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Tropical Fruit Discussion / hard freeze /arctic blast for New Orleans
« on: January 16, 2018, 10:13:48 AM »
i remember when i was in my early 20s (30yrs ago ish)
we had temps in the low 20s, and there was ice on lake pontchartrain so thick i walked on it.
it stayed in the mid to upper 20s for a couple of days though.

so, i am going out to buy 4 heaters and extension cords.
i piled leaves on things like aloe-vera, and small plants
(i piled leaves on everything actually)
covered things with cardboard etc...

i plan on putting boiling water in a 5 gal bucket for the 2 Jabo in ground.
and probably for the Longan

a heater for the Ingao, baobob, green sapote, and mango.

this is quite depressing.
i may be changing hobbies in spring depending on what comes back.

i did just order a couple of Pawpaw, a Che,  and blueberries.

22F for tonight/early tomorrow

thankfully, temps will be dropping during the night
not reaching 22F till 8am
i can wake around 6 and try to curtail the damage.

should i use a hose and water stuff down at 7am ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / massive mango on google
« on: December 27, 2017, 04:15:06 PM »
so, sometimes i get sidelined
and have way too much time on my hands
and i poke around places in google maps in street-view...

ive seen several fruit trees before with fruit
but, this one caught my attention
the leaves looked like mango, but, the tree is far away
and the pic isnt that clear

but this is amazing to me
Maybe its normal , but im in New Orleans,
and my history of viewing mango trees with fruit is very limited.

a block over, maybe it was more than 1 tree ??

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Hog/June plum - Spondis cold tolerance ??
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:13:41 PM »
So i was under the impression i could not grow these in New Orleans zone 9

but, i just saw a couple of videos on youtube from Orlando
and Pheonix of people growing these.-
Is one species more tolerant than the others ? which one ?
If i get a late frost will i lose all the fruit ?

I live in New Orleans, so do not have access to top mangos to taste.
outside of Kent, Keitt, Tommy, and Ataulfo, ive only had  a few, and it was years ago.

So i am looking to graft at least 5 different varieties
i would like them to be as spread out as possible
and also high production.
Obviously taste is also important, but season and production is more so.

I also have to worry about availability
if it is a very rare variety, it might be hard to get scions.

Ataulfo, Kent and 1 other will be the rootstocks.
im not sure what the 3rd is, but it might be Florigon ?

largest tree is here

1 more issue
we had a freeze in Jan, and my largest froze back to the roots
(or close)
now i have 5 branches coming up from the ground
One is so long and spindly, it is drooping down to the ground.

So, i am guessing i should graft as low as possible ?
and the characteristics should stay with the scion
(about it being more rigid) correct ?

mango on right...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / double rootstock mango grafting
« on: October 26, 2017, 02:45:33 PM »
guess this is one way to do it.
my grafting skills arnt the best, so i will probably be doing an approach graft
and then grafting a couple of varieties to it later.

does this look like a harder graft then an approach ??

So since we had 1 night that was a pretty hard freeze
and i thought my Katuk plant was dead, i had bought 2 more.
i planted 1 about 15 to 20ft away, and the 3rd around the back of the house.
Had i thought i would get fruit, i might have planted it closer.
i might dig up the 3rd one, and plant it closer...
(its possible the sellers got thier stock from the same original cuttings maybe ??)

How close do i need it for insects to cross pollinate ?

Anyway, i did get 1  lone fruit.
THe large plant must have over 200 flowers on it.
i can imagine if they all fruited ??
At least now i have a few seeds to play with.

The fruit is more like a veg
However i have no idea if i am eating it at peak ripeness ?
as you can see the seed ratio is high
and the "flesh" ( a soft shell really) isnt bad as a veg,
though i might cook or stir-fry it if i get lots of them.

Anyone taste these Ivy Gourd (Coccina Grandis) fruits when red ?
i know the Indian store sells them unripe, like little cucumbers.
but, they arent bad ripe.
fleshy, kinda stringy, but not in a bad way.
kinda sweet and a nice mild flavor.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Bioturbation - soil life video
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:55:54 PM »
sorry i couldnt find a youtube video for this
only on facebook
but... a very neat video.

worms and other soil critters are important !!
a deep natural mulch layer can create excellent soil.
rain filters down through it, bringing with it microbes of different kinds and sizes
not to mention free minerals and a waste-stream (bug - poop)
creating the best natural fertilizer...

recently i got some sawdust, bags of leaves
100lb sacks of coffee grounds, and bags of grass clippings.
mixed them up, and used as mulch around the base of my trees.
working excellent so far...

