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Got some cut nut (Barringtonia edulis) seeds today from Borneo :)
Thank you Han Sen 汉臣

Mr,thank you for ur reply and good response

Hi, I just wanted to say I received last week seeds from Han in good conditions, and very good communication

Thank you Mr

Nangkcem seeds arrived here yesterday in best contition after 4 weeks on the way Professional packing
Thank you

Mr,thank you for ur reply and good response

Hi Mr. Han!
Any chance for seeds of red skinned longan? :)

Thank you for asking, may be later,if have i will post here,so pls bookmark this post, Thank you

Mr Paraponera,
Thank you for ur good response, happy farming ...

Thanks you, mr Nullzero ...

mine came today very good !!!!!
thanks john

Oh...great, can mr take some seeds condition photo for my view to improve my services in future, thanks!

Hey Han,

It's been about 2 weeks. Just letting you know that the package never made it. :/

Mr, be patient, from here to US, normally take time around 15 days ...

Seeds arrived today, very well packaged and in good condition.

Thanks Han.

Thank you and happy farming

The seeds will running out soon ...  :)

Anyone plant this?

Hi Han, any info that you can share about Cempedak Durian? I mean about flavor or characteristics, is it
Cempedak season now or when, thanks!

Sweet,aromatic,and some people tell me their have durian flavour, but totally i am not agree at all ...


10.Seedless Cempedak/CH35
(Artocarpus Integer) 
usd4.00/seed(very limited seeds)

I have seen this fruit in Dubai and it was one of the best fruit I ever had in my life. It was very sweet and had a beautiful aroma.

I mentioned it before in this topic

Good luck

Mr, thank you for the comments, ur right abt this, i am a fruit tree collecter, not go into large-scale planting, but just collect some variety(just nearly 300)and plant few tree of each ... and i am very focus in collecting the variety info or i feel need to correct it if the info is wrong before ... and for this seedless variety, no many is know the variety register code in Malaysia. I feel it name Seedless just for easy to call it(not meaning doesn't have seed) then "flat seeds cempedak/empty seeds cempedak/dead seeds cempedak", the real facts is in average 40pulp in one fruit, average only 5 alive sprouting seeds, and the other seeds is  "flat seeds/empty seeds/dead seeds" ... pls refer to the photo in post,more clearly ... tq for reading

I see you have brix meter, that is cool.  8)

By the way, Have you tested Nangcem with Brix Meter ?. How much did you get ?.

Thank you

Mr, i found it ... the cempedaks brix% is always high ... some variety maybe go to 40, will found out someday ...

Yes, i have the photo,need found out i save to here ... 😄

Anyone interest Honey Salak(Salacca Zalacca) seeds ?

Thanks for comments ...

Anyone Grow this ?

Dear Han, I would like10 seeds of G.forbesii . What would be the postage to India? Since I am away from India, Can you send fresh seeds around May 10th? Regards, Chandramohan.

Halo, Mr ...
If still have fresh seeds at that time,i will inform u back, thanks !

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