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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: coconut katee
« Last post by sunny on Today at 08:24:18 AM »
Thanks Citradia! By what scale were the fruits evaluated, edibility?
I was asking that because I already grow without problem eugenia neonitida, Florida, candolleana, Suriname cherry and cherry of Rio grande
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: FTG Fruit Books on sale!
« Last post by Lilith-vzla on Today at 07:01:34 AM »
hello To all!
Jesus Hoyos.
Interested send PM

very good, it is close species, when do you have them?, thanks
Kepel seeds for sale from Central Java. Stelechocarpus burahol. 3USD per seed, minimum order 15 seeds. PM if interested. Read below for more info on this almost extinct fruit.

"We couldnt contain our excitement when we found this tree. Kepel. Stelechocarpus burahol. A super-rare, almost extinct fruit, growing only in Central Java, number one on our Java fruit wishlist. The royal family grew these fruits behind closed gates of their gardens and to this day the locals don't harvest the fruits much believing they are for the royals. The properties of these fruits are no short of magic: all your bodily fluids start smelling of violets after consumption (yes they do! tried & tested) This is why the royals had all their servants eat kepel. Moreover, the fruit is said to make women temporarily infertile and is used as contraceptive (didnt dare try that!) Because of these properties, as soon as we showed kepel fruit to a local, we heard 'its good for women'. As for the taste & smell? Heavenly! The fruit screams eat me emitting a smell of mango with very strong vanilla notes. Open easily, it cracks open on the tree, plus they fall when ripe - thats how we picked them. The edible part is the translucent-yellow flesh around the seed. Taste - like mango but better, with very strong vanilla and flower notes. Very sweet. How can you not love this magical fruit?! (Instagram @fit_shortie_eats)"
Thanks for the clarification, the fruit looks quite nice.
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Yuzu... my new obsession!
« Last post by Luisport on Today at 05:45:34 AM »
Another one that i'm trying to find but's i couldn't untill now it's the dekopon mandarine. If there are anyone that knows a place that sells it, please tell me. Thank's!  ;D
Sweet Tart and Fruit Punch are patented

In Truly Tropical's Coconut Cream Youtube video, Gary Zill says he only patented Coconut Cream.
I don't think any of these can support freezing temperatures at all.


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