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Citrus General Discussion / Grapefruit Oil
« on: August 10, 2017, 12:27:44 PM »
Global grapefruit oil market will reach US$ 378.7 Mn in the year 2022.  Grapefruit oil has a number of widespread benefits, due to which the market of grapefruit oil is gaining traction all over the world. One of the most popular uses of grapefruit oil is in the area of weight management, where it is used as a suppressant of appetite. Grapefruit oil is rich in Vitamin C, due to which it helps in strengthening the immune system of the body. Grapefruit oil also acts as an antidepressant, and helps to maintain the digestive system of the body and also aids in the body metabolism.

Citrus General Discussion / Citrus Greening Discovered In Alabama
« on: August 08, 2017, 02:56:52 PM »
We knew this would happen one day, we were just trying to prolong it as long as we could. It’s happened in Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, we were the only ones to keep it out of our state until now

 Florida growers who have a citrus tree in their yard, can get a vial of Tamarixia wasps to release in your tree.
 Tamarixia are great killers of citrus psyllid that spreads Greening disease.

Citrus General Discussion / Asian Citrus Psyllid Survival
« on: August 01, 2017, 05:51:05 PM »
The two major factors that have a significant impact on the development of psyllid population, and their survival, are the availability of new growth flushes for the female ACP to lay their eggs and the temperature.  In laboratory studies it was observed that approximately 50 percent of the ACP population can tolerate low temperatures at or below freezing (32-F) for two days,  These temperatures are below most citrus growing areas. ACP subjected to higher temperatures of 104-F to 114-F the survival rate decreased by 95 percent to 100 percent.  Therefor, it would appear that as temperatures increase or decrease from the optimal life temperature range of 68-F to 77-F, the rate of ACP mortality is affected.  The impact of higher temperatures have greater effect on the death rate than exposure to lower temperatures.

Citrus General Discussion / This Is How Agricultural Disasters Happen
« on: July 28, 2017, 03:01:31 PM »
 Officials at DFW (Dallas Fort Worth)International Airport seized fresh curry leaves that were carrying a pest known to have caused billions of dollars worth of lost revenue to the U.S. citrus industry.  The passenger was traveling from Vietnam to DFW on July 19 when she declared fish in her luggage. But Gadget, a dog trained to sniff out agricultural items that may have unwanted pests, smelled something else, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.   The passenger was carrying 5.5 ounces of fresh curry leaves, a restricted item because of its tendency to harbor pests. Hiding in the leaves was the Asian citrus psyllid.

Citrus General Discussion / No White Grapefruit
« on: July 11, 2017, 05:54:55 PM »
For the longest time I have not been able to purchase a white grapefruit at the supermarket.  All they ever have any more is red.  Good thing I have a Seedless March grapefruit planted in the ground.  Presently it is still a semi-small tree, which does not produce a large quantity of fruit.  In just a couple years the tree should really pick up .

HLB (citrus Greening)discovered in La Habra, Anaheim and Garden grove California   All put in quarantine.  I think the HLB finds in California will be showing up faster and faster.

Citrus General Discussion / Kumquats
« on: June 27, 2017, 10:17:32 PM »
Once kumquats are turned into a jam or a sauce, they go exceptionally well with vanilla ice cream or as a filling in vanilla cake. The flavor comes from the essential oils in the rind, and it’s very healthy – I recommend you pop two in your mouth after breakfast each morning. It also goes really well with gin, although perhaps not straight after breakfast!”

Citrus General Discussion / Citrus Greening Spreads To Alabama, US
« on: June 22, 2017, 09:30:35 PM »
A highly contagious bacterial disease that seriously threatens the U.S. citrus industry has been found for the first time in Alabama.,-US

Citrus General Discussion / The Tough Gold Nuggget
« on: June 22, 2017, 09:19:20 PM »
The Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association Citrus Nursery Division held a meeting in Apopka recently. Part of the sidebar discussions among attendees included the amazing health and vigor of the ‘Gold Nugget’ mandarin.

NVDMC originally brought the ‘Gold Nugget’ to Florida in hopes of finding an alternative to the ‘Honey Tangerine’ for the late season. As is typical with new mandarins in Florida, all of the early trees were grafted onto ‘Cleo’ liners. The trees grew well and looked decent, but did not produce enough fruit to be commercially viable.

As HLB continued to wreak havoc on old-line varieties, the ‘Gold Nugget’ seemed to hold its own. The worse everything else looked, the better the ‘Gold Nugget’ looked. The oldest planting of ‘Gold Nugget’ mandarins was at Conserv II. At the time this article was written, the front-end loaders were closing in on the block, but the trees were still standing. A small group of nursery owners drove out to see the trees. The trees remained dark green with a thick canopy, despite 14 to 18 months without irrigation, pest control, or nutrition.

NVDMC recently converted its ‘Gold Nugget’ contract from trial only, to also include dooryard and commercial production. This variety is a natural fit for dooryard growers. The jury is still out on its commercial utility in Florida, but more growers could be working with it soon.

Citrus General Discussion / Citrus & Spinch Genes
« on: June 12, 2017, 10:19:54 PM »
......Eyrich stressed that the tristeza virus employed is merely a vehicle for delivering the spinach protein to the tree’s vascular system or phloem.

When the spinach protein comes in contact with the greening bacteria, “it puts a hole in the bacteria cell wall, the bacteria cell leaks out its contents and dies,” Eyrich said.

And, unlike the tristeza virus that debilitated trees in the late 1990s, this form “can’t be transmitted from tree to tree by an aphid,” Eyrich said.

No new, foreign genes are inserted into the tree, which means it isn’t genetically modified, Eyrich said.

Same goes for the fruit. Early tests don’t detect any sign of the spinach protein in the fruit.......

One of the largest growers of Finger Limes and Australian Blood limes (cross between Finger Limes and Burmese Lime with 1400 trees.

University of Florida researchers may have come a step closer to finding a treatment for a disease called Huanglongbing, or citrus greening, that has been decimating citrus trees in the state. In work published this week in mSphere, an open access journal from the American Society for Microbiology, the investigators describe identifying a small protein from one bacterium living in Asian citrus psyllids—the flying insects that spread the disease as they feed on the trees—that can "cross-talk," moving to another bacterium within the insects to silence so-called "prophage genes" containing viral material in the second bacterium, helping prevent an insect immune reaction that would likely be detrimental to both bacteria.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Prison Cold Hardy Citrus Grove
« on: June 06, 2017, 10:19:25 PM »
Mitchell County Correctional Institute, Georgia has planted the first correctional facility orange grove.   The grove consists of 10 trees each of 10 different more or less cold hardy cultivars.

Changsha Tangerine (Sweet Frost)
Bruce Grapefruit (Pink Frost)
Ichange Lemon (Grand Frost)
Cara Cara Navel
Frost Owari Satsuma
Nules Mandarin
Meyer lemon
Murcot Mandarin
Kieffer Lime
Liquid Gold Grapefruit

All 100 trees are grafted upon trifoliate stock. Some of these varieties I have never heard of.  The trees will be cared for by the inmates, and if all goes well the grove can be expanded.  Micro sprinkles for frost protection and irrigation was also donated for the venture.   Wish them luck.

In the 2000-01 citrus season, Florida had 106 citrus packinghouses operating across citrus belt.  Each of the top 24 packinghouses sold more than 1 million cartons of fresh citrus that season.  The 2016-17 season saw only 26 packinghouses operating in Florida – All due to Citrus Greening Disease.

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