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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Papaya question
« Last post by fruitlovers on Today at 05:39:11 AM »
I have a Papaya tree growing in Scottsdale,  AZ.  Been in ground 3 years.  At least 15 feet tall.  Constantly with fruit.  Bought it as an unnamed seedling at a garden event.
Problem is, I don't like the taste of the fruit.  Kind of has an unpleasant aftertaste.
Anyone have recommendation for easy to find varieties, that would be on the high end of the flavor profile?
In your climate zone no papaya is going to taste very good in winter or fall. They need warm weather to develop good sweet taste. Good complete fertilizer will also help.
Citrus General Discussion / Re: Cara Cara vs Tarocco ?
« Last post by Ilya11 on Today at 04:42:27 AM »
I am far from Sicily, but my Tarocco (TDV variety) has a nice color already in January

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Papaya question
« Last post by RodneyS on Today at 04:36:38 AM »
I recommend Sunrise papaya.  I obtained my seeds from the University of Hawaii at Manoa seed bank
Sorry didn't finish that post.The sibabat band black one obviously are the better types and have real commercial potential if they are productive enough.

Look at one report from 1981
Native bulala can be found in the Philippine mountains, but the fruit is poor. It is, however, used by most propagators as root stock for pulasan because of its strong growth. The introduced pulasan is of a very fine quality, and many who have tasted the fruit consider it superior to that of the Chinese litchi.
The pulasan is a tree that will adapt from sea level to some 300 metres. In fact, in Jakarta, they are raised between 230 and 300 metres above Sea level. It prefers a well-distributed rainfall and is more resistant to drought than the rambutan.
The first imports to the Philippines were from Indonesia in 1912 and were grown from seed. However, the more successful pulasan was introduced as a budded plant, but its variety is not known. The fruit are of very fine quality, and it is suspected that it is of the sibabat variety. Some of the commercial varieties in Indonesia are koeneng, merah, poetih and sibabat.

The Kamerung varieties from the 1970s were,
Pulasan varieties: Dow, Lee, P1, P3, P36, Sibabat, Unnamed
There were others that were brought in the 1980s.
I have fruiting bulala, and wouldn't say the fruit quality is poor. They are not as good as pulasan or rambutan, but still pretty darned good, and extremely  productive.a They are very juicy and have unique taste.  The bulala are compatible with pulasan but not a great rootstock as it tends to sprout a lot below the graft and eventually overpowers the scion if not very regularly pruned back.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Che AKA Chinese Mulberry
« Last post by fruitlovers on Today at 03:13:42 AM »
I think this fruit tastes very nice. Very juicy, with a  juice tasting very similar to watermelon juice. Unfortunately they don't do well in tropical climate.
Citrus General Discussion / Re: Cara Cara vs Tarocco ?
« Last post by Mando408 on Today at 02:37:56 AM »
What is amazing is that here in Europe, Tarocco from Italy is the best orange I ever tasted.
Much better than Moro or Sanguinelli. May be its variety in US is different, in Italy they have several dozens of  clones with different degree of color and time of maturity.
That's pretty much what I kept reading when doing my research on citrus varieties a few years back when I was going to graft a tree. Everything and everybody basically said Tarocco was the best tasting but hardly any pigmentation (read it's considered a half blood in Italy from the lack of color). Moro on the other hand, the worst tasting (for a blood orange) but it's the most pigmented, which is one of the reasons it's grown commercially, other reasons are crop size and they ripen easier/consistently. I'm kind of surprised that people here have the opposite opinion, maybe I chose the wrong blood orange to grow.

I ended up grafting Meyer lemon, Cara Cara, and Tarocco to the tree I mentioned earlier, last year I added Minneola tangelo, Tahitian pomelo, and a mandarin variety (Kishu, Owari, or Pixie. not sure what stuck). Last year my tree also gave me my first Meyer crop, this year my first Cara Caras, but Tarocco looks like it still isn't ready to flower. I only got about a dozen oranges but I think I might have picked them too soon, most were good and tasted how an orange should but the last one I picked on Valentines Day, it tasted great, it was the only one that had that "complexity" I kept reading about
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Che AKA Chinese Mulberry
« Last post by achetadomestica on Today at 12:52:16 AM »
What do you think of the fruit?

Last year it had fruit but dropped it, this year was much colder and it dropped all
it's leaves. Now it has leafed out and I am hoping for flowers/fruit?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Should I plant these vanilla cuttings yet?
« Last post by Stevo on Today at 12:50:25 AM »
They are guaranteed to grow from cuttings strait into the soil you dont have to
wait for roots
Limited seeds ... PM me if u interest ...
Alexander really a very nice person and seller.I got the seeds even in the cold and they are all alive.Thanks for the seeds, my friend.
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