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Citrus General Discussion / Re: Lights????
« on: November 18, 2017, 10:45:14 PM »
The new branches may be weaker without wind, but all my citrus are in a greenhouse with just a fan, and seem to do just fine. 
As far as light goes, I have priced it out and the grow lights and LEDS just have not come down in price enough to justify the cost, for me.
You might want to switch to fluorescent shop lights.  The fixtures and bulbs are all cheap.  I can't get T5 shop light fixtures at Home Depot yet, but as soon as they carry them, I am switching from my current T8s.  When I started my greenhouse, I could only get T12s.  The times they are a changin'.  Here is a great article from the Univ. of Alaska extension.  You may have already seen it  I have posted the link before.  I guess if anyone knows about needing supplemental light, it is Alaska.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Hunting the elusive Delicious Monster
« on: November 16, 2017, 10:19:55 AM »
I loved mine when I grew it in my greenhouse, and ate the fruit all the time.  I finally ripped it out, since it was taking over the entires greenhouse and blocking the sun from all the other plants!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Dragon fruit plant in pot
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:46:07 PM »
Awesome!  I am totally copying you!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Custom question
« on: November 07, 2017, 07:46:23 PM »
Or call the USDA.  I have found them to be VERY helpful.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Is a leafless jaboticaba always dead?
« on: November 07, 2017, 07:45:23 PM »
Thanks all!  I will not repot it for a while.  I have it in the greenhouse now, in a slightly shady location near the humidifier.
I also brought back allspice, avocado, lychee, macadamia, mango, miracle fruit and rollinia.

Except for the rollinia, which I got from forum member Mark in Texas, they all came from Lukas Nursery in Oviedo. We were on our way to tour the Kennedy Space Center, so it was ideally located.  That was as far south as we got.  They did not have a big selection of varieties, but they were very nice and helpful even though they were still rebuilding from the bad weather. Plus, the chance of buying of ANY of these trees in Idaho is exactly zero.

Put 7,000 miles on the van, but we had fun.  I even swam with manatees. Dorky tourist thing but hey, it was on my bucket list, so I'm happy.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Is a leafless jaboticaba always dead?
« on: November 07, 2017, 08:52:02 AM »
So, I bought some trees in Florida two weeks ago, and put them in our car for the trip,back to Idaho. I have 8 trees, and have been very careful with watering and misting, and bringing them into the hotels if it would be too hot or cold in the car. Everyone looks great and is traveling well except the jabo, which has dropped ALL her leaves.  They never turned brown. Some got a little dry, but for the most part she just shed like a dog in spring.
We are arriving home today, and I plan on tucking her into the greenhouse with the others. Soil is still damp. Should I give extra light? Extra humidity? Any special fertilizer? How long do I give her before I decide she has expired?

Thanks! Carolyn

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: Pond edible plants
« on: November 07, 2017, 08:44:43 AM »
W are hot and dry all summer and the cress does great. You can plant it in the shallow edges of the pond, and as long as some of the roots are in some mud, it will spread.  I also ripped some out of the soil and put it into floating baskets with no soil. It did fine at first, but then the koi figured out how to tip the baskets over to eat it.

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: Pond edible plants
« on: October 28, 2017, 11:13:17 AM »
We grow water cress, and the heat doesn't seem to bother it, but it doesn't like to have dry roots.  Most of our cress gets eaten byare by our koi, who have developed a real tast for it!


Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: Tropical Mushroom Cultivation
« on: October 28, 2017, 11:09:04 AM »
I grow tropical oyster mushrooms in my greenhouse. There are a number of varieties that grow very well on logs.  Get in touch with Tradd and Olga Cotter at Mushroom Mountain in S Carolina. They sell really excellent spawn in both plug and sawdust form, depending on what you are getting, and their website is chock full of a huge amount of cultivation info. 


Yes, we have been having lots of fun traveling with trees. I watered them last night (bottled spring water from Walmart) outside our hotel room, and the hotel owners immediately swooped in and tried to buy them off me! We also have a big piece of coquina that we picked up St Augustine, so the van is pretty packed. Thanks again for the rollinia, Mark, it is happy to have company now. Glad the dwarf pineapple is flourishing! Your hospitality was very generous, and the beverages you provided are still in the cooler, but it is all we can do not to open them - they may not make it all the way back to Idaho...


I thought they had to have very acidic soil, like below 5. We are high desert, and don't get enough rain in Boise to water anything, and our city water is over 7 pH. Would using a lot more peat moss help, I wonder?

So, we are traveling back to Idaho from Florida with a van full of trees. One that I bought is Miracle Fruit.  I have had notoriously bad luck with these in the past, with it slowly defoliating and dying. But, third time's a charm! Can anyone recommend a good way to acidify potting soil? Most sulphur brands I look at don't have a dosing guideline for pots. Is sulphur the best way to go? How low should I go, and how long do I wait to test the soil to see how acidic it has become? The plant I bought is in a 3 gallon pot that is only half full of soil, so I'll have to do something fairly soon.
It will be in a pot for the winter, and hopefully everything in my greenhouse will be going into rootbuilder pots, but I am going to track the soil temps in the greenhouse this winter first, to make sure I don't everything when they start to go into the native soil.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Tagging trees
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:13:51 AM »
All my trees and bushes (almost 200) are in my greenhouse, and I have very carefully written on the large plastic plant markers with paint pens.  Common name on one side, latin name on the other side.  Look great!  Until I was watering one day and turned my back on my two-year-old grandson (he is grandkid #8, so you think I would have known better!).  He quickly and efficiently gathered up all my stakes, deposited them in my rose basket and presented them to me!  Of course, he looked so darned cute, happily carrying his little "Melissa and Doug" chameleon watering can, how could I be mad at him?  Have everything unscrambled except some of the citrus...


