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Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: cold hardy Citrus for zone 7b?
« Last post by Delvi83 on Today at 05:34:47 AM »
I think Arctic Frost Satsuma has more or less the same hardiness of other's just a Marketing operation. Anyway i would choose Russian cultivar (es. Sori Satsuma)
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: KEITT Mango
« Last post by Lory on Today at 04:30:24 AM »
Thanks for the good info William.
Actually mine is also lanky especially first couple of years i was thinking that something is wrong with nutrition,  i wondered why it looked like that.
Now it got more balanced shape but its canopy always looking a bit dishevelled  :D
I hope it will be productive here in my place. Until now it's  quite 5 years old and never flowered yet  :-\
¿Tenéis anonáceas silvestres en vuestra zona? Teóricamente los insectos que polinizan de forma natural la chirimoya en los Andes deben tener parientes más o menos cercanos en el resto de Sudamérica.
Working for me now, thanks Jeff!!
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: red jabo seeds
« Last post by palologrower on Today at 02:38:13 AM »
I"m interested in the pitangatuba and maybe some red jabo also.

I have araca boi seeds.  if not interested, can buy no problem.
Some forum members in Chula Vista, in southernmost San Diego county, and some in Orange county have managed to fruit starapple. Nobody, as yet, has been succesful in fruiting langsat in California.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: KEITT Mango
« Last post by Tropicdude on Today at 02:05:37 AM »
Keitt is a good mango,  very productive, relatively not much problem with  disease,  fruit can often get up to 2lbs.

What you can expect,    the fruit are not that colorful when ripe,   the tree can be "lanky" or the branches kind of hang all over the place. small trees with fruit will need to have support sticks holding the fruit off the ground.     one of the reasons its used commercially is, that it can be picked mature green,  and will survive shipping up to 3 weeks.   they handle well. 

OK. I"ll check back in May then. I'm pretty sure that this is what my wife calls "talpa jocote." She says it's much sweeter than genip.

Seeds available still?
Not any more Jeff, would be in May next year...
Gmail is working now. Email should be fully functional at this point.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Black sapote spacing and size control
« Last post by Ulfr on Today at 01:41:46 AM »
What sort of spacing can I get away with on black sapote. Bernicker I am not worried about at all with the way it grows.. recently picked up a Tahiti which looks more vigorous in the pot and wanted some info before it goes in the ground. The only distances I can find are for unpruned trees.

Note: I prune for size control where possible. Mangoes are spaced at 15ft.
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