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Title: Katuk plant for sale
Post by: RiversOFT on March 19, 2017, 03:49:12 PM
Organically Grown Katuk Plant
Katuk also known as sweet leaf or star gooseberry is a "tropical perennial vegetable" with edible leafs that taste almost like peanut butter they also make a small edible sour fruit and the new shoots can be eaten like asparagus
This one was grown from a cutting of a mature plant so it's already flowering/fruiting age, the cold knocked the leafs off so I pruned it back but it has a very healthy root system growing out of the pot and they grow fast
$12 shipping included
Send me a message if you're interested :)
I also have a Mamey sapote if anyone's interested
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Title: Re: Katuk plant for sale
Post by: Paraponera on March 23, 2017, 09:22:20 AM
I'm not saying that Katuk should not be eaten, but I will say that irreparable lung damage has been seen in people taking it as a supplement in high doses. It has a MULTITUDE of other great uses though and in moderation is good food source I would assume...I like the peanut butter-like taste myself so I will continue to use as a lite addition to salads and sandwiches. Just something to look into :) (

~ Paraponera
Title: Re: Katuk plant for sale
Post by: greenman62 on March 23, 2017, 09:53:41 AM

Yeah, they talk about that on "Eat the weeds" (

i think you would need either the juice daily
or, eat tons of the stuff.
i dont see it as being a problem. and i had read up on it long ago.
to eat more than a few leaves daily, you would need a few large plants anyway.

sending PM... i want it
i lost mine in the cold.