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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Jaboticaba "Sabará-de-Cabinho"
« on: May 25, 2017, 11:32:00 AM »
Beautiful fruits and photos, how do they taste? identical to sabará?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: new jaboticaba to ID
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:31:08 PM »
I concluded that, maybe, it is a red jabo

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Eugenia calycina 'Nelita'
« on: May 19, 2017, 06:09:59 PM »
Eugenia calycina 'Nelita'... the movie:

I'd love to see more of your greenhouse. Maybe a tour video? You've got such an impressive Eugenia collection after all.

+1, and it would be nice to stop the camera at some leaves (for comparing species or cultivars) or fruits, thanks, amazing video and photos.

Hi, amazing, congrats... rooting jaboticabas is possible, there are a lot of documents on the net, but it is very difficult and it varies with species, dont know what is your species (not m  cauliflora, maybe m. jaboticaba -sabara...).

The best time to do it is spring and the best is to use new growth, as you did! Jaboticaba is very hardy and a cutting could survive in water for many weeks, but, normally, they dont produce roots! and there are documents on the net that show you that rooting hormone would not help. But maybe you species, temperature and rooting hormone were the best possible to root it.

I could never did it (tried with 10 cm new growth cuttings from myrciaria cauliflora - paulista), will try the next spring.

Would you recommend partial shade while they are young... then full sun after they mature?


full shade now till they recover, and not too hot!

They were started in filtered greenhouse light...  but they now reside in full Alabama sun.

Also I use municipal water source.


I think both things could kill them easily... you should give them more shade and rain water if possible!

Kevin, are you given them too much sun? I think they would prefer acid soils (maybe pitangatuba could need something more alcaline) and shade, till they are 30 or 40cm tall... here at my house they all grow fine if I put them in the shade.

Many of my grumichamas looked like yours when in bad soils and/or too much sun/hot.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Jaboticabaholics Anonymous
« on: May 13, 2017, 08:33:21 AM »
Sorry, I need some help to id this:

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: new jaboticaba to ID
« on: May 13, 2017, 05:41:00 AM »

maybe jabomano or other maniacs could help?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / new jaboticaba to ID
« on: May 12, 2017, 09:52:36 PM »
Being that Adam is not checking the forum, it would be difficult to ID this jaboticaba, but I will post it anyway... there are a lot of forum members that grow jaboticabas and there are some "maniacs" and jaboticabaholics here so I have some hope...

The leaves remember me the red jaboticaba (myrciaria aureana x myrciaria cauliflora), but this is not possible as the source is from Misiones and almost nobody grows red jaboticaba here at Argentina. So I am thinking it could be myrciaria cauliflora or something similar... but I am not good identifying plants.

Hi, I am still harvesting some fruits (myrcia selloi, eugenia repanda, arazá-una, sete capotes, psidium australe) and have many fresh seeds of them and other species to sell.

So I'm dropping prices, 50% off

* Angola guava (psidium guajava) (New, march 2017)
20 seeds (USD 4  )
40 seeds (USD 7)

* Psidium guyanense (or psidium spp.) (NEW 24 march 2017) VERY RARE
5 seeds, 7 USD

NOTE: it is not psidium guineense! they are more rare, psidium guyanense, the fruit is bigger, leaves are much different -shiny, brilliant- and to me it is easier to grow / more hardy! The flavour to me is really better than guineense (more complex and similar to strawberry guava).

* Araçá do folha marrom (psidium australe)  VERY RARE
10 seeds: 8 USD

* Black Eugenia Repanda,  VERY RARE, justr a few left
5 seeds (USD 7)
10 seeds (USD 13)

* myrcia selloi,  VERY RARE, out of stock
5 seeds (USD 5)
10 seeds (USD 9)

* Araçá-una / black strawberry guava or purple forest guava (psidium eugeniaefolia),  VERY RARE
10 seeds: 7 USD
20 seeds: 12 USD

* Red Strawberry guava (psidium cattleianum var sabine)
20 seeds (USD 2)
40 seeds (USD 3)
80 seeds (USD 6)

* Yellow lemon guava (psidium cattleianum var lucidum) (New, march 2017), 2 varieties
20 seeds (USD 3)

* Organge tamarillo (solanum betaceum) (New, may 2017),
20 seeds (USD 3)

* Sete capotes (campomanesia guazumifolia) out of stock
5 seeds (USD 5)
10 seeds (USD 9)

* Jiló (solanum gilo)
20 seeds (USD 3)
40 seeds (USD 4)

* Aguaymanto (physalis peruviana)
20 seeds (USD 3)

I accept paypal, WU, bitcoins, etc.

Shipping cost is aprox. 10 USD for light mails (dry seeds) 30 days service, and 16 (less than 20gr) or 20 USD (up to 150 gr) for 15 days service.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Luc's Garcinia
« on: May 10, 2017, 01:22:57 PM »
I think Oscar is very right, I grow similar species, garcinia brasilensis, in the shade or semi shade

As soon as I get more seeds/species I will post in the forum, but this will be most likely by next spring, we are on autumn now; I am still eating some myrcia selloi, eugenia repanda, there is 1 psidium australe in the bush and sete capotes is still flowering and bearing just a few.