I am looking for bitter leaf seed, small plants or cuttings.



Thanks!  I am not sure that he has what I am looking for, but I will check with him right now.


We are traveling to Florida beginning next week, and I wanted to shop at a tropical fruit nursery (allspice, june plum, grumichama, etc).  We won't be getting as far south as the Miami area, and am frantically trying to find a nursery selling tropical fruit trees as far north as possible.  I am trying to avoid having to pay the huge shipping fees to Idaho.

We will also be in south Texas, if there are any there.

Anybody have any suggestions?????????


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: How far apart should papaya be planted?
« on: October 08, 2017, 10:02:53 AM »
I don't know about in the ground, but I have two Wainmanalo dwarf papaya growing/fruiting in the same 25 gallon pot, so I don't think they are too picky.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Chicomolaressxm ?
« on: September 16, 2017, 06:28:52 PM »
Hopefully he is just temporarily relocated. Crossing my fingers!


Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!  I am REALLY good at killing potted papayas by overwatering!
Any more, if I get the urge to water them, I don't.  Then if I get the urge again, I don't.  Third time, I water them.  All alive so far.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: fruit/tree royalities question?
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:19:52 AM »
Good question!  Two guesses -
Maybe with bananas, the patents are for tissue culture?
Also, maybe the countries that use tissue culture may not fall under US patent law?
Either way, I am certainly not chopping down my banana pups!


I would definitely mail your seeds back. Way easier than trying to hand carry.  I have come in through Seattle in the past with seeds in luggage, but maybe that has changed? 

As far as plants, there are a lot of regulations, but you CAN bring in up to 12 plants back in your luggage WITHOUT any permit, provided they are not on the "prohibited" list, do not require special procedures, are of a certain size, have a phytosanitary certificate, and a few more rules.  They can't be in soil (I love the polymer crystals because when you get home, you can plant the whole thing, crystals and all). The USDA has a whole list of things they can be planted in.

The size and age of plants allowed varies, but you can check all that out on the USDA APHIS site at

It can be pretty complex, but if you just have one or two plants in mind, and can find a nursery that does permits etc, it may be worth it.  I have read up on it, but never actually tried it.

Hope that helps!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: fruit/tree royalities question?
« on: September 03, 2017, 09:24:48 PM »
I think you have to get the license before you take cuttings or do air layering.  Here is what the Oregon State University Extension Service says -

"A patent legally prevents others from reproducing the protected plant variety by cuttings, tissue culture or any other method of asexual propagation without the written authorization or licensing of the patent holder. Possession of improperly propagated plants of patented varieties constitutes infringement, even if an illegal propagation was inadvertent.
Though asexual reproduction may be prohibited on a patented cultivar, there is no regulation against using the plant in sexual reproduction. In other words, the seed or pollen from a patented variety may be used without permission of the patent holder. The offspring are free of patent regulations.
To determine if a plant is patented, look for a patent number on the tag, or PPAF (plant patent applied for) or PVR (plant variety rights) after the name of the cultivar. Or sometimes there are other indicators that a patent has been applied for, such as “patent pending.”
If a plant is patented, a license is required from the patent holder in order to make cuttings of that plant, even if it is planted in your own back yard. Unlike with a copyright, there is no concept of “fair use rights” for patents in the United States."

Dumbest comments I have heard on this forum (and there have been many) obviously dont know what it is like to take a direct hit from a Cat 1, 2 or 3 (forget 4 and 5) hurricane.   Maybe some dont care cause they look at it as "no school" but I guarantee if you OWNED your home, were responsible for the care of your home and paying bills you wouldn't say you want a hurricane...maybe ask your parents if they want one.  A hurricane is not just beneficial rain.  Oh, to ckarify, we dont get typhoons in this hemisphere.

God soeed to those who were or will be in the path of Harvey ir his effects....

Come on guys. Lighten up on AnnonaMangoLord45 and our other California friends.  Of course they weren't making light of a hurricane.  They are watching the news like everyone else and know what's up.  But like everyone else in a drought-stricken area, they were just trying to say "some rain here would sure be nice".   

The whole country is praying for all those affected by the storm.


There is no danger to eyes or cameras as long as the eclipse is in totality.  I had just over a minute to get the pics.
But anything OTHER than totality can cause eye damage after only a few seconds, with no pain.  And nope, that is NOT fake news...


Yep, took the shot(s) myself. And yes, I was probably eating the only Idaho-grown banana on that day (or any day).
We are still so excited about Tyson. Have not heard yet where he viewed the eclipse, but it wasn't in the little park we were in.


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