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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Syzygium bud to flower time
« on: Today at 03:29:58 AM »

Some newly formed fruits.

When to know it's ready for picking?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Syzygium ID please?
« on: Today at 03:26:13 AM »
Some newly formed fruits.

The only reason I am worried is when I read about others germinating DF, most of the time they mention germination within 3-4 days.  You give me some hope now.

I grew those same yellow dragon fruit from Ecuador...

What I did is to sow the seeds directly on the surface and cover the pot with plastic wrap so the humidity would remain high. I kept the pot on a window sill so the seeds were getting diffused light.

How many days did it take you, Mike?  I did the exact same thing as you describe.  Only thing I did extra was I overzealously removed the transparent jelly coating to "help" speed up the germination.

I use the method described by Mike below.  But, it took me anywhere between a week and 10 days during my last attempt a couple of years ago.

I germinated a bunch of the large yellow df a few months ago - not sure if they were hylocereus megalanthus or not, but they all sprouted within 2 or 3 days of planting.  I thoroughly washed all of the seeds before i planted them.  They were not planted deep - only a trace of soil on top.  It was a bit chilly outside when i planted them so i just left the cup sitting on the kitchen counter while they were germinating.  That area has almost no natural sunlight and very diffused light from the bulbs i use.

I also sprouted "regular" white dragon fruit seeds before and they also came up in a few days - so my experience has been that the seedlings show quickly.

A couple of years ago, I successfully germinated some dragon fruit seeds within 3-4 days of sowing.  It was the common white fleshed ones - Hylocereus undatus .  About 2 weeks ago, I got some fruit of Hylocereus megalanthus yellow dragon fruit from Ecuador.  I used the same method as in the common ones.  It is almost 10 days now, but not a single seed germinated. 

For the first 7-8 days, the seeds were in a room with only diffused light and no direct bright light.  Could the intensity of the light be the problem?


Another thing is that I removed the transparent jelly-like sead-coat (testa?) before sowing.  Does this affect germination?

Does the transparent testa around the seeds promote or inhibit germination?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Soursop - Single or split trunk?
« on: June 13, 2018, 02:57:25 PM »
Interesting.  Single truck might give you taller, stronger tree?  Split trunk wider, shorter tree?  I don't know if there is a definitive answer to which one is better.



Your theory was right.  The single trunk ones have all grown taller, while this split trunk one is only about half the height of the former.

You can see both types of my plant in this thread:

Single trunk - fruited first

Split trunk - fruited second

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Soursop - first fruit size?
« on: June 13, 2018, 02:46:52 PM »
Shinzo, sorry for the previous reply.  I had lots of soursop plants around the house and my mom uprooted a few saying a few is enough, so I assumed the split trunk one might have been uprooted too.  The second shorter one in the above picture is one of the split trunk plants.  The single trunk ones are more about double the height of the split trunk ones. 

Thank you guardian123abc. I remember this thread. Are the seedlings in that thread (the Split Trunks seedling and the other seedling) the same seedlings you posted pictures of in the current thread?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Horticulture books/videos?
« on: June 12, 2018, 07:48:00 AM »
Are there any books or videos to guide a novice with regards to effective practices to successfully grow fruit plants/trees - it should cover all aspect of growing - eg soil, nutrients, diseases etc.  Thank you.

I have seeds of baobab - Adansonia digitata.

I am looking for seeds of:
Biriba - Rollinia deliciosa
Jaboticaba - hybrid précoce type
Cassabanana - Sicana odorifera (Red, black or brown)
Any fruit from the Annonaceae family that grow true to type (other than soursop and custard apple) suitable for ultra-tropical climate.

Shouldn't I just wait to harvest the fruits and then initiate cuttings?

Mulberries are usually pretty easy.
I tried one type I have and I put 4 cuttings in a 3 gallon hoping 1 would take.
I left in indirect light and all four ended up rooting. I would take a cutting about
12" long and cut all the leaves/fruit off except one or two small leaves. If the cutting
puts out new flowers cut them off so the cutting puts its energy into rooting not
developing fruit.
Try 3 or 4 now and make sure they are humid initially. Make sure the
cutting doesn't dry up before it roots. The only ones I have had trouble with are the
Pakistan ones, I have never got a white shatoot to root but the Black Pakistan I have
been able to do ok but I used dormant cuttings

My mulberry bush has been flowering profusely of late.  Many in my neighborhood are requesting for some cuttings to grow themselves.  When is the appropriate time to take cuttings?  Right after harvesting? 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Common Annonaceae - ID please.
« on: June 10, 2018, 10:43:42 AM »
Thank you, Guanabanus

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Common Annonaceae - ID please.
« on: June 10, 2018, 10:16:35 AM »
Is this the common custard apple or soursop?  Or is it java plum (Syzygium cumini)?  Thank you.

