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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: [BORNEO]: Last season fruit.
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:26:39 AM »
Hi, Beni, is it possible? to found durio graveolens yellow?
Hallo my friend.
Not season now. Graveolens season in november my friend. This is last season.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / [BORNEO]: Last season fruit.
« on: March 04, 2017, 05:54:06 AM »
Last season fruit avaioable.

Xanthophyllum Amoenum
Local name: langir
Quantity: limited
Taste: fresh sweet and much water
Price: 3$/seed

Baccaurea angulata
Local name: belimbing darah.
Quantity: limited
Taste: fresh sweet mix sour
Price: 2$/seed

Durio kutejensis
Quantity: limited
Taste: soft sweet
Price: 3$/seed

*Photo will add tomorrow because bigger size.
*special price privat message to me.


Available all borneo fruit offer.
West borneo more complete species type now. Hehe ;D

Hi Beni,

Baccaurea Edulis -do we need male and female plants to set fruit
Sorry my friend. I dont know. I just little knowledge about them.

Arrived in great shape and nicely packaged!
Thanks my friend. I hope can supply more next time.

Hi Beni,
The seeds arrived. Thanks for the nice packing!
Your welcome my best friend.  ;D

New species add.
Baccaurea angulata & bouea macrophylla.

Do you still have some Durio Oxleyanus seeds?
Yes. I am still have it. Pm sent.

Baccaurea Angulata
Photo add tomorrow.
Hurry up.!!!

I want 1o seeds of Mangosten and 1o seeds of Willughbeia elmerii  send to Germany! :)
Pm sent. Still have 12 seeds for you. Last stock.

Can Willughbeia Elmeri grow in south florida (zone 10a)?
It will grow fine, just needs to be protected for anything under 40F
Thanks your help my friend. ;D

Can Willughbeia Elmeri grow in south florida (zone 10a)?
I dont know my friend. What is your climate?
This is tropical fruit type.

Beni definitely sells fresh seeds.  Only things some got confiscated by aphis!  Beni can't help.  But definitely would buy again from him!
Do you have import permit my friend?

Durio Oxleyanus fresh fruit this day. Lets open order.

How many Willughbeia Elmeri seeds needed for good germination?
5 seeds enough my friend.

Hi Beni,

The seeds arrived today and they looked GREAT with some already starting to germinate! Top quality clean seeds! Thanks for the extra Durio seed!

Your welcome my friend. Hope all seeds can grow well.thanks a lot.

Hey Beni!

I received the seeds. But two had split. And one was squishy. :(


Seeds will split before germinate my friend.
So they are good condition.
I see your picture, seeds split look fresh, but it die now.
I am so sorry if give you bad service. Maybe i can improve next order.
Many thanks my friend.

10  kutejensis and 10 sunan
PM sent my friend.

What is your current list of seeds?
Seeds available:
Willughbeia elmerii
Artocarpus anisophyllus
Durio kutejensis
Durio zibethinus var. Petruk and sunan.
Baccaurea edulis.

like to order durio kutejensis and if you have durio z. var. sunan
I have durio zibethinus sunan and petruk.
Just limited seeds. Other variety

durio seed available?
Just durio kutejensis available my friend.
Sold out for durio oxleyanus.

can you ship by registered airmail ?.

Because If I used EMS sometimes I get trouble with the Customs.
I can send by registered air mail but very long time arrived. I just worried about seeds condition. Willughbeia not hardy type seeds. Not like guava seeds.

Thanks Beni! Seeds received yesterday. Expertly packed. A couple of the elmeriis appear to be sprouting already.
Thank my friend. Just want see again when seeds to be plant and produce fruit. Hehe

Hi Beni, seeds arrived in just 8 days! Everything was packed well and in great condition. Willughbeia is already sprouting! Thank you again, very happy

Thanks a lot my friend.
Just hope all seeds can grow well in your garden. Hehe

Hi Beni,

The Willughbeia seeds arrived today, well packaged and and good shape.

Thank you,
Thanks my friend. Hope all seeds can grow well.

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