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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Dream Annona Scions SOLD OUT
« Last post by alinamg on Today at 09:07:08 PM »
Received my scions looking amazing yesterday and already grafted! Thank you!
There was a genetic study in Japan that showed that Kishu was one of the parents of Satsuma. Kishu probably has less cold hardiness than Satsuma, however, since it was likely the other parent (kunenbo, also believed to be the parent of Keraji and Bloomsweet) that conferred cold hardiness. My guess is that the cold hardiness of Kishu isn't anything special compared to other mandarin varieties, but mandarins as a group do tend to be fairly cold hardy, certainly more so than oranges.
Seeds from hybrid citrus varieties have a strong tendency to show characteristics different from their parents when they are zygotic (the result of sexual recombination). However, in many citrus varieties (especially many hybrids) the majority or all of the seeds tend to be nucellar (not the result of sexual recombination, and thus genetically identical to the fruit parent).
I believe in this case the seeds are more likely than not to be nucellar, but don't know for sure. Usually most mandarins tend to be zygotic while oranges are almost all nucellar.
lets not forget the  AVOCADO LEAF TEA
Closest thing for awhile will be the Amoa 8 which UCR will be releasing as budwood soon. It is a cross between Moro Blood and Avana Mandarin, it is seedy. Full profile here:

Not sure when it will be released but it has a much higher chance of happening before Ruby Tango which is for the foreseeable future a private variety. Although we saw what happened with Sumo/Dekopon/Shiranui so there is always a chance.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Dwarf Banana Dying
« Last post by sahai1 on Today at 08:03:17 PM »
you should cut off all the green above the corm, if that isn't growing, it will eventually be rotting and spread to the corm.  Some corms just aren't large enough to regrow, especially if they have failed a few times or have gone dormant too long.

Daily watering is plenty for a banana tree, just make sure it is full draining, check the dirt of the bottom of the container to see if it is dry by the next watering.
I dont think peaches self thin, at least mine dont.  You need to thin when they are marble sized, do not wait until they get larger.  You want to have 1 fruit per foot or so.  You may have to remove 75% or more.  Remove the fruits that are bad shape, shcratched etc and remove from the ends of branches so that the remaining fruit is putting less stress on the branches.
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