Thanks for the advice, Mourad.  Your opinion about the "sprouted" look on one of the seeds?

It should work the same way you plant baobab.  Usually, these grow wild and naturally in the forest.


The seeds were posted on the 30th of last month and I received them yesterday, 9th.  The seeds were dried up.
 Right now, they are in a bowl being soaked.  Is it just the outer skin that has peeled off to look like a sprout or has this seed actually sprouted and then dried up?

Are we talking about his copyrighted Italian shit meatball here ;D?  Living in a concrete jungle, I wouldn't be able to access any kind of shit except human.  So, can I simply soak the seeds for a couple of days changing the water twice or thrice daily?  That's what I do with baobab seeds and I get a good germination ratio by soaking for at least a week or till the seeds become visibly bloated.

Just sow them or for quick germination search this forum they is a post by Coconut on this subject.


Thank for replying.  I'm confused with the type this plant would grow into.  Almost all websites with information about this saba mentions that it could either be a liana or a shrub ??? ??? ??? depending on the location and climate.

I have received a few seeds of saba senegalensis.  I have placed them in water now.  I will change water twice every half day and then place the seeds in the potting mix.  Is that the right thing to do?

Micah and Luc, are your plants in full sun or partial shade?

I just received some seeds of saba senegalensis.  Is there any specific procedure to germinate them or simple sow in the pot?  Thank you.

Ertdude, I have seeds of Baobab (Adansonia digitata) and can also get seeds of Moringa oleifera if you are interested.  It would be better if you got cuttings of Moringa, but in case you cannot.  I could send you as a last resort.

Hey I recently moved to Puerto Rico, and I am looking to start a food forest I can live off of without buying from the store. So I am preferably looking for foods such as breadfruit that can be used as a vegetable type fruit, or plants that have multiple uses. I won't be able to pick up any plants in Puerto Rico for a while, so I am looking for people who can ship to me from inside of Puerto Rico, or people who can ship to me outside of Puerto Rico.

I am preferably looking for plants/grafted plants so they can start producing sooner, but I am also interested in seeds so they can become naturalized to my environment quicker and increase the amount of diversity. Here is a list of specific of plants and genus I am looking for.

Theobroma Grandiflorum Cupuassu,Cupuacu
Theobroma Bicolor - Mocambo
Any other theobroma besides theobroma cacao unless you have a uncommon variety
Elaeis guineensis - African Oil palm
Vitellaria paradoxa - shea butter tree
Baobab varieties(really looking for large trees or grafted trees so they produce quicker)
Citrullus lanatus - egusi
Dacryodes edulis - butterfruit tree
Sclerocarya birrea - marula
Boscia senegalensis - aizen or mukheit
Vitex species - Chocolate Berries
Detarium senegalense, Leguminosae - sweet deter
moringa varieties
Sapindus detergens - soapnut/soapberry

So, can I safely assume it's Hylocereus megalanthus?  Also, how long will it take from seed to fruit?

Recently I bought a few yellow dragon fruits from the store.  The sticker label on the fruit had the company name as "Organpit" - Palora-Morona Santiago - Ecuador.  So, I visited their website and a quick search showed this fruit mentioned as Hylocereus triangularis.

I thought these were referred by Latin name either Selenicereus megalanthus or Hylocereus megalanthus. 

So, which is correct?  I didn't take photos of the fruit, but this is how it looked.

These pictures are from the company website for reference.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Soursop - first fruit size?
« on: June 07, 2018, 06:47:42 PM »
The split trunk ones did not survive.  I don't think it was due to the trunks being split.  It was due to improper watering in between.  The single trunk ones withstood the period of drought.  These split ones couldn't. 

Thanks youtube guardian123abc. I remembrement this thread. Are the seedlings in that thread (the Split Trunks seedling and the other seedling) the same seedlings you posted pictures of in the current thread?

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