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Tropical Fruit Discussion / My Tropical Fruit Tree Orchard
« on: August 17, 2017, 04:42:13 PM »
I just moved to Southern California. So I didn't have much time to plant anything due to my constant travel between here and Georgia. However, I did manage to plant some onions, malanga and taro, tomatoes, ginger, galangal, tumeric, and herbs of all kinds.

Then, there's my fruit tree orchard. So far, I have guava, apples, Korean pear, citrus of all kind, dragon fruit, longan, persimmon, jackfruit, atemoya, red custard apple, sapote, sapodilla, jambu apple, jaboticaba, banana, avocado, etc. I am not even done with my orchard. I still have a lot of land for sugarcane and banana grove and other tropical vegetables and fruits. I have 0.35 acre. If I need more land,  I can plant more on my folks' property.  They have about 3 acres.

Once I return from Qatar, I will continue to plant the rest of trees or land. Here's a picture of my lower 1/3 of my property. So far, I have two rows of tropical fruit trees on drip irrigation. Throwing some chickens and ducks in the back there, I will be self-sustaining.


I am thinking to plant couple of Malay apple trees for shade and fruit in my back yard. I have a question. Can they survive the winter in the Riverside-Temecula area? My brother said I should be fine. He said he's not seen frost in years. Thanks!

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