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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Kauai sugarloaf pineapple... thumbs up
« on: August 10, 2017, 12:12:54 AM »
getting close to the end of our Hawaii trip. Picked up some sugarloaf pineapple at the local farmer's market. Delicious. Super sweet with low acidity. Does sugarloaf grow well in Florida?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Hawaiian papayas >>>>>>>>> ALL other papayas
« on: August 05, 2017, 10:02:56 PM »
I have never had a papaya in Florida that didn't taste and smell like stinky ass. I had sworn off papaya and could not even see them without getting nauseated.

At the hotel here in the Big Island and they had Solo papaya cut up. When in Rome, right? Sweet and delicious... no musky smell/taste. Something I would actually eat/grow. Need to try the strawberry papaya now. heard that was also good.

Ok maybe not a "dilemma" per se... more of a conundrum. We have a grand total of 2 lemon zest mangoes on the tree this year. Below is how they look today - a light shade of green. We leave for Hawaii on Tuesday and won't be back for 10 days. Do I pick these now (underripe) and hope they ripen by Monday or just leave them on the tree and hope they are still there/not overripe by the time we get back?

We'll be there August 1 - 11, spending most of our time on the Big Island and Kauai. We're doing both Hilo and Kona sides on the Big Island and will have rental car on the islands, so hopefully there's a local market where we can pick some fruit up.

What's going to be a available?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / WTF... defective osprey?
« on: June 26, 2017, 04:00:07 PM »
I am sitting here inside the house watching an osprey on the ground by one of the mango trees. Less than two feet from this osprey is a squirrel on the ground happily chewing at a freshly-plucked mango, as calm as can be. The other osprey is chilling on my fence while two iguanas scurry around underneath him. Do I have defective birds of prey living at my house?

It's been 3-4 years of this in ground. It flowers profusely pretty much all year, but to date it has given us ONE fruit - and that was on a branch that semi-snapped (likely due to a squirrel on PCP) so I think it was stressed into fruiting. It seems like quite a few people have issues with Hasya. I'm all for giving trees a chance, but if something like Morena is going to fruit profusely I'm inclined to swap them out at this point. What say you, fellow fruit freaks?

wife has a cousin voming to visit who is vegetarian and apparently likes the stuff.

Good news is the sri lankan weevils seem to be slowing down, bad news is the sapodilla tree is now covered in these bastards. All of them are chomping at the leaves. What are they and how do I destroy them?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Where to get sulfate of potash locally?
« on: March 03, 2017, 07:06:10 PM »
Any ideas? Looks like online it's around $70 for a 50lb bag. Wondering if any better locally.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Big Island / Kauai folks... tourist questions
« on: January 29, 2017, 09:27:09 AM »
Not really tropical fruit related (unless someone wants to give the family a tour of their fruit tree paradise), but we're trying to plan a trip to Big Island and Kauai in July or August this year. I've got points burning a hole in my pocket and the kids/wife really want to go.

Looking for suggestions from the local experts on places to see, things to do, where to eat - local knowledge is better than internet reviews. We'll probably be there for 7 - 10 days. Looks like we'll stay at Hilton Waikoloa Village on Big Island (seems to have a ton of stuff to do for the kids and my son loves water slides). No idea about Kauai at this point. Would love to gorge myself on fruit while there too, though I assume my wife/kids are more interested in volcanoes/beaches. Any suggestions appreciated.

If not appropriate for this forum, feel free to PM me. 

No idea if this is normal or if something is going on with this tree. It seems healthy to me and appears to be sending out flowers, but want to know if these brown splotches all over are a problem.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Are these cherimoya ripe?
« on: January 19, 2017, 06:19:59 PM »
Ordered from California, just arrived. Since we don't get these here and I had to pay a pretty penny for a box, I want to make sure I know when to cut in. I would classify these as still firm/hard - they really don't have any give like a ripe avocado would. Most in the box are still green, but these are getting brown so figured I'd ask.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Large jujubes + other assorted picks today
« on: January 07, 2017, 01:35:40 PM »
Decided to pull a few fruits off the trees in-between the crazy winds/storms that we're getting today. Winter is coming... and it's bringing with it 75 degree weather.

