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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: GDSeeds
« on: January 14, 2019, 01:31:21 PM »
Any news on the Butyrocarpa? I still see it on the stock, has anybody given up ?

What temps does that region have?

How much for shipment to Italy?

How much for a pound shipped to italy?

Citrus General Discussion / Re: limequat, tavares or eustis
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:58:57 PM »
My Tavares is rather bland, my Eustis is one of my favorite citrus. Draw your conclusions :D

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: seeds
« on: November 17, 2018, 01:46:06 AM »
I forgot to tell you I got to germinate the yellow muntingia.
Shipping with the fruit was a good idea.
They are very very very delicate however and takes forever to pass their minuscule stage, got a bunch killed like nothing.
Now I'm keeping all sealed in a bag, they don't seem to mind and I still have to water them since germination. I fear the time I'll have to do it, as there is hundred next to each other, it's basically a grass mat. Will probably go with a syringe.

Hi Maryoto, I also sent you a pm for kepel.

The beetles available in the store right now are all from tropical central and South America.
They need a temperature of 18-28 degrees Celsius to grow properly, best at 24-28, so itís not really doable in Europe. But they would definitely not be harmful to your garden. They feed on rotten oak and beech leaves and wood.
Oh pity, same for the millipedes? all tropicals?

Are these beetles something you could grow in the wild and would they be harmful in a garden?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Jarilla chocola
« on: November 04, 2018, 02:03:00 AM »

The Hodgsonia vine is finally putting on some growth, I was beginning to worry.

When did you get your hodgsonia seeds? Mine in the summer still have to germinate, I think I have screwed up something.

Mine arrived on August 6. I think they took a couple of weeks to sprout, but then they spent a very long time in a weird state, with long-ish ground-hugging woody-seeming stems and strange growing tips that almost looked fasciated (and often dried up). This is the first time I've seen one sporting a proper vine (spotted it last week), and it's the only one that's done so thus far. Out of 6 seeds, 4 had sprouted. Not sure how many remain alive, I stopped digging around in that tub once the Jarilla grew bushy.
Damn, mine must have gone bad. Pity, they costed a lot and was looking forward to them :(

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Jarilla chocola
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:10:02 PM »

The Hodgsonia vine is finally putting on some growth, I was beginning to worry.

When did you get your hodgsonia seeds? Mine in the summer still have to germinate, I think I have screwed up something.

went on vacation and my sister in law watered while I was away... Lost all but a few of my sprouts and they're looking pretty sad...
One yellow .. had about 10. probably down to about 5 reds :(
I had tons germinate too and a huge mortality.
The only one who look healthy are the one completely sealed and in a rigid container.
Every form of stress kill them temp change, a little breeze, moving the soil, etc.
Try to cover them with kitchen plastic wrap tightly and open them every day for a second without moving them and seal again. The temperature should always stay high.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: GDSeeds
« on: October 15, 2018, 01:36:40 AM »
Hi Guilherme,
I noticed several seeds with reasonable shipping cost now.
Are you able to send seeds in envelopes now, not just super tiny one?

I got some Marula seeds, but I haven't been able to understand how to find these eyes.
The seed look roughly the same everywhere to me. I tried to pull randomly and nothing popped.
Can anybody explain how to recognize the eyes? Do you just go by shape of the seeds pulling the angles?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Banana/Plantain Macropropagation
« on: October 08, 2018, 12:37:44 AM »
Did you pare the corm looking for larvae or their tunnels? You need to cut them well looking for discoloration. If you have banana weevils present in Italy you've got trouble....

I thought I had, but I must have missed something then. What do you mean by discoloration?
I noticed the tunnel but not the discoloration.
It's a corm I received from Portugal.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Banana/Plantain Macropropagation
« on: October 07, 2018, 01:23:52 PM »
I tried the bleach solution, but today after 1 month of treatment I found a banana weevil larvae digging the corm, there must have been an egg somewhere or the larvae was already born.
So it doesn't seem effective.

Did your country postage restart working ?


Right now, I've already selected names for them, after their original sources. The one from India would be named CV-Sativa, for Chandramohan, who sent me my first bulbils (and confirmed it as nameless). The African variety might be named SENA, for Stephward Estate Nursery, Africa (they shipped it labeled as "Edible Air Potato", no varietal name or anything). Does that sound ok to you 00christian00? I know you got the same bulbils as well, so you oughtta take part.

Fine for me.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Broken taproot: better roots
« on: September 25, 2018, 03:01:37 PM »
I disagree to the common opinion here.
It depends a lot on the plant.
There are some plants that get severely stunted if are not allowed to grow the taproot, it's especially true for plants that grow the taproot quickly (some even before sprouting), like jackfruit for example.
I saw pictures of Jackfruit barely reaching 50-70cm in a couple of years, while I had all my seedling grow to 1 meter in few months, and guess what was the common issue in these small seedling?

Another thing to consider is that the taproot is like a backbone to the root system, often after you break them it start to grow smaller hairy roots and while these may absorb nutrient more efficiently, they are also a lot more fragile, so even in a pot I would prefer to have a decent taproot as you may lose a great part of the rootball when transplanting due to the root structure being weaker.

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Keeping Kumquats?
« on: September 22, 2018, 02:35:45 AM »
The name given on that link is "Giant Kumquat (Fortunella margarita Nordmann seedless)"  so i assume it is the usual nordmann seedless which I've never had seeds show up in.  The fruit is elongated just like that.

Unless there is a giant version of nordmann I'm unaware of I believe this is just being embellished a bit in Italy :)
Strange, that's the same website where I took the picture and there was no mention of Normann seedless in the Italian version. Lol, damn Italian.

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Keeping Kumquats?
« on: September 21, 2018, 01:48:08 PM »
Not sure about the real variety name, they are just called Gigante( giant).
It could be a Nordmann seedless(although sometime there are seeds).
It's very elongated with a pointy bottom:

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Keeping Kumquats?
« on: September 21, 2018, 11:59:49 AM »
I like Kumquat a lot, they are a easy and fast snack.
On the contrary to most I like the normal small variety, exactly because it's more juicy.
I got a Meiwa, around 2 years ago and I didn't like it much because it was way too dry.
The first batch which came from the nursery was completely dry, like zero juice. The second batch was slightly better but I still prefer the juiciness of normal kumquat.
Plus mine was terribly full of seeds, like 2/3 of the fruit so not so enjoyable.
I have some giant kumquat which is similar to Meiwa( sweeter and dryer) but at least that has few seeds.

One of my favorites is the Orangequat variegated(which looks very similar to the centennial, not sure if they are same), very sweet and tasting like an orange.
The only drawback here is that peel is harder than normal kumquat, and although it's not unpleasant it ruin a little the enjoyment.

I can offer 40 fruits for $35 shipped from Florida to the US address via Priority mail (1-3 days). I have plenty of flacourtia indica fruits.

Not very nice to intrude in someone else sales topic to advertise one own.

Its a shoot! It may be okay if you leave it that way, but I would gently remove it and replant it face up.

Very awesome! I just recently found what I think is a mountain yam. I will post some pictures once it grows a little more.
Thanks, I reoriented all the one that sprouted.

What's a mountain yam? scientific name?

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