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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Bananas for sale in SoCal
« Last post by venturabananas on Today at 01:05:30 PM »
Have all of these varieties produced fruit for you in your yard?
Citrus General Discussion / Re: Citrus Spring feeding and care regiment
« Last post by Millet on Today at 01:02:25 PM »
With a citrus tree (or any fruit tree) you get what you sew. 
Hi, the seller wrote that the fruit is green... but this should be annona mucosa, biribá:

could it be something else?
Things have changed. Now cashew fruits which are not astringent have been developed. The fruits are used to make squashes and in Goa a fine distilled liquor called "Fenny" is a big industry!!

Your "better half" hates mangoes??? I believe in Florida that's grounds for divorce.
Simon, There is a row of 30 year old Cherimoya's , next to the Lychee row ;)
These are unpruned and I've seen 1 large Cherimoya holding that was ripe in August!
I think they would get much better fruit set with pruning , a slight bit of management , but I have not observed them in spring .
These tree's are ironically right near the huge block of experimental and totally failing Apples and Pears  ::)  Probably suffering from lack of water though.
California humidity free? Where , the desert ? Yes. By the Ocean with Coastal fog , No. Not in the forest either.
There is lots of desert in LA and SD county , cactus and rocks, and the desert is typically drier air so.... There's ton's of microclimates, but where it's desert , it is desert, 100 year old water rights channeled from afar can't change that.
California is obviously a large state , a 10 hour drive to traverse. So many microclimates and differences in humidity in my town, and county , much less the state. Lumping all of California into one of anything often does not work.
Fallbrook and Vista you have military drills and really loud helicopter's and planes to contend with with the base right there. I've spent a little sliver of time there and had several unnerving flyover's I was not used to , probly not a big deal if your used to it. Orange county growing conditions seem ideal from the members showing fruit tree pics from there but you have to be down with living in Orange county, A dream for some. You've got to balance enjoying where you live with what you can grow.
We used to live in 9a. Loquats and Satsumas!!! I still drive up there each December to get some from our old neighbor. Satsumas don’t do well where we live now. We also grew rabbiteye blueberries, figs, miracle fruit in a pot, raja puro bananas (on south side of house), low chill peaches and apples.

We have five or so named varieties of loquats, and then ten or so random seed grown ones, about 2-3' tall. I've never heard of satsumas, I will check them out. We have a crapton of blueberries, the blueberry festival is not far from us and at 5 bucks a shrub I couldn't say no. I have four fig cultivators, just got a miracle berry, I've never had raja puro bananas before, I'll check them out. I've got several dozen peach cuttings from my friend's Florida naturalized tree that produces abundant and good tasting but small peaches, no idea if it's a cultivator or not, I don't see graft marks, but I don't know if you can see them in a tree that large. I'm not a fan of any of the low chill apples I've had, so I'm skipping that for now. I'm originally from Minnesota so I'm a bit of an apple snob. Thanks for the help!
Avocado, olives, pears, nectarine, grapes, persimmon, plum, and pecan should be a good start.  A Pickering mango in a planter you can move inside when it freezes will give your best chance at fruit.

Jaboticaba should do well also as Adam is in 9a and grows a lot of them.
I have all that, except pecan and mango. Other half hates mango, and my neighbors have a three acre property filled with nut trees. Just went this weekend and got three types of jaboticaba- yellow, red, and something can't remember- it was something like passion on the bark? Not sure. And seeds for all four types he had. Thanks for the ideas.

Edited to add: the name was trunksiflora according to my other half.
You can grow citrus!  Lol :)

By the way you may be able to grow more than you think.  Have you seen pete kanaris videos on youtube?  Check him out he grows lots of stuff.

I have not! I will check him out, thanks.
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