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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: seeds
« Last post by Fruit Monster on Today at 07:38:58 AM »

I was wanting to know if your  Zills Black Surinam Cherry tree is an authentic grafted tree?

Cheers :)

Finally have some fruit on my trees

pitangatuba $1ea
Zill's Black suriname cherry $1ea
yellow grumichama $1ea
pitomba $1ea
Cherry of the rio grande $1ea limited

domestic shipping is $4 with tracking per shipment

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: are all pereskia edible?
« Last post by KarenRei on Today at 06:23:51 AM »
I find no mentions on P. nemorosa either way, although perhaps I missed something.

It's one of those cases where the answer, barring other data, is "highly probable, but I wouldn't just guess it to be a fact".  There are plenty of genera that contain both edible and toxic members. E.g. if someone had grown up enjoying Strychnos spinosa, Spinosa cocculoides, and Strychnos pungens... oh hey, look over there, Strychnos nux-vomica, let's try that one!  ;)

But, hey, maybe someone here from the areas of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay or Uruguay where it grows will chime in with local knowledge  :)  You're in Junín? According to the distribution info it should be growing wild just to your northeast, including Entre Ríos.  Know any plant people there?  :)

BTW, you're the first person I've heard call the fruits of P.aculeata "nice".  ;)  But the nutritional profile on the leaves is just crazy good. Puts spinach to shame.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Is It Too Late To Germinate Illama Seeds?
« Last post by Felipe on Today at 06:11:31 AM »
In pots, indoor, you can sow seeds year round.

are you growing ilama? whats your experience in europe?
Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Asiminaholics Anonymous
« Last post by Luisport on Today at 05:48:54 AM »
The flowers are falling, even some that are not open... maby it's because it's hot weather...  :'( :'( :'(
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Barbados cherry
« Last post by Ulfr on Today at 05:26:28 AM »
The one we grow here is called Florida sweet but that may well just be a made up name to sell trees.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: An unplanned visit to Mimosa Anaheim.
« Last post by gozp on Today at 05:13:25 AM »
Whoa! Overpriced. Mimosa in East LA sells them cheaper.

It is a Puangmanee Monthong hybrid 😇
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Barbados cherry
« Last post by buddy roo on Today at 04:57:23 AM »
Are there named varieties of Barbados/Acerola cherry????                                                                                                                          Patrick

A cross between Puang Manee and Monthong. It has more flesh than Puangmanee: we can have a mouthful bite of the mild, milky chocolate taste of Puangmanee.

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Citrus General Discussion / Kosrae green tangerines
« Last post by Jessg333 on Today at 04:48:34 AM »
My husband use to fly through the island of kosrae regularly and would rave about their green, seedless,  sweet, easy to peel, tangerines. Sadly he was not allowed to bring any back home due to Hawaii’s agriculture regulations. He no longer flies to kosrae and really wants to find out what kind of tangerines grow there and how to get a tree if even possible. Does anyone know the name of the local green kosrae tangerines?
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