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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Dream Annona Scion *No Mas*
« Last post by Bush2Beach on Today at 04:55:42 PM »
I know, I checked my PM and realized they're practically free.
I'm all done cutting.

Geez. At that price I might buy them. Hahahahaha.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Trifoliate seedlings - different root systems
« Last post by Marcin on Today at 04:47:37 PM »
Hi. I have these trifoliate seedlings; all come from the same source and are of the same age but still differ greatly in vigour. So I guess at least some of them are zygotic.

When repotting them, I noticed that not only their vigour but also their root systems differ.  No. 1 and 2 have nice, dense roots; 3 has a poor and shallow root system; 4 and 5 have very long taproots.

Do you have similar experiences with poncirus root systems differing that much? Also, would a deep taproot increase frost hardiness?
If I were to plant only mandarin trees in my yard, would that fix the issue of seediness? Or will mandarins cross pollinating between each other cause seeds?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Digging up a mango tree
« Last post by Cookie Monster on Today at 04:31:37 PM »
Transplanting mango in mid summer gives the best chance for success. While mangoes are generally resistant to transplantation, doing it at the wrong time will kill even a small mango tree. You might be safe now that we're in spring, but they are semi bullet proof to transplant in summer.
I think it's only the Mexican type avocados that have the nice anise taste? The Guatemalan and West Indies types are not good to eat? Not sure what happens with the hybrids?
Citrus General Discussion / Advice Please
« Last post by cmichael258 on Today at 04:24:00 PM »
My small  Xie Shan is blooming like crazy after being planted in the ground this Spring.
Since it is small (about 40" tall), should I pull the blooms off?

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Accuracy of cold hardiness temperatures?
« Last post by Zitrusgaertner on Today at 04:18:04 PM »
Great informations, thank you Ilya. Very interesting. What do you know about origin (parentage) of PT? I found a remark that it may be a intergeneric hybrid between some Citrus and something else -but what would be likely? Another statement says it is within Citrus closest to C. reticulata and Fortunella. I collect information for a presentation about cold hardy citrus and citrus origin.

Regards Robert
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Brown/dying blossoms on mangos in SW FL
« Last post by bbates123 on Today at 04:08:41 PM »
I live in the Ft Myers region and I have a Pickering and a Sweet Tart that have been planted for a little over a year now. The sweet tart started blooming in late November and the Pickering in early December.  Both of them produced quite a bit of blossoms, but the majority of the blossoms wound up turning brown and dying.  They both have a few small fruit that survived the dying blossoms. The sweet tart has a few fruit about the size of half dollars and the pickering has a few that are more like peas at this point.  I'm not too concerned because I know I'm really not supposed to let these trees fruit yet anyhow.  I'm just wondering if the dying blossoms are a sign of other issues that I need to be concerned about.
Citrus General Discussion / Overwintered Group Gone Bloom Crazy
« Last post by Psyduck on Today at 04:05:17 PM »
Hello, Am a new to the form and seeking advise, please, on my rag-tag bunch of citrus.  Live in N. TX area (8A).  Have range from 5' down to bonsai'd ciitrus:  Imp. Meyers lemons, a Eureka, Mexican lime, owari and seto satumas, and calamondins.  Two are in 5:1:1.  Five are in various stages of blooming; my favorite scent.  However.... am having breathing issues and can't wait to take them outside.  One, the owari, just started pushing out leaves.  Last of my precious Foliage Pro stock ran out this winter so started using very diluted generic citrus fertilizer (after watering) and spraying on Superthrive.  What might be the lowest temperature I could safely take these varieties outside without significant risk to the blooming/leafing process. Calamondins are post-bloom. Will I have to take them out in graduated steps?
Thank you very much
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Dream Annona Scions SOLD OUT
« Last post by Vernmented on Today at 03:18:27 PM »
Thanks for the positive reviews.  ;D
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