who are more experienced. To make it even more perfect, the fruit is odorless: it has a mild sweet smell. We had the luck to find two of these beauties, one had for sections like an ox. and one had 5 like most zib. the weight was 1.5kg per fruit.  We harvested an average of 14 pods per fruit, each pod had more flesh then seed.

3 seeds for 12 USD

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