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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango talk near Bradenton tomorrow 2/12
« on: February 11, 2018, 12:07:21 PM »
Just a heads up for anyone who might be interested, I’ll be giving a talk to the Manatee Rare Fruit Council on mangos tomorrow at 7pm. The location is:
1303 17th St W, Palmetto, FL 34221

This talk will differ slightly from the one I gave in Venice last month as it will include some history of Mangos in Manatee County along with some disease updates.

Recently I met a tree buying customer named Golam who had travelled across India trying different Mangos. He informed me that the Himsagar in Florida was not the same as the Himsagar in India, where it is extremely popular.

I had tried the Florida “Himsagar” before, and found it to be an excellent fruit. But Golam described Himsagar as a large round shaped fruit. The supposed imposter grafted in Florida was an oblong/enlongated mango.

Upon examining these photos from India referencing Himsagar online and comparing them to display photos from the various Mango events in south Florida, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Florida Himsagar contained in the collections of the USDA and Fairchild is indeed a mislabeled variety.








Florida again:

Hey Everyone, this Wednesday i’ll Be speaking to the Suncoast Tropical Fruit and Vegetable Club about Growing Mangos in 2018. The meeting is scheduled to start at 6:30pm. For anyone interested in attending the location is:
Nokomis Community Center
234 East Nippino Trail
FL 34275

For anyone interested, This Friday the 12th at 7:30pm I'll be the speaker at the Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council in West Palm Beach. The topic will be about challenges for the future of growing mangos in south Florida. This talk will contain some new subjects compared to the one I gave last August.

On Monday the 15th at 7:00pm I'll be speaking to the Central Florida Fruit Society in Orlando. This topic will be "Growing Mangos in Central Florida" and be geared towards those trying to grow mangos in the more fringe territory of the state's center.

The Palm Beach organization meets at the amounts auditorium located at 531 North Military trail, West Palm Beach

Central Florida is located at
East End Market (2nd Floor)
3201 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803


It's mango season and we're selling mangos here in West Palm Beach. Currently open:
Mondays through Fridays 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturdays 9am-12pm
Sundays and off hours by appointment.

Picked fruit either $2 or $3 per pound. Drops available for $1 per pound.

Call or text 561-358-8566 . I can also be reached by Email or by private message through this forum.

To place a shipping order please send us an email

Farm address is
1010 Camellia Road,
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Also check out our Facebook page at


Tropical Fruit Discussion / First mango fruit of 2017
« on: March 19, 2017, 02:12:59 PM »

About 11 days early compared to the last few years.


I have enough fruit to start selling now. Stand hours are Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm and Saturdays 9am to 12pm. Sundays and off hours by appointment. We are now shipping as well.

Picked and drop fruit available, prices start at $1 per pound for drops and are $2 to $3 per pound for picks depending on the cultivar. Budwood is also available for those who are grafting inclined.

Information on shipping:
- a regular box is $40, and generally contains what we have in quantity at the moment ( Edward, Duncan, Zill, Carabao, couple others)
- a "customized" box is $45, where specific varieties are requested.

Phone: 561-358-8566

1010 Camellia Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Check us out and like us on Facebook if you haven't already!

More to come!

We anticipate having the following varieties available at different points this season, in differing quantities:

Large quantities of:

Limited quantities of:

Maha Chanok
Valencia Pride

Very limited quantities of (less than 10 up to a couple dozen on the tree):
Ah Ping
Bailey's Marvel
Coconut Cream
Davis Haden
Dupuis Saigon
Fairchild Ruby/J-12
Frances Hargrave
Gao Lim Krong
Gold Nugget
Harvest Moon
Jumbo Kesar
Keow Savoy
Kiew Yai
Langra Benarasi
Nam Doc Mai
Pina Colada
San Felipe
Sia Tong
Spirit of 76
Stringless Peach
ST Maui
Sweet Tart
Tommy Atkins
Tong Dam
Ugly Betty
Van Dyke
White Piri

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First mango fruit of the 2016 season
« on: March 30, 2016, 01:17:13 PM »
Right on schedule.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First mango blooms of the 2016 season
« on: October 31, 2015, 06:12:35 PM »
Some of the Edward trees started this week.

Hey everyone, I've got enough fruit now to start selling.. $2 per pound picked and $1/ pound for drops.

Phone: 561-358-8566
Can be reached by private message through this forum as well.

Stand address is 1010 Camellia road, west palm beach


Monday through Friday: 3pm to 6pm
Saturdays: 9am to noon
Off hours by appointment

We are now shipping as well. Sorry we aren't allowed to ship to CA, AZ, or HI

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First mango blooms for 2015 season
« on: October 27, 2014, 07:42:18 PM »
Edward trees in west palm beach:


We're open 3:30 to 5:30 pm Mondays through Fridays and from 10am to 12 on Saturdays, unless otherwise noted. I'll try to keep this post updated periodically as to what I have available.

Right now I have:

Pico- Philippine
Some rosigold

Nam way bananas

To check availability or if you have any additional questions, we can be reached by phone at 561-358-8566. Our email address is You can also send us a private message through this site.

