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Hi, This is Louise King, horticulturist at the Fruit & Spice Park. Adam, I saw your post. We'd be happy to have the group come down for a visit in November. You are welcome to pick fruit while you are here but I'm afraid it will be slim pickings as the trees are still in recovery mode. From what I see today, there might be some bilimbi, canistel, maybe a jackfruit. Irma did quite a bit of damage to the collection, but we feel pretty optimistic that almost all the trees that fell over will recover. I will start a new thread on the status of the Fruit & Spice park to keep you all posted on how the Park is doing.
But Adam give me a call (305) 242-7934, when you finalize the date and know how many will be in your group. FYI: the cafe is back open and serving lunch if you all get hungry. See you then!

thanks Louise!  I'm glad you found this thread!

I will contact you ASAP, and will bring some plants to donate if you need. 

Sorry to hear the park got damaged, I hope you have a swift recovery.

talk to you soon!

thanks again!

Taking a vote to see what the majority wants.

lol, all these pics with the sun behind the leaf aren't necessary,

it's better to see pic of whole tree if possible, so i can see growth habit, and bark,

old growth and new growth photos are good like you already uploaded of course.

it looks more like coronata to me, but I can't say for sure what you have.

Glad to see some people getting on board...

so for now, our group visit is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Nov 16, 2017, @1030-11am.

I will try to contact the park to get some sort of permission to pick a few fruits...not sure if they will let me pick them myself, but I know they will pick them for us, you just have to find an employee and ask them.

Last photo remind me more of phitrantha than coronata, but hard to say from photos.   I don't trust daleys, they are way behind when it comes to Plinia / Myrciaria knowledge.

Thinking of organizing a group to meet at Fruit and Spice park in November, maybe on the 16th, @1030-11am?

I would take the group on a tour of the park, and show them some of the lesser known fruits, mostly Annonas, Garcinias, Eugenias, Plinias, and other oddball species, not much of the Jackfruits, mangoes, lychees, longans and other more common fruits the park is famous for.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Myrciaria guaquiea
« on: October 21, 2017, 04:15:06 PM »

About two years since grafting, no fruit yet, but I'm waiting patiently. Has anyone fruited one of these recently?

doubt anyone has fruited it, the mother tree is about 8ft, and my grafted trees are about would be the time they flower, but i see no blooms yet

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mamey Sapote oil extraction process
« on: October 19, 2017, 02:42:34 PM »
Extraction and purifi cation of mamey sapote
seed oil (MSSO)
The  oil  was  extracted  in  a  Soxhlet  apparatus 
using  hexane.  The  extraction  was  performed  during 
periods of  6 hours from dehydrated and milled seeds
(with  about  15%  humidity)  until  the  samples  were 
completely exhausted. The solvent was removed from
the  resulting  micelle  in  a  rotary  laboratory  (Büchi 
RE 111) at reduced pressure.
The lipid fraction was stored in a container pro-
tected from light under refrigerated conditions until
processing and/or analysis.
The  obtained  oil  was  purified  by  an  adaptation 
of   the  Wesson  method  (Mehlenbacher,  1970).  In 
this  procedure,  the  oil  was  dissolved  in  petroleum 
ether  (1:5  mass/volume)  and  1  mL  of   a  14%  potas-
sium hydroxide solution was added to each gram of 
oil, with vigorous agitation; subsequently, 50% ethyl
alcohol  was  added  at  1:2.5  (mass/volume)  based  on 
the mass of  oil, with agitation and then resting, until
separation of  the phases. The ether layer containing
the neutral oil was processed to recover the purified
oil. It was then stored under refrigeration (−5 °C) and
protected from light until processing and/or analysis.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Fall Fruit Plate 11 Different Fruits
« on: October 17, 2017, 01:25:02 PM »
Nice fruits, and nice to see you posting once again.  8)

thanks Oscar.

I'm hoping to add some new info, I see a few threads with outdated names, and descriptions, and lots of mistakes that I made.  I don't keep a journal, but I guess this forum is the closest thing.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Fall Fruit Plate 11 Different Fruits
« on: October 16, 2017, 06:21:48 PM »
not 11 types of fruit here, but i figured I'd post on the fruit plate thread.
Seems like autumn / fall i usually get a nice assortment of fruits.

Well, you are right, they dont look just at the leaf venation, the method seems to be the "Foliar architecture" one, and they dont talk about flowers, fruits, etc., that's why it seemed interesting to me, I will keep trying, this is a hard subject for me!

i think it might help to get the book by Harri Lorenzi, Frutas No Brasil.

they lay everything out for you, with clear pictures and descriptions, from there you can start to identify some of the trees that are in question.  But you will also need clues about your small seedlings, such as the seller, or the place the tree came from specifically, and also a picture or description of the fruit...growth habit, and tree size, and natural habitat.  And of course the book does not have every species or variety, so you'll have to browse the internet for websites, and posts on social media, to identify extra rare specimens.

let me tell you, it's a full time job, trying to figure out which species of Plinia you have  ;D

yes i see the study, and they mention many other factors as I've stated, like leaf texture...I would have trouble identifying a species just by looking at the venation of the leaf, i need to see the bark, the growth habit, and to see new growth, old growth, pubescence on leaf, etc... and of course flowers and fruit help to pin point an ID...

