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Many good forum members have dropped off , I miss Coconut's posts a lot .
He never replied to me when he was active but he's good to his friends on the forum, which are many. Someone knows what he's up to . 8)

Great idea! Your plants will love you even more. Plant out those comfrey and let them spread , and their roots in the ground by crops is beneficial.

Cool, Thanks Oscar. I was wondering if the Beach Park was still open or not.Thats a much less desireable boat ride from Hilo, especially with white caps.

Wow! surprised they're allowing boat tours. That sounds amazingly spectacular! got pics? ;)

At least a few. This Madruno is taller than I am , no greenhouse protection, 7 hours north of San Diego.
The tree has apparently hopscotched over CA and looks like it wished it lived in San Diego though. No new growth flush yet this year. Still trying to dial in the best location for it.

What garcinias can you grow in SD? Do you have a large greenhouse for them?
I used to have button mangosteen seedlings before they died.

Time to start pruning my Dragonfruits for Shape. Extra cutting's 1 foot and larger available for $3 plus shipping . Minimum order of 4.
Available Varieties : Yellow, Voodoo Child, and Physical Graffiti.
Please send a PM.

I have some very healthy 1 year old Ashitaba plants available for $10 plus shipping.
Over 200 available . Bulk discount 20% for 5 + plants .

I have some very healthy 1 year old Ashitaba plants available for $10 plus shipping.
Over 200 available . Bulk discount 20% for 5 + plants .

Thanks for the explanation. I never knew :)
I like that nickname.
Bearss Lime is the prolific growing citrus that is planted in many yards in my town.

Avocado roots don't like being disturbed or super saturated DG soil in my experience. Your soil Mixture is probably off.

Enhh? What do you mean?

Just saw this:



Evacuation affects about 1000 people on the island

This is not yet on place, authorities are on preparations to it due the danger of ashes, stronger explosive eruptions and big quantities of gas in the air.
This is all totally false. Fox News is the KING of fake news!

Hmm, the fake news only seem to be happening on this site interesting.

Bearss Lime?
Space coast = blessed coast left coast best coast?

We went and it looked like Black Friday when we arrived.   Concert parking skills came in handy.

Lisa came from the space coast and we drove through rain to get there.   So many people and plants it took awhile to get up to speed.  She talked to Adam while I went looking for  atemoya so I missed him. Got a Lisa atemoya, red custard apple, tropic beauty peach and bearss lemon while she got a sweet tamarind, a bearss lemon and a vanilla orchid

We had been searching for the lemon for some time.

We just missed the line and  wagons full of plants were headed out already.
Got the Tamarind and Custard apple from Geo and Lisa sang the mango song for them but just the first word thank goodness

First time there but will get in line next time to get the rare stuff

Your description's are always so fantastical.
Sometimes I think Durian lover's have different taste bud receptor's.
Chocolate, Toffee, Hazelnut cream....Durian?  Sign me up!
I would love to believe those flavor's could come from a Durian.

Anyone in CA selling Luc's, is selling seedlings .
at 2-4 leaves growth per year, a 3 year old seedling can be 12 inches tall with 8-10 leaves.

For comparison sake a 3 year old Cherimoya could be 8-10 FEET tall .
So just because a plant is small and expensive doesn't always mean it's a rip off.
The seed's seem to germinate fast and well so you could just buy seeds .

cheapest tree is 50 and above I believe. they are seedlings too

Inga forests like weeds in Puerto Rico.

I am the person he made the post for. I will be in Puerto Rico May 30th, so if anyone has any plants I could purchase and have shipped there feel free to message me. I am interested in seeds as well, but I've found websites such as fruit lovers, tradewindsfruit, guayacu seeds, and many other places with seeds so It's not a high priority. I am most interested in these plant varieties if anyone has them for sale.

Theobroma(looking for grandiflorum and bicolor, or any other harder to find varieties)
Acai palms
Artocarpus varieties
Jaboticaba varieties
Inga varieties.

Thanks again for posting this for me!

That sounds like the nice price for a Luc's seedling in CA.

quote author=Divantie link=topic=28162.msg320637#msg320637 date=1526868074]
I pay $15 for seedling

What is the going rate on a small 6-10 leaf Mexican Mangosteen ?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Babaco Papaya Cuttings for Sale
« on: May 18, 2018, 06:52:51 PM »
Babaco Papaya cutting's root very easily and I have some nice cutting's to send out at the moment.
$7 a piece for approximately 1 inch thick , 12 inch long cuttings.
Please send a PM. Thanks.

There are many fruits that are very perishable and due not last long after picked.
What are the fruits that last longest after being picked?
I'm thinking of Dates and Jujube.
Bearrs Limes often stay good for a week after falling on the ground.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Dwarf durian tree
« on: May 16, 2018, 12:51:13 PM »
It's been awhile since anyone was Bankok'd on the Forum.
Bankok was run off for not posting factual information.

Great work sharing the seeds Alexandre and to everyone getting them going!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Green gold avocado tree
« on: May 14, 2018, 10:50:06 PM »
The tree has grown all right in a less than desireable location ( Not quite enough sun initially but it grew into it).
It's planted within 1 mile of the coast summer fog and cooler coastal conditions . I thought initially it being a Hawaiian strain may not fruit well here . Your conditions are much warmer than mine and you could have totally different results. I haven't tried the fruit. Plant it out! The more Avocado cross pollination the better.

That bad huh?  Do you have a pic of the tree?  I already got a 15gal tree, just wondering where to put it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado thread
« on: May 14, 2018, 04:02:50 PM »
It was below 32 Degree's for 1 week in Sacramento area this winter?
There's large mature Citrus around Sac so I planted a White Sapote 15 Gallon last Fall east of downtown and It's looking good.
Slight micro climate changes and indicators in different neighborhoods.. Seen any Citrus in Roseville yet?

I was visiting my wife's aunt's house for a Mother's day get together in the midtown area of Sacramento, CA.  I walked into the backyard and encountered a beautiful, wildly trained Avocado tree loaded with small fruitlets.  She said it's been there for many years, and that she's never harvested fruit from it.  It's not regularly watered, though it seems to be fine, and it is never given fertilizer.  This just goes to show that a well established, healthy tree can overcome cold temps, as I know this spot was freezing for a week over the past Winter.  It looks like a Hass to me, but I don't really know.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: White Sapote, should I uproot it?
« on: May 14, 2018, 03:56:20 PM »
That is simply awful and the worst thing possible in Nursery Business is Mis-Labeling. You don't win by getting a discount on a mislabeled fruit you find out about years down the line wasting time and inputs on .
No one is happy receiving a Hyundai when they asked for a Honda.

Let me guess, the tree was simply labeled "Sapote" where you bought it?

There are 4 million and one fruits with "Sapote" in the name and yet people still go around calling some of them simply "Sapote" as if it's the only sapote on earth.

For the love of pete, people, stop it!

Lol, so true.  I've seen this happen on other sites and groups far too often.  It's like buying a tree labeled "Fruit"  ;)

Some nurseries lose tags through transit, customers swapping tags for discounts among other things.
So they are unable to provide an accurate ID and end up with a generalized ID.
Why not take advantage of the situation and ask for a discount due to the inaccuracy ID of the tree, quid pro quo.

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