Like us on Facebook!

The address of the mango farm is 1010 Camellia Road, West Palm Beach.

Directions: Take Southern Blvd east past I95. Turn right at the 1st intersection east of 95, Parker Ave. Drive south on Parker about a block or 2, and turn right on Camellia. Drive to the end of Camellia, you may ignore the No Trespassing signs and turn left through the open gate.


Lots of Saba, Jamaican Lacatan, some Manzano. $1/pound

Black sapote/chocolate persimmon. $1/pound

Sapodilla, unknown cultivars. $2/pound

Available for local pickup in PB county in Loxahatchee or possibly West Palm.

Can ship too, only bananas to CA though.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / For Sale: Manzano Banana fruit
« on: September 13, 2013, 04:42:22 PM »
Just harvested a large bunch of organically grown manzano (apple) bananas. These have a delicious flavor best described as a cross between an apple and a sweet banana. Have them available for $1 per pound. Pickup can be arranged in the Loxahatchee, FL area. Could possibly ship some as well. (Yes, I can ship bananas to CA)

Also have a bunch of Hawaiian Apple/Brazilian bananas that will be ready to harvest soon.

I can be reached by private message, phone 561-358-8566, or email


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / For sale: Mangoes!
« on: April 24, 2013, 08:35:06 PM »
We have mangoes for sale again! Tropical Acres Farms is once again partnering with Sturrock Groves to offer you fresh picked Florida mangoes! We have lychees now too.

Now picking Edward mangoes, regarded as one of the finest mangoes in Florida and a 2013 Fairchild curator's choice list mango. $2/pound. Fruit can be purchased at location or shipped if you live out of the area. Philippine, Simmonds, and Duncan mangoes also available. Lychees are now available for $3/pound. We have various types including Sweet Cliff, Mauritius, and Brewster. We also have home made mango preserves and jam for sale as well.

Short video description on Edward mango by TREC:
'Edward' mango description

We're currently going to be open in West Palm Mondays through Fridays from 4pm to 6pm. Weekends and off hours also by appointment. Fruit will also be available for pick up in the Loxahatchee area.

Call anytime for more information: 561-358-8566, or email

Our address is 1010 Camellia Road, West Palm Beach, FL.


Take I-95 to Southern Blvd and exit East.
Turn RIGHT on Parker Ave.
Turn RIGHT on Camellia Rd.
Drive to the end of Camellia road through open gate to mango farm and follow driveway to house.

Happy mango season.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / 'Campeche' sapodilla
« on: March 23, 2013, 11:44:00 PM »
In 2011 I bought a sapodilla tree from PIN labelled 'Campeche'. I have had a frustrating time finding any information about it. The person I spoke with at PIN didn't know anything about it. The name would suggest it came from Campeche state, Mexico where they grow a lot of sapodilla.

The tree seems to be a moderately vigorous grower. I recently harvested the first fruit from it:

It weighed about half a pound. It has an interesting eating quality, milder with a distinct creaminess to it compared to most saps. It also had a lot of seeds for a sap, 8 total

Anyone else growing this or know anything about it?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Happy 4th of July
« on: July 04, 2012, 10:21:37 PM »
In celebration of Independence Day, I shall consume this Spirit of '76 mango, in all its glory and deliciousness:

(yes, another excuse to post an unnecessary mango picture)

Happy b day America.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / 2012 Fairchild Mango Festival!
« on: April 21, 2012, 06:28:17 AM »
So FTBG has finally updated their website and announced the theme of the 2012 fest: "Mangoes of Fairchild: Evolution":

The title would seem to imply that this year they will emphasize the newer selections and the change in growing culture that they've been promoting for a while.

On the curator's choice list this year :

Glad to see Frances Hargrave made the list. I just planted one the other day. Seems like a good mango from what I've gathered. Would be nice if they had Mesk trees for sale.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / So who can guess what these cultivars are
« on: March 27, 2012, 11:04:24 PM »
Some new mango additions I have made from the Palm Beach RFC's plant sale. These all came from excalibur: 'Wait', 'OTK', 'Wise', 'Quidnau', 'Kiew yai', and 'Tong Bi Con'.

I am familiar with Tong bi Con and Wise....but the others I haven't heard of.

I'm thinking Kiew yai, based on Richard describing it as a 'large fruited' SE asian mango, may be "Keow Savoy"; but perhaps someone here knows what it really is.

'Quidnau (spelled 'quidnow' by TT) only has a little snippet describing it as being like Keitt but without Keitt's problems. This is the first time I can remember reading about it though.

'Wait' and 'OTM' I have no clue on. Have never seen or heard of them and can't think of anything that they might be mangled names of.

Rob or other mango-ites, any info on any of these at all?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Custard Apples
« on: March 19, 2012, 06:40:55 PM »
Anyone else eating custard apple this time of year? They have been in season down here in Florida. Here's a pic of one I was munching on:

They are kind of neglected because they are inferior to their relatives...Atemoya, Cherimoya, and Sugar Apple, but I still enjoy them. This one  was sweet and has a hint of strawberry sorbet to it.