I am about to get many new species, some of them unknown eugenias and psidium.

Thanks for reporting,

Now I have these ones:

* Angola guava (psidium guajava) (New, march 2017)
20 seeds (USD 8  )
40 seeds (USD 15)
80 seeds (USD 28)

* Psidium guyanense (or psidium spp.) (NEW 24 march 2017)
5 seeds, 15 USD (stock, 25 seeds)

* Araçá do folha marrom (psidium australe)
10 seeds: 16 USD

* Black Eugenia Repanda
5 seeds (USD 14)
10 seeds (USD 26)
20 seeds (USD 48)
40 seeds (USD 90)

* myrcia selloi
5 seeds (USD 10)
10 seeds (USD 18)
20 seeds (USD 34)

Araçá-una / black strawberry guava or purple forest guava (psidium eugeniaefolia)
10 seeds: 14 USD
20 seeds: 25 USD

Natal Plum (Carissa macrocarpa)
10 seeds USD 5
20 seeds USD 9

Red Strawberry guava (psidium cattleianum var sabine)
20 seeds (USD 4)
40 seeds (USD 7)
80 seeds (USD 12)
160 seeds (USD 22)

Yellow lemon guava (psidium cattleianum var lucidum) (New, march 2017)
20 seeds (USD 4)
40 seeds (USD 7)
80 seeds (USD 12)
160 seeds (USD 22)

Sete capotes (campomanesia guazumifolia)
5 seeds (USD 10)
10 seeds (USD 18)
20 seeds (USD 34)
40 seeds (USD 60)

Jiló (solanum gilo)
20 seeds (USD 5)
40 seeds (USD 8)
60 seeds (USD 11)

Aguaymanto (physalis peruviana)
20 seeds (USD 5)
40 seeds (USD 8 )
60 seeds (USD 11)

Hi VUgearhead, yes it looks similar but it is not yellow strawberry guava at all, the fruit is very different. I call it "arazá blanco", you can name her "white arazá" or so

It is 1.6m tall now or so, nice tree.

Very nice looking/sounding fruit!!

Do you have any pictures of what the whole tree looks like?

I will take photos today, it looks almost like strawberry guava but with bigger leaves.

isn´t Psidium guyanense synonymous to Psidium guineense?
You grow both.
Your photos and taste reports are quite different.

Hi, not synonymous at all, right. But I dont know if I have p. guyanense or and unknown psidium.

I am surprised about the almost no interest about this species, the taste is very good, it is very hardy, fruit is bigger than strawberry guava, taste is different (maybe a mix of tailand tropical guava and strawberry guava), seeds and leaves are bigger than psidium cattleianum.

There is very little info on the net about guyanense:

those reports talk about 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m tall plants.

Thanks for reporting.

I hope all of you can grow them just fine... my main pourpose is to spread useful species and some of them should be saved from extinction.

Today I sent 3 more mails.

Today I tasted another perfectly ripe araza-una and I can confirm that the taste is almost identical to the best jaboticabas I tasted! very remarkable. I have more seeds now

Hi, just for the record: psidium eugeniaefolia is bearing fruits again, it produced 2 batches of fruits, one in the middle of the summer, and other in the beginning of the autumn. Eugenia repanda is doing so too, sete capotes floweres till some days ago, and mycia selloi is still bearing, it also has green fruits on it.

Adding: Angola guava

Many guavas measure 7º to 10º Brix (, but this one is 13º Brix. The man who gave me the seeds 3 years ago told me it was the best he had (and he grows 10 varieties)

Angola guava (psidium guajava) (New, march 2017)
20 seeds (USD 8 )
40 seeds (USD 15)
80 seeds (USD 28)

It is more sweet than acid, but it has a nice acid touch, better than my paraguayan guavas and similar to the white asian guava, but with more seeds.

Hi, adding psidium guyanense (or unknow psidium spp.). Not p. guineense: It is very rare.

Taste report:

Psidium guyanense (or psidium spp.)
5 seeds, 15 USD (stock, 25 seeds)

Hi, today is an exiting day for me!

This is NOT psidium guineense, nor psidium cattleianum,it is rare.

I went to my backyard to watch the trees and walked directly to my unknow psidium spp. (maybe p. guyanense), touch the fruit, saw it was getting yellow but it was soft to the touch (maybe just ripe or maybe the worms were doing their job...), so I moved it a bit and it fell down.

Sweet and acid, 12º Brix, the gelatinous pulp sticks to the seeds just as strawberry guava, similar taste to this one, and the leaves of the plant are similar too.

If you never tasted strawberry guava and you cant compare/imagine the flavour, I would say it tastes like guava+tomato or you can compare it to a pear, very similar experience.

It reminded me the white asian guava I tasted one year ago, it was the best I had, but this one is more acid, making it very good for juices, icecreams and mermelades.

It had just 2 fruit fly worms inside, but that means that the fruit would be tastier and sweeter without worms that dont allow it to ripe just fine. It was not too much damaged. Seeds are bigger than tropical guavas and strawberry guavas I know, 4mm to 5mm diameter.

So, I think this is a very good species, it grows very fast and bears in 3 years, 1m tall. I really dont know about its frost resistance, but here at my backyard It had no problems at -1ºC.

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