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I received the cuttings last night from Bush2Beach and they are large and in great shape and he threw in a bunch of extras.

Thanks !!!!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Anyone recognize this mango?
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:59:03 AM »
Orkine - I have 9 branches forming on the tree now so there should be enough material if it flushes as much this summer as last summer to harvest you a scion or two.  I've never cut-off a scion or prepared it for shipping so i'll need some help from the forum but i'll figure it out.  If you make a run to Orlando at the end of July or August shoot me a PM and maybe you can come clip the scions yourself and show me what to look for.  I can use a grafting lesson or two.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Anyone recognize this mango?
« on: May 24, 2018, 12:28:09 PM »

I asked when I bought it and he said just locally sourced mango seeds - nothing special one way or another.

Mangomongo - sorry, no other info on the growth habit, etc.  I was impressed by the amount of flowers the tree had considering it was probably only a 3 year old tree and potted = not in ground.  When i cut the fruit off earlier in the year i did squish a few of the baby fruits and the smell was sweet and fruity - very fragrant.   What that means for the fruit in the long run i have no idea, nor do i know what the tree will look like when it grow up but its seems like it will be a very wide tree - and overall with the weight of those mango's its going to need strong branching as well.

I don't have enuf info to say to pull it yet or keep it - but i'm keeping mine and i'm very happy with what i see so far - especially that the tree has no anthracnose issues while living and growing in Central Florida with our crazy summer humidity.

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Indoor Citrus planter
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:23:22 PM »
My mom successfully fruited an improved meyer lemon in Buffalo, New York for 5 of the last 6 years.  She was getting around 12-15 fruits a year from the tree and kept it inside from October when the nights started chilling off until May when it warmed up and was put outside for all of June / July / August / September.  The tree is about 3.5 / 4 feet tall.  It was around 2 feet when she got it so it doubled in size over these last 6 years.  The only winter sun / light the tree had was natural sunlight that filtered in through the east facing window and she used no fertilizer or any special dirt - actually just kept it in the pot it came in.

I inherited the tree a few months ago as the person she had taking care of it this last winter (mom is a snow-bird) way over-watered the plant and it dropped 95% of its leaves.  I've been able to nurse it back to health but there will be no lemons this year due to the over-watering and poor winter conditions.  That said, after spending the last month in the Florida sun it looks beautiful now - here's the pic.

So yeah, you can 100% flower one of those lemon trees with enough TLC - if my mom did it in Buffalo you can do it in Montana.

I agree with Daintree on the banana being the fastest grower - and probably one of the more difficult to get to flower / produce for you.  A few months ago on the main part of the forum a few people put up pictures of their banana's producing in pots but most people think its a bit of stretch to get those to produce in pots.  From what I've read, you'll need to hit it with 0-0-50 NPK fertilizer if you want to have half-a-chance as they are potassium hogs - and you'll need space.  Even the dwarf namwah's can get pretty damn big.  If they do fruit for you, they will also get very top-heavy.  A full bunch of bananas can weight 70-80 POUNDS and unless the pot you have them in is very stable you don't want gravity doing its thing and ruining your project.

I'm really looking forward to this show! What are you most excited to bring to the show? Anything new and exciting?
Probably grafted purple passion fruit vines (these are doing great at our place and out producing the non grafted vines with no signs of crown rot so far). Also Fei bananas, some Inga trees, a nicely branched Dream and grafted Jackfruit trees which look great right now.

Geo - did somebody buy that dream you brought with you?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Anyone recognize this mango?
« on: May 21, 2018, 04:22:57 PM »
I also got one.  There was a tag on mine when it arrived and was labeled "La Nina".  I bought it as a bare root plant last year and the part circled in red was the only branch it came with.

It flushed 3 or 4 times last summer and put on more growth than other mango that I owned.  No flushes during the wintertime at all but it had an enormous amount of flowers.  The flowers resulted in about 30 fruits being formed which I let get to about 50 cent piece size before I cut-off the pannicles and seem to be growing very, very fast.  The tree became VERY wide during that time as the weight of the flowers and the subsequent mangos bent the branches towards the ground.  The tree flushed again about 2 weeks ago and seems to have gotten the message to put its energy into growth rather than fruiting now.

Probably the most anthracnose hardy mango I have growing as NONE of the leaves have any sign of damage from that.  I do have a few leaves with insect damage but its minor.

The flushes have been light green in color as compared to all my other mangos which flush with a red/brown color in the leaves until the harden off.

Close inspection now is showing the tree is getting ready to flush again - i'm thinking maybe in another 2 or 3 weeks.

Lastly, the tree took the cold very well for me on the 32 degree nights but i did move the pot up under the fronch porch during those nights.  On the nights it went below 30 I moved the pot indoors.


How many years did it take to fruit?   I have a 1 year old seedling that is starting to put on some good growth but I know i'm still a long ways away from tasting.



Sorry about not getting back with you buy my original lunch meeting for work got pushed back til a dinner meeting which didn't end until almost 11pm last night and then I had to drive back last night to Orlando for work today here.

I'd love to get them but won't be back down in your area until the first week of May.  I don't know if you can / want to hold them til then - please let me know when you have a chance.



Citrus General Discussion / Re: Florida Citrus Got Bad News Today
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:47:35 PM »
So the spinach gene splicing doesn't seem to be working them. Ugg.  Was hopeful.

I'm down in Miami for work and will be finished tomorrow around 6pm.  If you can hold them a bit I'd love to pick them up from you rather than trashing them and give them a home.