Got an 'Excalibur' mango the other day and wanted to know whether it is early, middle or late season.  That will determine where it gets planted. Couldn't find any season of maturity info for it on google.


For anyone who might be interested in attending, Dr. Jonathan Crane of TREC (Tropical Research and Education Center) will be giving a lecture about growing Annonas at the March 9th meeting of the Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council. The meeting starts at 7:30 and is held at the Mounts Botanical Garden, 531 Military Trail, West Palm Beach.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / The Mangoes of Merritt Island
« on: February 08, 2012, 08:25:31 PM »
murahilin, here's the old article on the Merritt Island mangoes:

For those who are unfamiliar, Merritt Island is the northernmost part of Florida where mangoes are grown on any kind of commercial scale. They are specifically aided on the southern part of the island by being sandwiched between the Indian and Banana rivers, which has helped protect them some from the periodic freezes we get in Florida.

The grove profiled in the article is the Ensey family grove; there are a number of other growers on the island but the Enseys were the source for most of the cultivars that originated on the island.

link to the cultivar descriptions:

This list doesn't include all of their varieties but it has most; they also have plenty of the established old varieties as well that we're all familiar with.

Of those, most are largely unknown outside of Merritt Island, save for Osteen, which became something of a commercial success. The 'Sunset' that originated from the Enseys is not the 'Sunset' that was promoted by Fairchild at the 2010 Mango Festival; its a larger mango with pretty good flavor. The Fruit and Spice Park's 'Sunset' tree is an Ensey Sunset (sometimes described as 'Indian Sunset').

Ed Ensey (man profiled in the article) died in 2008. Fortunately the family seemed committed to keeping the grove in operation and they were still selling in 2009. Haven't been there since that summer though, so perhaps some of the board members from the area can confirm if they are still selling.

Most if not all of the cultivars they have are worth preserving for future generations, and I'd certainly be interesting in growing some of them, so maybe the family would be willing to allow some budwood distributed.

After the night of temps in the 30s we had here in SFL the other week, I observed some minor cold damage on some of my tropical stuff (Spanish Lime, Custard Apple, Coffee). My mangoes had appeared largely  unscathed except for 2 very small trees (an Alphonso and a Pim Sen Mun) that had some leaf damage.

However, upon further observation I noticed that my Coconut Cream trees were exhibiting some cold damage. One actually looks like every leaf got affected. At first I though this might have to do with the location of the row maybe being in a colder micro -climate, but none of the other cultivars in close proximity were showing any signs of cold stress. Also double checked the irrigation to make sure the drips were working for those trees.

Then when I was going through some of my nursery potted trees, I discovered that a potted Coconut Cream tree was showing signs of cold stress on the leaves as well. Not as noticeable as the in-ground trees but visable on closer inspection. It was in a group of other mangoes (Cogshall and Fairchild trees) as well as other tropicals, none of which showed any symptoms of being affected by the cold other than some potted bananas.

Overall, just one observation and the sample size is admittedly small. But it could be something to look for from this cultivar in the future.

Anyone else growing Coconut Cream in areas that experienced temps in the 30s?

Hello everyone, glad and thankful to be here.

A lot of you know me from gardenweb but may not know that I'm also the owner of a small tropical fruit tree farm and nursery. Its called Tropical Acres Farms, Inc. and is located in Loxahatchee Groves, FL in Palm Beach County.

I established the business in 2011. Most of my trees are still young but I anticipate my fruit availability growing as the trees mature. I mostly grow mangoes and avocados, but also have many other varieties of fruit planted. I grow with organic methods and do not apply synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

I will be offering mangoes for sale beginning this season (May or June depending on availability) and should have avocados as well this fall. I will have shipping available also for people who would like to buy fruit but don't live in the area.

For a comprehensive list of the trees we grow, visit us on facebook and do please click "like"  :) :

Trees I currently have for sale include:
Mango (3 gal):
'Coconut Cream'
'East Indian'
'Gold Nugget'
'Lemon Zest'
'Nam Doc Mai #4'
'Southern Blush'
'Spirit of 76'

 (3 gal):

(1 gal)
'Marcus Pumpkin'
'Winter Mexican'

Sapodilla (3 gal)

Atemoya (1 gal)

Lychee (3 gal)
'Ha Kip'

Jackfruit (1 gal)
'Borneo Red'

Mamey Sapote (3 gal)

Banana (3 gal):
'Dwarf Brazilian'

low-chill Peach (3 gal)
'UF Sun'

Carambola (3 gal)

Jaboticaba (3 gal)

Ross Sapote (3 gal)

Black Sapote (3 gal)

Grumichama (3 gal)

Barbados Cherry (3 gal)

I do offer shipping for trees up to 3 gallon in size. Unfortunately at this time I do not ship trees to California or Arizona.

I will try to keep this list updated as frequently as possible. In many instances I may be able to obtain something you are looking for even if I don't currently have it in stock.

We're currently open by appointment. Message me or send me an email at if you are interested in purchasing a tree or fruit.

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