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חלק א' של סיפור אודות הרכבת שסק על כנות שונות

בתום לב בדקתי על מה ניתן להרכיב זני שסק Eriobotrya japonica  מתורבתים.

א.   על שסק מתורבת   Eriobotrya japonica

ב.   על חבוש Cydonia oblonga     (שגורם בדר"כ לתופעת נינוס)

ג.   על כנות תפוחי עץ Malus X

ד.  על כנות אגס   Pyrus Communis ועוד...

ה.  על Firethorn    Pyracantha fortuneana

ו.   על פיטוניה סינית  Photinia serrulata

ז.   על מיני Hawhorn    Cratagous sp.

על קרובי משפחה של השסק שאינם מתורבתים (יש 36):

ח.‘Salwin Loquat’ (E. salwinensis Hand-Mazz), 

ט.  ‘Kokshun Loquat’ (E. deflexa var. koshunensis Nakai),

י.   ‘Henry Loquat’ (E. henryi Nakai),

יא.  ‘Fragrant Loquat’ (E. fragrans Champ),

יב.  ‘Guangxi Loquat’ (E. kwangsiensis Chun),

יג.   ‘Oak leaf Loquat’ (E. prinoides Rehd & Wils)

יד.  , ‘Elliptic leaf Loquat’ (E. elliptica Lindl.

כל הרכבה עם בעיותיה, חסרונותיה, יתרונותיה שלא כולן נחקרו

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: New fruit
« Last post by Mike T on Today at 04:11:24 AM »
It is a durian alright or at least a Durio but yeah I cant see the photo shopping.I bet there wont be too many pics of more than one or inside it.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: grafting type of this jackfruit plant?
« Last post by mahen.jnk on Today at 04:09:14 AM »
Thank you guys. I will cut off the growth from root stock.
@chandramohan, I got it online from a nursery in kerala. They call it Vietnam super early that fruits in one year. Any idea about this variety.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: New fruit
« Last post by fruitlovers on Today at 03:54:18 AM »
Doesn't look like photoshopped. The stem end does look like durian. Could it be an aborted durian fruit? Usually aborts will be much rounder, but could be a mutant abort?
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Hamlin x Flying Dragon
« Last post by Ilya11 on Today at 03:39:43 AM »
I have it, got the wood from Robert (Zitrusgaertner) in 2012. On own roots it is not enough resistant and grows rather slowly.
In 2013 I low grafted it on poncirus, it is in ground without protection since 2014, no winter  damage up to  now.
It comes probably from a free  pollinated immature seedling of initial hybrid , since only a small number of  leaves are trifoliate.

Approximately 1.5m high, but has not flowered yet.

Put those Avo tree's in the ground. Shade it from midday sun until 5-6 feet tall. They're not going to fruit in a pot and want to be in the ground from 5 gallon size.

I know this is the citrus forum but does gradually moving up pot sizes apply to avocados also?
I heard the bigger the better because they hate being repotted, makes sense to me since my Wurtz was beautiful when I brought it home but after moving it up from a #5 to about a 20 gallon it looked bad for months.
KJ Pinks?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: What's this atemoya? Big but not Mammoth
« Last post by Ulfr on Today at 02:52:15 AM »
Good info Mike. I too grow and am a mammoth fan and have a tropic sun here too.
Here is another pic, its a half portion of an average sized coconut jack, not fully ripe..

Barath , Were you propagating that one from seed for DVC or did I maybe get one of those from you? I've got my So Shang, "Catherine Anderson", and E. Ebbingei mixed up from losing tags and I can't tell them apart. Good news is they're all planted out from 15"s now and taking off even more.
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