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Citrus General Discussion / Re: Pictures from middle Georgia
« Last post by Millet on Today at 09:33:31 PM »
Depending on how close the two trees are to each other, they would both be pollinated by the same insects.
FLMikey,  the Calcium-Magnesium-Boron product is probably good.  The Bonide product is labeled for avocados, but not mangos.  The sprayer should work for a year or so, until the trees get bigger.
Mango scale.  If the scale is already dead and dried up, it will just flake off.  If it is still alive (or if it is recently dead and not yet dried up), it will smear, or leave a wet spot.
I guess I am closer to the cotton fields but I just bought 2 fifty pound bags for $20 each at
my local feed store? They had to special order it and it took a week to get?
I had to pull snow off of roof to prevent collapse. Some other pics:

Everything arrived quickly and in good condition, great packaging. Thanks again! ;D
The space heaters inside helped melt heavy snow off tops of covers. My boxier frame with flatter roof held snow but I think the thermo cube for that heater malfunctioned so I went to Tractor Supply today after the roads were cleared and got another one; supposed to get down to 24 degrees tonight.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Temperature difference under patio?
« Last post by sunny on Today at 08:24:14 PM »
If you have concrete floor on patio which get sunshine all day it will be warm all night.

My patio is hot untill after midnight.
Everything arrived quickly and in great shape. Appreciate the extras, too.   :)  Thanks, Frank!
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