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Author Topic: Coldhouse or strategies for growing colder climate plants in warm summer areas  (Read 517 times)


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Was just wondering about this recently is there something like the opposite of a greenhouse?
There's a few fruits such as cloud berry that I wonder if there are ways to grow in places that get 30C+ summers?

Obviously it would be a pain just like tropical in areas that get frost but that's part of the fun right:)
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I grew up in FL and always wanted to grow apples, peaches, pears, cherry. Citrus was boring. I thought about putting up greenhouse around an apple tree in winter and turning it into a freezer. That takes too much electricity, so I moved to NC, and now I can grow everything but citrus; oops, I found out I can throw plastic over short grafted citrus trees and stick small space heaters in with them. I think it's easy to heat something in winter just enough to keep it alive than to have to freeze something throughout winter in a tropical climate.


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