Yes, but... look at this study:

"Summary: Foliar architecture of native species of Myrtaceae from Argentina I: Groups "Myrcia","Myrceugenia" and "Plinia". Nineteen species of native flora were studied to find patterns of leaf architecture to differentiate the Argentinean species of the groups (informal subtribal) "Plinia", "Myrcia" and "Myrceugenia" (sensu Lucas et al. 2007), (Tribe Myrteae, Family Myrtaceae). The leaves studied in this work are characterized by being simple, with apex and base variable, membranaceous to coriaceous in texture, and with entire margin. Its venation pattern is characterized by having the first vein category pinnate, simple, and straight, without agrophic veins; venation of secondary category with always brochidodromous-camptodromous veins, with one paramarginal vein, and may have two, one, or none intramarginal vein; the third and fourth vein category are random reticulate or branched, the areolae vary from undeveloped to fully developed and venules branching one, two, or more times.

Key words: Leaf Architecture; Myrtaceae; "Group Myrcia"; "Group Plinia"; "Group Myrceugenia"; Argentina."

sorry, the main text is in spanish...

For instance, for plinia rivularis they wrote:

"Descripción: Hojas simples, pecioladas, de 4.0-4.9 cm de largo y 1.5-2.1 cm de ancho, con lámina coriácea, simétricas, micrófilas, ovadas a elípticas; con base aguda cuneada y, ápice agudo acuminado, rostrado. Margen entero. Pecíolo normal y marginal, 5-6 de mm de largo y 1 mm de ancho. Venación de primera categoría pinnada, simple y recta; sin venas agróficas. 29- 35 pares de venas secundarias, camptódromas, broquidódromas, con vena paramarginal formada por venas de segunda categoría y, con una vena intramarginal formada por los ojales de venas de tercera categoría. Las venas de segunda categoría emergen irregularmente en ángulo agudo (70º en la base, 55º-70º en el centro y 90º en el ápice); curvadas y separadas de manera no uniforme. Áreas intercostales bien desarrolladas con ninguna, 1, 2 o 3 venas intersecundarias simples (raramente compuestas). Venación de tercera categoría reticulada al azar, de curso recto o sinuoso, las venas emergen variablemente en ángulo recto u obtuso. Venación de cuarta y quinta categoría reticulada al azar. Aréolas bien desarrolladas, con 4-5 lados y orientadas al azar. Vénulas ramificadas una o más veces. Venación de mayor orden: séptimo u octavo. Venación última marginal ojalada completa."

auto translation:

"Description: Simple leaves, petiolate, 4.0-4.9 cm long and 1.5-2.1 cm wide, with coriaceous lamina, symmetrical, microphilic, ovate to ellipticals; with acute cuneate base and, apex acute acuminate, rostrado. Full margin. Normal and marginal petiole, 5-6 mm long and 1 mm wide. First category pinnate, simple and straight; without agronomic veins. 29- 35 pairs of secondary veins, camptódromas, broquidódromas, with paramarginal vein formed by veins of second category and, with an intramarginal vein formed by the veins of third category veins. The second category veins emerge irregularly at an acute angle (70º at the base, 55º-70º at the center and 90º at the apex); curved and unevenly spaced. Well developed intercostal areas with none, 1, 2 or 3 simple intersecundary (rarely compound) veins. Venation of third category randomly cross-linked, straight or sinuous, the veins emerge variably at right or obtuse angle. Venation of fourth and fifth category reticulated at random. Well-developed, 4-5-sided, randomly oriented arbors. Branched veins one or more times. Venation of greater order: seventh or eighth. Venation last marginal full eye."

This is great! I just paypal friended him a little. Cut out the bloodsuckers. Abimael is good man.

lol i forgot about that trick...

i think gofundme takes 5% and then some?

Are these people selling to the general public or just to the in crowd? ;P Are they on the forum? I'd like to make contact, see if I can make my Dream a reality.
Anyone reading this who'd be willing to sell me a grafted Dream, pm me please!

Dominic is on here as theDom, and i think sulcata groves has their business name, do a user name search on the forum and you should be able to send them a PM or email.

thanks SonnyCrockett,

just doing mail order, and the one show per year in Manatee county, i love that sale, it's a one day sale on a Saturday, and it gets crazy.

Well, that's a shame.  It sounded so promising.  If you want to sell one of your grafted plants, I'm currently looking for one and some pitangatuba seeds/plants.  I'll be down in Orlando area in November.  Aren't you near that area?  Or did you move?

not a shame really, i had grafted back up trees, and they're doing great...i was able to keep the variety alive....

but I'm not selling either of my two back up trees, that would be foolish.

