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Author Topic: 2017 Wild Pawpaw Watch Thread  (Read 84 times)

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2017 Wild Pawpaw Watch Thread
« on: February 27, 2017, 12:38:31 PM »
With the early warm weather in many areas, it seems like we're ready to start the pawpaw watch this year!

I was out visiting a tree yesterday in the Nashville area, and it already had flowers starting to emerge on some buds. Petals still green and tightly closed, but they had begun emerging from the fuzzy brown buds for sure.

We had a low of 28-29 F on Sunday morning, so not sure how they will be affected. Lows over the next 15 days are all above freezing except for one day that's currently predicted at 32F.

We had a mild winter last year too, and bumper crops of wild fruit in my area. Hoping for the same again, and fingers crossed for no late frosts.

Anyone else have updates yet?


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Re: 2017 Wild Pawpaw Watch Thread
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2017, 01:18:24 PM »
My yard trees' flowers are starting to open up. Out of three mature trees, only two are heavily covered with buds/flowers. The middle tree has only a few. A wild one I have up by the house also has only a few. Mild weather here in Raleigh NC. At this point they only predict low's of 28 this coming weekend and again next weekend. I will be too busy covering everybody else so the pawpaws will just have to snuggle up to keep warm.


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