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The Pickering has exploded along with the Glenn.   The Nam Doc Mai and the Sweet Tart are just starting to kick.  The Po Piu Kalay is still languishing.  Can't wait to start chomping.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Blood Red Illama
« Last post by gozp on Today at 06:14:46 PM »
I have had rosada from JF last year & i do really enjoyed the unique taste with tiesa texture.

Yes not as good as an atemoya or cherimoya, however, ilamas are a league on their own.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Multi-grafted Jaboticabas
« Last post by gozp on Today at 06:13:21 PM »

nice trees!!

definitely blooms coming on that grimal scion you posted pics of...

looks like Grimal is also winning the race on your cocktail tree, but seems like not by much, the growth rate is pretty evenly matched...the tree looks well balanced.

thanks for sharing pics, they look super happy.

good investment that will pay dividends  ;D

Yep from professor jabo man 101.

Thanks again, adam.

Adam, your selection is awesome! The blooms are completely wrapping the trunk. I think one of the best attributes of your selection is that itís precocity and constant flowering help to keep the size of the tree in check. This would also make a great variety for Bonsai work.


thank u Simon,

I agree, it's main attraction is constant flowering, and dwarf size (even if the tree was nonfruiting i think it would be grown by lots of people because the flowering is perpetual, and it looks crazy) grafted tree it grows much faster...still, it grows slow compared to most fruit trees, only putting on about 1.5-2ft in a good growing season...

the tree has been incredibly productive for such a small specimen, but at times it gets frustrating, because it will bloom like crazy, and have minimal fruit set, and then out of nowhere it just decides to start setting tons of fruit again...I think because I move the tree around all the time during winter, it gets separated from it's normal pollinators, and they have to rediscover it every time i move it to a new location...

the fruit so far taste much like the red, but to be honest, i never had the patience to let them get fully ripe..I always ate them a tad early because they kept getting stolen by animals, and i wanted the seeds so bad.

I guess another nice feature is the fact that they can be eaten early, like the red, and they still taste very good...but there is nothing like a fruit that has been left on the tree for a few weeks, starting to shrivel a bit, and looking dull...the sweetest thing u ever grape soda (Kyle Townsend coined that comparison, which i agree with totally)...i never got a chance to let anomaly get ripe like that....and I'm hoping to have the chance this season.
Now Angie, Pickering, and Maha Chanok are all abloom.  Honey Kiss has blossoms, too.  Don't know what Providence will do.  Could be a great summer for mangos!  I wish a bunch of us could get together and swap and taste mangos.  Maybe I'll try to stage an event at my house, come July.  Anyone interested?  (Us poor folk, who can't afford the high price of premium mangos from local commercial sources!)
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Blood Red Illama
« Last post by Tony714 on Today at 05:15:13 PM »
Frank,  do you have link to his explantion? What is its window?

I need 10 seeds of psidium striatulum .
Do you still have ?
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: seeds/cuttings/scions
« Last post by Mo-plant-passionate on Today at 04:34:47 PM »
How thick are The hogg plum cuttings ?
Do you ship to france ?
Here is a Grimal grafted on Sabara rootstock. The trunk is about as thick as my middle finger. It has fruited for the past three years. Grafting sure seems to increase the precocity of Jaboticabas.

Here is a picture of my Sabara with double rootstocks. One of the rootstocks are about as thick as my pinky finger and the other rootstock is about as thick as my middle finger. The trunk above the graft union is just slightly thicker than my middle finger. This is quite a thin diameter trunk for a Sabara to be fruiting on. It fruited last year and this year, there is more flowers. This tree is in a small pot and Iím sure it will flower and fruit more profusely if I up potted it and gave it some fertilizer.

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