Bioturbation with and without soil fauna

i have several things to trade
or can pay if its not too much.

want improved varieties of Feijoa , Loquat, and citrus
(a good sweet mandarin, also a lime)
i would want at least 3 scions of each.

and also 1 or 2 of a tasty mango.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mamey back from the dead + a leech
« on: September 16, 2017, 05:18:28 PM »
I am in New Orleans
and grew a Mamey from seed about 4 years ago.
it was looking pretty nice last fall.
We had 1 day in January that was colder than normal
and i thought it had bit the dust.
I was waiting to use the container for something else
so, i hadnt removed the dead plant yet.

In the beginning of September, i finally was going to tackle the chore.
and ... WTF ?
it was coming back !

By the way, has anyone ever seen a leech in their yard ?
Is this a vector for disease ?

Leech i found in my backyard


Mamey yesterday

Mamey first week of Sept 2017

Mamey in Nov 2016

My Naranjilla
 (never had the fruit before)

i have several things for trade.

i am looking for cuttings/scions of mango, loquat, longan, starfruit
and other.
or possibly seeds, seedlings of species/varieties i do not have
(whatcha got ?)

i have butterfly (white) ginger  - edible flowers /medicinal
guava seedlings, scions of Mexican cream

Maypop (passiflora incranata)
i love this passionflower... it flowers and fruit when small, and is very easy to grow
(grows wild in places in South Louisiana)
and everbearing dwarf Mulberry cuttings.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Nitrogen fixing plants and fruit trees
« on: August 30, 2017, 03:29:03 PM »
I had a couple of plants, in containers and in ground
that were either sluggish putting on new growth
or, had yellowing leaves.
After giving them some iron and magnesium, worm castings and compost
and only marginal gains, i tried planting several nitrogen fixers near the roots.

My understanding is most N chemical fertilizers wash through the soil quickly.
With a N fixing plant, i think it acts more like a slow-release.
it also does not harm soil bacteria or fungi like chemicals.

ive seen a couple of very nice gains.
I dont like using chemical ferts. I use dry organic on rare occasions in small amounts
and use liquid fish, worm castings, or compost normally.

This seems to be a solution in certain applications for me.
I also think certain species fix N better than others
and some may be better for particular species
maybe bean is better with Plinia and Senna is better with Coffee ?
it would be nice to have a database showing which ones work better for what fruit trees...

cant find a pic, but these leaves were very yellow.

Red Jabo... was chlorotic. Iron and Magnesium had not helped.
compost  gave me only very minimal gains
i planted 3 bean seeds about 10 inches from the trunk
in 2 weeks the leaves greened up nicely
(day was overcast, so pic is yellowish) but leaves are much greener.

Grumichama hadnt pushed growth in several weeks.
4 bean seeds seemed to help.
the 1st pic is with my old camera
 - july

Grumi new growth - today


Coffee - greening up leaves

Jabo - pic is from April - after freeze in Jan killed large branches.
was not putting out new growth at all.

Jabo - today - Nitrogen fixers... 4 beans (3 to 4 weeks)
leaf color slowly coming back , still spotty.

had to move it from backyard to front.
transplant caused some shock and it wouldnt put out new growth
now its holding fruit and growing fine. leaf color is excellent.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Psidium ID (angulatum, Acutangulum ?)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:56:58 PM »
So i am a bit confused.

if i remember right, i got seeds from here...

and the leaves DO look similar
the problem is, i cant find any authority that can confirm this
often, i search for this plant, and the leaves look just like regular guava leaves.

Once or twice, i found a site showing similar leaves
but the plant was named "Angulatum", not " Acutangulum "

If someone can ID the pics of my plant
at bottom
i would appreciate it

I will leave a few links i found searching
none of which really have helped much...


if you search for Psidium  Acutangulum website snames  Psidium acutangulum

EOL lists acutangulum, but as  Psidium persoonii

Global Biodiversity Information Facility - says this...
Accepted Name:  Psidium acutangulum Mart. ex DC.
Synonym =Psidium persoonii McVaugh

Psidium Angulatum

The  PLant list, lists   Acutangulum , but not Angulatum

as does "The Ferns"

But... Wiki Species lists Angulatum, but not Acutangulum

My plant...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID this plant ? (one more)
« on: July 29, 2017, 04:51:20 PM »
i had thought this might be Psidium
(purple forest guava ) ??
perhaps not?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID these plants ?
« on: July 29, 2017, 04:49:15 PM »
any ideas ??


leaves look a little like muntingia, but, its not.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Bignay, and help me pick some plants
« on: June 24, 2017, 09:47:58 AM »
First, i have a question about Bignay
i searched all over, and cant find   much on frost tolerance /zones.
anyone have 1st hand knowledge ?

 It is hardy to zone (UK) 10 and is frost tender.

