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Citrus General Discussion / Re: Citrus seedlings, some odd observations.
« Last post by Lory on Today at 10:08:49 PM »
All your seedlings look HEAVILY overwatered, you even have moss growing on the soil.
Resuce the water and geve more light, they will surely improve.
As for my experience lemon, kalamansi, orange seedlings grow like weeds
Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Mulberry Thread.
« Last post by Lory on Today at 10:05:09 PM »
Citrus General Discussion / Re: My Citrus trees
« Last post by Lory on Today at 10:04:05 PM »
I never tried the chandler but the Magallanes is soooo sweet and juicy and NO BITTER aftertaste like some grapefruit.
You're welcome Luis, de nada, foi um prazer!  ;)
First time seeing this thread, great topic!

Gac is high in fat, right?

eleagnus latifolia has some decent fat content, I believe.

Purslane, the weed, is high is omega 3 fatty acid, if that counts...

also, never knew there was notable fat content in muntingia fruit, very cool:)
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: WTB Passion fruit cuttings
« Last post by roblack on Today at 09:33:09 PM »
Hey! I have:

Panama Red
Opossum Purple (small seedling available)
Orgiant (passiflora edulis) - big fruits, supposed to be hardy and tasty
p. nitida
p. edulis (yellow fruit)
p. incarnata
p. foetida hispida

Let me know if you any of these are of interest.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Otto Anderson Fruiting Again
« Last post by jabomano on Today at 09:20:38 PM »
Maybe its fruit is immature, so red, my Jabuticaba Ašu Paulista, when mature has fruits is almost black.

Jabuticaba ašu paulista, like all other Paulistas, is classified as Plinia Cauliflora.

Yes. The fruit is red then turns dark when mature.
Wow, you did quite a bit of grafting. One thing I see is that you could have perhaps stretched the parafilm a bit more as you are wrapping the scion. It's not a big issue but keeping the wrap tight will help to hold in the moisture better. It is so rewarding to graft and to see the scions push. Let us know when you start to see some of them busting out of the tape.


You're right, I didn't know as it was my 1st time & I didn't want to break the parafilm but now I know for next time!! I will keep updating as soon as there is anything to update. Also I wanted to thank the forum member who provided me the 6 budwood scions!! It really is greatly appreciated!!!(You know who you are!)
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