I stopped having customers visit my nursery, there's too much liability here, and honestly I don't have the patience to deal with most people in person...and my new dog Rex, is quick to scratch a visitor's car door.  :D

Gotcha...  Yeah.  Plants are much easier to deal with than people. 

I wasn't sure if your grafted plants were from your mother tree or another line. Well good thing you saved it.

Do you just do the big plant shows or mail order or did you stop selling all together?

Well, that's a shame.  It sounded so promising.  If you want to sell one of your grafted plants, I'm currently looking for one and some pitangatuba seeds/plants.  I'll be down in Orlando area in November.  Aren't you near that area?  Or did you move?

not a shame really, i had grafted back up trees, and they're doing great...i was able to keep the variety alive....

but I'm not selling either of my two back up trees, that would be foolish.

I stopped having customers visit my nursery, there's too much liability here, and honestly I don't have the patience to deal with most people in person...and my new dog Rex, is quick to scratch a visitor's car door.  :D

here is a video of the little back up tree setting fruits all over...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Annona spinescens germination
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:11:17 PM »
i saw some that germinated in about 3-4 weeks, but a delay of over 60 days wouldn't surprise me...anything is possible.

btw, i still have seeds for sale...

Adam do you ever sell grafted Dreams?

Annonas are so hard to keep up with, ive just been selling scions, but I think Dominic Leotti is grafting some, i got two from him, lol...even though i have two big trees.

Wayne Clifton has been pumping them out too..

and Sulcata Grove??

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Alternative rootstock for Ross Sapote?
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:06:57 PM »
there's someone on FB, in some of the groups like Tx rare fruit growers, and she doesn't use the forum, but she's doing some experiments with ross grafting, and other pouterias, so far looking good for a few species i thought didn't have a abiu on cansitel?  and a few others i forget...

i think Felipe showed me pics of mamey grafted on canistel growing very well, i always thought that combination was a dead end....

but there's more to identifying a species, than just looking at venation.

to me that is very one dimensional

consider the leaf texture, pubescense, the petiole, also the leaf arrangement, or how they're positioned....many other factors...

sometimes you just have to wait for some fruit to tell what you have, the foliage can be deceptive, as seen when trying to differentiate between species like phitrantha and aureana.
yes it does look like Grimal.

your collection is growing quickly, your doing great work, congratulations!
Thanks, I was lerning from you and other forum members, you are doing a great job too. And I really love fruits and jaboticabas the most, so I just cant stop! It cant be grimal because in Argentina we just dont have it... but it looks like that.

it is SOOOOOO difficult to ID jaboticabas, many of them are similar to sabara but for instance Helton says some of them are coronata... and other people say they are cauliflora, and so on... I really would like to ID them by the leaf venation: it should be possible for many especies, and many of them are really different, for instance p. rivularis, m. vexator, are really different from m. jaboticaba, m. trunciflora, m. caufliflora... etc

Maybe we just have a lot of HYBRID trees and they are playing tricks with us!

If we could ID if by just smelling the leaves, as for instance with e. uniflora!

Thank u all who have donated this means to alot to him.

Any amount of donation is enough. Lets all help him rebuild.

yes more donations, every little bit adds up...imagine being without power, and trying to keep it all together.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Annona Rosada
« on: October 14, 2017, 01:34:48 PM »
prettiest Annona fruits west of the Mississippi?

oh hell maybe east too... :D

Finally tasted my first dream fruit after 3+ years of planting and even though I haven't tried many anonas (custard apple and soursop), this lives up to the hype. I can taste have, soursop and call me crazy, but even a mango-like flavor.  Glad i was able to finally try it out.

one of most delicious, and easy to grow fruits for FL.

i haven't figured that part out yet, but will do it soon, i think they either send you a check or they wire it directly to your account?

they take a little more than 5%?

and you probably have to claim the money as some sort of gift? or charitable donation that you received when you file your taxes?

Can we pay PayPal? And can you see if we can add our other good friend Abimael from Puerto Rico somehow?

i think gofundme allows people to use paypal as a payment method!

wow I forgot about our dear friend Abimael. 

Let me know if you need help setting up a gofundme for him, it's pretty easy.   The hard part is coming up with a decent story (sob story  :'( :P )  I think you could pretty much just copy and paste my story for Bob, and replace his name with Abimael's, and also change is location in PR, so it's not the island of Vieques....and also maybe change the list of rare plant that he's introducing.

there's no lie being told, because these guys are honestly pushing the limits and trying to enrich their local communities, with new rare fruits that have economic, and nutritive, and medicinal potential.

I have spoken to him. I asked if we can help. He said he is ok. But we do really want to help him. How does the processing go as far as giving the money using go fund me?

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