 Will stand light frosts.

this says zone 9

i read conflicting reports as to whethere it needs a second plant for fruit ?
i got cuttings from someone a while back
is this bignay ?

next question is...
i want to get 2 to 3 of plants from

out of these
what would be your favorite as far as fruit taste
and production ?
a long fruiting season is a big plus, but, only if the flavor is at least decent.

Campomansia liniatifolia, milky guava,
Dillenia indica, elephant apple,
Dovyalis hybrid, tropcial apricot prodigal
Governor's Plum  Flacourtia indica,
Pseudanamomis umbellifera, monos plum
Garcinia xanthochymus
Garcinia dulcis

and of these 3
are any of them any good as fruits
which is best ?

Coccoloba diversifolia, piegeon plum
Coccoloba uvifera, sea grape
Chrysobalanus icaco, cocoplum


Have: Muntingia seedlings (3 to 8 inches tall)
guava seedlings (all sizes) , loquat seedlings (1yr+)

WANT: Inga Feuillei seedlings, or seeds
loquat scions (improved variety)
Feijoa scions (improved variety)

Have: 4 Muntingia seedlings
from 3 inches to 8 inches tall.

also have
Monstera deliciosa seedlings
guava seedlings (Mex cream parent)
milkweed, papaya,


loquat and Feijoa scions (named cultivars)

Pachira aquatica (or glbara or other)
- other sub-tropical nut tree , edible seed etc...

Inga feuillei (Pacay)
other cold-hardy Inga

Plinia edulis

neem tree seedling
coffee seedling

top tasting guava (large sift sweet etc...)

Black Persian Mulberry
Azanza garckeana
Arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza )

Or ???

looking for Nance , cambuca, and Phalsa plants.
prefer 1 to 3 gallon, but would consider seedlings, or possibly seeds ?
(if i cant find plants)

can purchase, or trade.

I have several cuttings already with roots
of a neighbors fig (un named) it is productive.

i have 1 rooted cutting of my Black Mission fig
excellent flavor. and a real BM.

and several seedlings 3 to 5 inches tall
(a couple larger) of my Mexican Cream guava.
+2 larger seedlings of loquat (sweet and sour)

looking for mango seedlings, bignay, sapodilla, Kwai Muk,
or... what ya got ?
in zone 9b, so i cant use Cacao and other ultra-tropicals.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Which Annona to get ?
« on: April 06, 2017, 04:37:24 PM »
So i have been keeping a distance from Annonas
as i am not sure of the cold tolerance, and hearing about problems with pollination.

I am now thinking of taking the plunge.
but, have no idea what to get.
Im in New Orleans zone 9a/9b ish

Toptrops has some for sale now
and i dont know which one to get ?
i would love something that has a long fruiting season.
and hardy ...

Here are the choices at Toptrops
though, happy to look elsewhere if someone has one better.

suggestions ?

Annona reticulata - Custard Apple, seedling

 Annona reticulata - Red Custard Apple var. Tobago Pink

 Annona Kampong Mauve - Red Sugar Apple


 Annona cherimola x A. squamosa - Atemoya Lisa (48-26)


Annona squamosa - Vietnam Sugar Apple Na Di

Annona squamosa var. Thai-Lessard, Green Sugar Apple

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Magnifera - Doughnut tree
« on: April 01, 2017, 07:57:39 AM »
Why Dulcis ?

you get 12 fruit per limb
but, 13 on Sunday morning :)

sister  plants in the same genus...
  Chocoletera Glazediffera ?
  eclair-ista sprinkletra ?
  Donutera roundella ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cecropia peltata
« on: March 29, 2017, 11:35:43 PM »
curious if anyone is growing this
or knows about it ?
The website says you need male and female for seed
but, the edible part are "finger like structures"... does that mean they need to be pollinated
or, can you get fruit from all trees, or just females, or ??

frost ? (PFAF says zone 9 - 12)


anyone know if this company is any good ?

the only place i knew to look is Daves Garden
which has mostly bad reviews. But... the most recent is 2012.
They do seem to carry a couple of plants which are hard to find and have shipped.

Ive had very limited luck finding places that carry things lke
bignay, Nance, peanut butter fruit, Kwai Muk etc...

at least no place carries them, i can find,  that ships
moreover, i really want 7gal plants, but will take 3gal
if thats all i can find.

I have used PIN and Top Tropicals in the past
PIN has a limited selection, and doesnt ship anything over 3-gal.
I like Top-trops, they often have larger plants, and while the website
might show "Bignay", (or others), they are often not in stock.

Also, as far as Bignay goes
my understanding is there are grafted plants that fruit ?
Some sources say you need a male and female.
right ?

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