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Hey I recently moved to Puerto Rico, and I am looking to start a food forest I can live off of without buying from the store. So I am preferably looking for foods such as breadfruit that can be used as a vegetable type fruit, or plants that have multiple uses. I won't be able to pick up any plants in Puerto Rico for a while, so I am looking for people who can ship to me from inside of Puerto Rico, or people who can ship to me outside of Puerto Rico.

I am preferably looking for plants/grafted plants so they can start producing sooner, but I am also interested in seeds so they can become naturalized to my environment quicker and increase the amount of diversity. Here is a list of specific of plants and genus I am looking for.

Theobroma Grandiflorum Cupuassu,Cupuacu
Theobroma Bicolor - Mocambo
Any other theobroma besides theobroma cacao unless you have a uncommon variety
Elaeis guineensis - African Oil palm
Vitellaria paradoxa - shea butter tree
Baobab varieties(really looking for large trees or grafted trees so they produce quicker)
Citrullus lanatus - egusi
Dacryodes edulis - butterfruit tree
Sclerocarya birrea - marula
Boscia senegalensis - aizen or mukheit
Vitex species - Chocolate Berries
Detarium senegalense, Leguminosae - sweet deter
moringa varieties
Sapindus detergens - soapnut/soapberry

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