I figured as much but since I'm going to be there anyway I figured I should just make sure.

Thanks for the feedback.

Taking the kids to a soccer game and would love to pick up some goodies.  Is anybody going to be open Sunday afternoon between 1pm-2pm?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: First Mangos of 2018
« on: March 26, 2018, 05:16:09 PM »
Color me jealous.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Wanted sumo citrus
« on: March 25, 2018, 07:42:59 PM »
I'd love a sumo tree also in central Florida.

As for the fruit, my local whole foods has been carrying them for the last month or so.

Sadly, I've gone through dozens and no seeds  :(

Mark - not only did you get the ribbon, you're having a GREAT HAIR DAY !!!

I made a very, very strong loquat aperitif last year that was fantastic.  Tasted just like strong amaretto.  Was just wonderful.  Have to give credit to one of the forum members as I read about doing that here.

I love all sorts of home brews - its pretty amazing what we can make when we put our mind to it.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Soursop Seeds Free
« on: March 22, 2018, 03:17:27 PM »
Sorry folks - all the seeds that I had were put in the mail yesterday around 10am and only 3 forum members had gotten to me in time.

I had these laying around the house for a few weeks already and the wife was bugging me to use them or give them away or use them and from what I had read they germinate best if they're put into dirt within 30 days so.

If I get more I'll post up.  The last few times I was in whole foods they had soursop fruit but none of the fruit was in good shape and I'm not going to spend $10.00 a pound to end up throwing away the fruit.

Last summer I took one of the twistees from a store and cut it up in quarters and within 3 weeks those segments were pushing new growth from the base section that was put into the ground.

The big draw back to that is those plants from the quartered top are much, much, much smaller than the twistees that I just put into the ground whole.

From the looks of it, the quartered ones will need at least another year, maybe two before the will throw a flower.  Comparing those to the whole ones I put in the ground last summer is night and day - my whole ones are getting enormous and I'm guessing will end up flowering and fruiting this summer.

Just be prepared for the results to take a while if you use very small cut pieces.  A LONG time.

IF you're looking for more plant material, besides the local supermarkets you can always try going to the smoothie king franchisee in your neighborhood and asking there as well.  Its hit or miss but if you find somebody into recycling you could end up with an easy 50-100 tops and have plenty of material to get you going.  On my end I usually buy 1 pineapple a week at our local bodega so I've just been adding one new plant a week.  I get about 85% take rate with much better take rates in the summer than the winter time (summer was almost 100% take rate, winter has been about 60% take rate).

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Meyer Lemon leaf drop
« on: March 21, 2018, 10:55:14 PM »
Well the tree is finally showing signs of coming back to life as some leaves have started to push through - just the very, very beginnings - so the leaf drop lasted 2 months.

I did a general fertilizer application of the HD citrus/avocado mix about 2 weeks ago after I cleared out all the weeds in my tree mulch but will add another round of specialized fert when I get back from my business trip this weekend.

I had high hopes of the tree coming back as the branches remained a nice vibrant green but when I compared that tree to the key lime I have, man, that key lime bounced back sooooo much quicker than the meyer lemon did I was getting worried.

In the long run the only citrus I lost to the cold was a "orange-skinned lime".  I can't remember what the name is off-hand but it was very, very sour, so I wasn't a big fan on taste, but it produced a ton of fruit for such a small tree, so ultimately I'm not worried about replacing that one.

Getting back to them Meyer Lemon, with all the down time the tree had from the leaf drop, if I end up getting any bloom or fruit set, should I pick it off this year to let the tree concentrate on getting healthier and stronger, or is it one of those cases that the tree will only hold the fruit that its strong enough to hold like most citrus?

Thanks all.


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Soursop Seeds Free
« on: March 18, 2018, 07:16:45 PM »
I bought the fruit a whole foods - not sure where they got it.

Down the middle of the fruit was "core" area that was tough but the area around the core was delicious.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Soursop Seeds Free
« on: March 18, 2018, 05:39:45 PM »
I'll even pay the postage if anybody wants them that can't get em.  I have about 50 of them.  PM me your address and I'll drop them in the mail on Tuesday.

Not sure if this will work for you or not, and if there back in the summer you may need to do it often, but goto any dog grooming salon in the area and see if they'll give you the dog hair.

Sprinkle the dog hair all around your property.  In the summertime with rain it'll knock the scent down, but it may be a cheap way to keep them off.

Other than that, like Donkey said, mmmm, Venison sausages.  Or even better, Venison jerky.  Venison jerky is just the best ever.

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: What's wrong with my blueberry plant?
« on: March 16, 2018, 02:17:41 PM »
Viking Guy,

Just checked out that 247garden place.  Thank you very much for posting that. 


Citrus General Discussion / Lot less leaf miners this year
« on: March 04, 2018, 04:43:03 PM »
While I haven't had any flushes yet on my Meyer Lemon, my cocktail tree (Honeybell Tangelo, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Orange) and my Key Lime have put on beautiful flushes of growth and the leaves just look amazing.

While I took a hit from that cold snap, I'm pretty sure its responsible for killing off the critters that did a lot of damage to my leaves last year.

Citrus General Discussion / Meyer Lemon leaf drop
« on: March 04, 2018, 04:40:59 PM »
So, my Meyer Lemon lost all but 1 of its leaves in the lovely cold snap we had a few weeks ago but it hasn't started flushing any new growth yet.

I pruned the tree to shape it a bit, and the branches are still a nice green color, but I'm getting worried as my Key Lime that dropped 100% of its leaves has flushed and filled in its canopy wonderfully.

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