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Title: Laurel Wilt disease in California!
Post by: BENDERSGROVE on May 13, 2012, 10:09:23 AM
The Miami Herald has reported the first discovery of laurel wilt disease spread by the ambrosia beetle has been discovered in California.
It is amazing how fast this disease is spreading.Be very wary of any plant material being brought in to your properties,many believe this bug transports itself through the distribution of firewood or plant material, good luck to our friends in CA,and all of us must be extremely cautious of any plant material that we bring on our properties. I know many on here ship plants back and forth,make sure you follow all laws and procedures,while this is a hobby to many of the people on this forum,many others livelihoods are in danger,growers,nurseries,etc. We all need to take extra care of what we do in this day and age.