Some of the 1,000 or so jujubes on our tree are coming in rather large this year. No - I don't have Sheehan manlet hands. These are just big jujubes. Also some carambola and red jaboticaba which is loaded. Decided to hold off picking the massive meyer lemon (one and only) on the potted tree for now.

Is this some kind of demon caterpillar here to take my soul? Kinda disgusting white mess popping up on numerous leaves. Never seen this one before. And yes, the tree is grossly overrun by aphid poop - I'm working on that though too lazy to do my old method of scrubbing each and every leaf with soapy water. Yesterday we released about 5000 ladybugs and 5000 lacewing eggs in the tree - won't do anything but at least made the kids happy to have bugs crawling all over them.

need advice from the experts. This tree was hacked down to a stump and then multi-grafted. The stump, however, is pretty much flat across meaning that water must be gathering on top of it. Just noticed it seems to be rotting on the flat portion. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Angie is a very pretty/delicious mango
« on: June 22, 2016, 04:01:00 PM »
So I was worried that I would not like Angie given its Carrie parentage, but turns out this was one mango (planted on reviews alone) that I am very happy with.

Large, vibrantly-colored fruit with a great flavor. Hard to describe, but definitely not the 'someone just threw up inside my mouth' I get when eating Carrie.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Dammmnnnn you, summer storm!!!
« on: June 17, 2016, 01:57:34 PM »
With fierce winds flicking around, I walk outside to find 3 of our 12 or so lemon zest (still quite green) mangoes on the floor. THEY WERE TOO YOUNG. THEY HAD SO MUCH MORE GROWING AND SWEETENING TO DO!!!

My reaction:

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Jocote (Spondias purpurea) - info?
« on: June 10, 2016, 07:10:05 PM »
Was at a friend's house this evening and offered some jocote from his tree. He likes them green/unripe (he's apparently a distant cousin of Jeff/Sheehan), so what he offered was more tart/crunchy than sweet. Still, seemed like an interesting fruit.

Are there different varieties of this? Do others down here grow it? I see some sites calling it hog plum, but others assigning a different scientific name to hog plum. Confused.

Have three of these in pots that need a good home. I have a few in ground behind the house for 'pedestrian control.' Free to whoever wants to come to Coral Springs and take them.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Local source for azomite/rock dust?
« on: May 28, 2016, 03:23:53 PM »
Other than buying online, do we have anywhere local to us that sells azomite or some other form of rock dust?

This little guy ain't too happy. Not sure if the problem is lack of water, lack of nutrients, or abundance of weevils. Any ideas?

* Note that it set out a lot of fruit this year, but at slightly bigger than pea size (a week or two ago) we cut the fruit off.

Going to clear out a couple mulberry trees and replace them with another avocado.


1. Doesn't line up with Monroe season (which we already have).
2. Small/medium size - don't want a 30 foot tree.
3. Delicious. Subjective I know.
4. Can predict future lottery numbers.

Only need a match on 3 out of 4 requirements. Available for purchase would be nice too.

On day 6 of our cruise and in most ports I find myself evaluating the number and variety of fruit trees. Had a lot of fun in Belize. Noticed 650 acres of farmland for sale for $1 million USD. I'm about done with this whole being a lawyer thing. A few thousand sweet tart and lemon zest mangoes sounds about right. Don't know how the hell I would make it work, but I could easily see myself making the move. Kickstarter to send me to Belize?

Have someone that has never tasted the fruit. Obviously south Florida only (not looking to fly to California to buy some).

Walked around the yard this morning and decided to snap a few pictures. And let the tour commence...

NDM #4 - first year flowering. Was excited at the massive bloom. Less excited by the lack of fruit set. Should still get a few fruits.

Glenn mango. Our workhorse. Naysayers be darned. Tree is about 5 years old and has been consistent/free of disease. Should get a lot of fruit this year.

First pineapple. Yay. Think this is from a supermarket pineapple.

Mallika mango. First time flowering. Should get a few fruits.

