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Citrus General Discussion / ID request - mystery trees
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:10:10 PM »
Hopefully someone here loves a mystery to solve. I got some citrus in 10.5" pots for cheap from someone who had bought a small greenhouse and then closed it. They didn't know what things were and the citrus looked like it had mostly died back to rootstocks and then was allowed to grow out considerably. Loving a mystery myself, and since they cost nothing ($10 for the lot), l grabbed 'em hoping to figure out what they all were. I'd love to use them to practice grafting if none of them are desirable for growing out. Care to guess?

1. Growing from below the graft. Small leaves, short internodes, many many short, straight thorns. Attractive small bushy tree. Feel like this one has to be identifiable.

2.Can't see a graft line here, but this is growing from very close to the soil line. Large petioles. Was growing in the same pot as #1, which was a graft (?!)

3. Also growing from close to soil line, but can't see a graft. Possible that the graft was above, where it has been cut. Narrow, long leaves. Not much petiole to speak of but more than, say, a meyer lemon. Leaves orange scented.

4. This one appears to maybe be growing from below a graft, there is a slight bulge in the trunk above. Completely thornless. Petioles are moderately long but not winged. Leaves lemon scented.

Citrus General Discussion / ID this orange?
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:37:21 PM »
I picked up one of these oranges in a Latin supermarket a month ago, hoping to find some seeds to use for practice rootstocks. But when I opened it at home, it was definitely a sweet orange. The PLU code is for "small navel", but this fruit had 8-10 viable seeds. The cotyledons are quite rounded. The sign also says "product of D.R" but you can't really trust that if the sign and PLU are wrong.

At this point I'm just curious. What kind of orange is this? Just a small, discolored Valencia? I'm just not an expert on orange types since I usually stick to growing citrus fruit that I can't buy in the grocery store.

An avocado (Day) that was shipped to me lost two branches in shipping, leaving the tree terribly lopsided. Do I need to trim that large branch down to the buds near the trunk? Or even more drastically than that? Will this thing ever recover? It looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree to me. I can get a refund or replacement, but I'd like to also help this tree have the best life it can. Any suggestions welcome.

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