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Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: Torch Ginger
« Last post by LivingParadise on Today at 03:40:50 PM »
I have four colors, Pink, Red, Rose and White.

Wow, I am so jealous! That's awesome! Is there a distinct difference in flavor between each color?
Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: Yacon review
« Last post by LivingParadise on Today at 03:39:46 PM »
I don't have any left - the plants flowered and died. I really hope the roots I saved will sprout into new plants, but nothing so far. Maybe in the rainy season?

Also, I wrote a whole bunch of threads for the original Veg forum, and I'd hate to remake all of them. I hope they can be moved over!
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Uses for Starfruit and Sapodilla
« Last post by LivingParadise on Today at 03:37:19 PM »
I so wish that were my problem! Maybe someday... So far, the Hasya Sapodilla is very happy but only has produced 3 fruit in 3 years, despite hordes of flowers. And every starfruit I put in the ground gets destroyed by spider mites every dry season. I'm on my 4th tree, and it just lost its last leaf today despite multiple Neem sprays and extra watering. Hopefully the next round of leaves it looks like it's trying to put out will make it, so it won't totally die. But we have a super-spider-mite problem in the Keys that is aggressively wiping out hordes of plants over the last few years, so this is a problem not likely to be an issue for other people I guess. Only the rainy season keeps it at bay.

But starfruit is very good blackened, like with cajun or jerk spices, or in stirfry. Mix with other fruits and vegetables, and viola! Yum. Don't overcook to the point of being mushy - a quick stirfry with the seasoning is it.

I haven't experimented with sapodilla cooking yet, but I would think anything that would go well with the taste of brown sugar could benefit. I bet you could make baked sapodilla, or some kind of pudding, with cinnamon... kind of like one might do with apples. Different texture, but sapodilla is probably very tasty with vanilla and cinnamon, and maybe just a hint of butter (or like in a pastry). I don't add sugar or fat to my fruits, because I prefer them natural and eaten the way they are, but if one is really bored I'm sure there's a wealth of pastries to be made with sapodilla, and its moisture would lend well to baking like the way people use applesauce to replace oil in cakes and things. Blend some up and use in place of applesauce, which is used in place of oil for cakes, cookies, etc. Or, use as pie or cookie filling, or maybe even a layer between cakes? If you're someone who eats baked goods, this might be great. I wonder if anyone has ever tried making sapodilla bread, like with a banana bread recipe? Or muffins? It's probably awesome... add oats, or chia seed, or flax, or whatever, and it could be great from a health perspective also. I would think they're sweet enough when ripe that you don't need to add any sugar, or probably very little...
Yes, the color says it all with this fruit.  I have never picked a yellow one that was no sweet.  It's a great novelty fruit and always has something, nice when walking people around that don't know the fruits.
It can make a pretty good hedge too, in my opinion.  The large white flowers are attractive.

Thanks - once it's yellowish, is it done growing? Because this thing is so tiny, it's sad to pick it already - I'd be happy to wait if it could get any bigger. Also, it is hard to the touch - is that normal for a ripe fruit?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Uses for Starfruit and Sapodilla
« Last post by JF on Today at 02:47:21 PM »
how about sapodilla sherbet? taste identical to salty caramel. It's as good as Jenny's salty caramel, absolutely delicious.....carambolas I can do without. 
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Guava Tree?
« Last post by 8ofGac on Today at 02:39:44 PM »
spelled it wrong its " Gema De Doro"
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Uses for Starfruit and Sapodilla
« Last post by Viking Guy on Today at 02:18:44 PM »
Since these two fruit trees bear so heavily in South Florida, you're probably looking for ways to use the fruit.  If you enjoy fruit smoothies, either one is a great addition, and their flavor complements other fruit very well.  I'm using sapodillas at this time of year and starfruit during their season.  (HEALTH NUT ALERT: my standard breakfast--a smoothie with various fruits, plain Greek yogurt, chia seed, flax seed, hemp seed, apple juice or coconut water to make it liquid, and maybe a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.  Who knows--it may help me live to be 100, although my mother turns 100 this year without it!)

Maybe you'll make it to 120.  ;)
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Tagging trees
« Last post by Viking Guy on Today at 02:17:37 PM »
I'm using plastic label stakes large enough to write the fruit and cultivar, and use outdoor industrial CaseMate Permanent marker to avoid fading, and then spray them with exterior clearcoat to protect them from weather.

Works great and have held up for years.
Although Carlos in Homestead has experimented with lots of varieties, there are others to experiment with and keep an open mind about.  And what works best in Homestead might not be the best for other locations in Florida.  There are probably a lot of contenders for "best avocado" in Florida.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Uses for Starfruit and Sapodilla
« Last post by johnb51 on Today at 02:08:08 PM »
My friends made some Custard with Sapodilla (or was it Mamey Sapote? I can't recall), and it was good, creamy and caramel-y. It's probably good for loads of dessert recipes.
Yes, the sugar content and caramel flavor would make it ideal for dessert recipes.
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