Cogshall mango. Not in an ideal spot, but should still get some fruit.

Miracle fruit. Haven't really done much with the fruit on this one. I used to eat them when I drank horrible veggie concoctions from our juicer. Doing smoothies now and don't need the extra flavor kick. The birds mostly eat them now.

Pink lemon. Keep it in a pot. More a novelty than anything.

Christmas loquat. Useless. We've got maybe one fruit off it. Probably going to remove it or topwork it to a different variety.

Kari carambola. Not sure if soil or location, but this and the next two carambola trees aren't really taking off (unlike our monster Kari).

Arkin carambola. Also a bit of a runt.

Carambola. Bought it as a Kari, but we think it's a Fwang Tung (fruit ripens to a pale color). Has had nutritional issues, though does produce a lot of fruit on a twice-annual basis.

Sweetheart lychee. Decimated by sri lankan weevils. Little bastards. Tree was completely bare a month ago. This is a new flush and the weevils are back for dinner.

Hasya sapodilla. Has not produced fruit yet.

Mauritius lychee. Also a favorite of the weevils, though nowhere near the damage done to the sweetheart.

Blueberries coming along. Kids love em.

Glad you like my sapodilla tree, but it's squishing time.

Indian jujube. Wife loves em. I find it like eating paper.

UF Sun peach. Should get a bunch.

UF Sun peach coming along.

Angie mango. First year flowering. Looks like it's holding a lot of fruit.

Seedling abiu from Noel. No fruit yet.

Cherry of the rio grande. Newly planted.

Fruit punch mango. It's got some growing to do.

Meyer lemon. Produces a lot of lemons. Just flowered so we should get a bunch.

Kent mango. Dangerously close to being topworked. Fruit last year was terrible. It also likes to grow more than it likes to push flowers (as evidenced by the flush).

Some kind of crazy named mandarin bought from Excalibur. Shirazui? Shizam? Sham-Wow? Something like that.

Barbados cherry. Not the sweetest in the world. Might get yanked. We'll see.

Lemon Zest. First year flowering and looks to be holding some fruit. Yum.

Kari carambola. Workhorse. Must have been planted on an Indian burial ground that was planted on the same nuclear reactor that let Godzilla grow to his size. We just chopped it back after the winter fruiting season. It will grow another 10 feet within the next few months. Produces like crazy twice a year.

Rosigold mango. Holding a lot of fruit.

Monroe avocado. First time flowering.

Biew Kiew longan. First time flowering. Lots of open flowers and bees visiting, so hoping for some fruit.

Longan flowers up close.

Passion fruit vine. Couple years old. Hasn't made any fruit yet - maybe this is the year.

Lacatan banana. Has some growing to do.

Mulberries. Again, the kids love em.

Yehuda loquat. Workhorse. Makes a ton of fruit. This year the fruit flies got half of them, but we still got plenty to eat. Puts the Christmas loquat to shame.

Grumichama. Just finished its mass flowering.

The last grumichama flower. Tree was covered in these for a couple days. Fruit is... ok. Nothing to write home about, but still good.

Tropic beauty peach. Located near the yehuda loquat that got decimated by fruit flies, so experimenting with bagging some of the fruit. We'll see.

Red jaboticaba. Pretty much produces fruit all year.

Hello future red jaboticaba. Get in my belly.

Pickering mango. Another easy one. Makes a ton of fruit, requires little care.

Other sweetheart lychee. Don't tell the weevils this is here.

Some lychee flowers. Hard to get close as the bees are having a group orgy. Couple of them paused long enough to get them in the picture.

Malay apple. Probably waiting a while for this.

Coconut cream mango. First year flowering. Another disappointing fruit set. Flowered like crazy but very little fruit set.

Close up of coconut cream empty bloom spike. Mehh.

I've been really tryin', baby
Tryin' to hold back these feeling for so long
And if you feel, like I feel baby
Then come on, oh come on
Let's get it on, oh baby

Hey who is that guy with the camera? Kinky! Threesome! He's getting closer. AAAGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHHGHG. Splat.

Sabara jaboticaba

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