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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Sweet Tart Mango Tree Branch Splitting.
« Last post by edzone9 on Today at 09:24:28 AM »
Thanks for the advice , I will prune and shape all my trees after harvest.

JEFF where you able to salvage any of the sweet tart fruit ?

Thanks Ed
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Big Island Agriculture Hit Hard by Vog
« Last post by KarenRei on Today at 09:22:11 AM »
Vog can be nasty stuff. Also accelerates the rusting of metal.

We had really high rates of sheep deaths after the last eruption.  They never really found out why, but it seems that not only did the eruption hinder grass growth, but may also have left it less nutritious or covered in dust that was harmful to the sheep.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Dragon Fruit thread.
« Last post by CTMIAMI on Today at 09:18:39 AM »
Can any one confirm that Vietnamese Jaina will pollinate Paul Thompson's crosses like Physical Graffiti?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / lychee
« Last post by shot on Today at 08:35:55 AM »
lychee why are they not selling fruit? East coasters?
Hope it withstands the vog. A forum member who recently moved from Cairns to Perth had a maybe 8 ft tall tree he called Raimondia growing in dappled sunlight in his yard. I didn't take too much notice but it was covered in flowers and wouldn't set recollection of it is different from the tree in the picture in this thread being smaller leafed, without shiny foliage and it had a typical Annona look and the flowers were like Rollinia. I cant check on it to see if my memory if failing as he shifted. Maybe he misidentified his plant but it did come from Jim West.
I spread a few around about 3 years ago and have seeds recently received sprouting at my brother's place.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Big Island Agriculture Hit Hard by Vog
« Last post by Mike T on Today at 08:20:56 AM »
Oscar I wasn't aware of the effect of the SO2 on the plants and I hope the plants that seem to be struggling with it go alright and it all subsides soon. Good luck with it all and I imagine having the trees and business threatened is distressing.
Temperate Fruit Discussion / Chinese bayberry
« Last post by EvilFruit on Today at 08:17:49 AM »

Just got some fresh Chinese bayberry from the local Asian supermarket. Hopefully the fruits are not irradiated because they taste so damn good and they are almost as big as a golf ball.

Any idea how to germinate these seeds ?. 

Looks like we got ourselves a Hilocaust denier.

No 1st Amendment in your jurisdiction buddy.  ;D

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Big Island Agriculture Hit Hard by Vog
« Last post by Rannman on Today at 08:01:13 AM »

While Iím not trying to say that no damage has been done, Iím always sceptical when I see photos that are used to show damage in this way. The before photo shows grassed area, and the after photo shows a bunch of dead trees! Couldnít they get another photo of the exact same grassed area to show the vog damage, or a previous photo of the avocado orchard? While I understand that volcanic gases do considerable damage to vegetation, these pics are just pics, with nothing for comparison. Iíve got trees with with that sort of leaf damage in my yard.
Oscar, did you get fruits on them?
Not yet. The plant is still rather small, about 4 feet tall. And now suffering a bit from exposure in air to sulphur dioxide in the air.  Annonas seem especially vulnerable. See the article i just posted with subject heading Agriuclture on Big Island hard hit by Vog.
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